Wednesday, September 02, 2020


 Well ... today I'm going to have a go at pouring paint over a bottle bottom!

Sounds weird eh?  😂

But that is literally what I'm gunna do  ... then I will dick around with it a bit and well, you and I will see if it works like it's supposed to.

It might not, and I might have to try a few more times to get it right.  But, it's going to be fun either way.

Brylee and I will be going out to do some jobs first thing.  Father's Day is this coming weekend... so glad I'm not going to miss that.  I already have His NIBS present. 

The countdown continues, it's now only SIX sleeps until I fly off to Aussy.  Eeeeek.  Did you know I hate flying?  Yeah.  Don't like it at all, so not really looking forward to that.

Last night I showed Stew and Brylee how to use the new washing machine.  Let's hope by the time I leave they have it imprinted in their brains!

This coming weekend I am going to show Stew and Steve how to maintain the pool too.

Lacy's job while I'm away is to make sure the dogs get regular exercise.  And she can pop in and annoy visit Stew and Brylee too.

Bex isn't going to 'escape' either. Her job is to keep my house vacumed and tidy! Oh, and feed the fish.  

And Steve can help his Dad with whatever needs doing too.

So... all the ducks are getting in a row.


10.30 am:  Well... Brylee and I got our jobs done and then came home.

She's now left again for a job interview, one of many she's done over the past few months.

She's not happy where she is.  So like many others, she's on the hunt for something better.

It could take a long time considering how many other people are now in the market for a job.

I don't have time to start my painting right now as I have to drop the dogs to the groomers in 1.5 hours.  Not enough time to do the painting without rushing.

So... it will get done after lunch.

ABOVE:  Kelly and Keera dropped by to pick up a dish left here from Dessert Night.

Keera is off school until Friday.  Just taking it easy and being careful she doesn't re-open her wound.  Kids heal very quickly, so I'm not worried about her at all, and she seemed very cheerful.  Still in her PJ's! 😊

This afternoon's painting efforts:

ABOVE: This one has reflections on the black, it's not actually got all that stuff around the 'flower'.

ABOVE:  They are not 100% how I wanted them to look... but I'm still learning.  They are pretty enought.

Note to self:  Do the black one LAST, not first!  Clean up is so much easier that way.

Brylee and I just picked up the dogs from the groomers, they look beautiful.

The groomer had a funny little story:

She put the dogs in the holding pen...but she managed to leave half of Marley's lead outside the pen.  Marley was poking her face into the wire front of the pen, acting all distressed.

So the groomer opened the pen, and Marley rushed out, grabbed the end of her lead and dragged it into the pen with her, then she lay down on it.  Too funny!

It was clearly a case of "Oi ... You left MY lead outside!". 😂😆😅

I wish I'd seen that.

Now that we are all home again, I'm going to have a quiet afternoon, before even thinking about doing dinner.  MIGHT be something quick and easy tonight.  

Well... I went and checked on those three paintings.  The second one had run off the canvas on both sides!

So I 'doctored' it.  I'm thrilled with it now!  Totally different painting now.

I'll show you tomorrow, once it's settled down.

Funny how these paintings can change slightly, and usually for the better, once they have settled.

I had a bit of an headache after the painting, so lay on the couch.  No sleep.  The dogs decided to keep me company, so of course they were like bloody hot water bottles on top of me.  And I got too hot. 😳

I'm now thinking we will have fish 'n' chips for dinner.  Fook cooking!

9.40 pm:  We ended up having chinese takeaways for dinner.  Was OK.

I'm now watching Coronation Street, then it will be off to bed.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like you are ready! I wonder if you will Love or Hate your isolation time. In some ways it seems nice, absolutely zero responsibilities. None. Nada. Zilch. But I am sure you have NEVER gone 14 days without human interaction, or as someone else mentioned - fresh air. I hope the windows in your room open.

  2. Lovly photo of the 3 of you. wish i could add little duck to comment

  3. Kiwionholidays11:35 AM

    What a lovely pic of you three there,
    Love Kelly’s top n Keera has cute pjs,
    Nothing like fleecywarm when you have been unwell

    Will be nice to have the new paintings , as a different shape n size ,,

    Take care not long to Go now till you see Mum n Ron,

    and remember I am like you when flying not my fave pass time but have done over 30 flights now and take travel calm and a rum on board lfrom the lovely hostess to go with the lovely meal they bring,,and make it over every time 🔙🔜

    Cheers 🥂

  4. Lovely photo of you three.

  5. I would stay in my pajamas too! Easy, comfy, recuperating attire!

  6. Consider leaving a list of duties to be done by that each one can point out what the others are to do. Instructions printed on how to use the washer and dryer (no red things in a white batch or it will all be pink)
    Good Luck on your trip to see your Mum!!

  7. Thanks for the lovley comments.. its a very nice photo for grandma.

  8. The photo of the three girls is darling. The paintings got better as you go along. The first one reminds me of "Coronavirus" haha, must be a sign of the times. The third one is the most flowery, with the rounded petals.

  9. Love the new paintings, you are so clever.

  10. I love the paintings 💚💙 might have to pop over and have a look in person lol x

  11. Nice paintings. Good luck finding a new job Brylee.

  12. That paintings are so pretty! Such a nice pic of you with the girls too


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