Saturday, September 19, 2020


 Ha ha!  I'm feeling just a little bit sorry for my darling Stewie.

I bet he thought the list of 'jobs' would just disappear while I was over here in Australia, right?

WRONG.  I sit here and dream up all sort of things for him to do.  


This weekend I'm hoping he takes the fruit trees out of the pots we put them in, and re-plants them in the gardens.

I read up somewhere the other day that they don't last too long being cooped up in pots.  So... BOOM!  Another job for the man.

ABOVE: And then we have these two pots, which have native grasses in them.  The grasses are DONE... they just die off so quick in summer and look blah all year long.

So I've asked him to get them out and put something else in them.  We are thinking of... tomato plants!  Might work?

Then once the tomatoes are done, who knows?  Perhaps some other vege plants, or flowers?  Dunno yet.  Who says ya can't have your veges growing in pots by your front door?  😋😊😏

Seems the girls are missing me.  So I asked Brylee to let them sit in my car for a while.  They loved it, but seemed a bit confused.  lol

ABOVE:  Poor Coco did not want to get out!

It must be very confusing for them... Mum not being home.  But, how exciting will it be when I do get home again!  I'm picking they might just go a bit nuts.

So... while it is really neat that I can get stuff in from Woolworths, there is a drawback.

I only really want to order in Diet Coke, but you have to spend a MINIMUM of $50 to place an order!  So today I have 5 bottles of coke arriving (to last me till Tuesday),  some hair product; some felt tip pens and some sticky labels!

I do need the sticky labels, but not really the rest.  There was no point buying any more food, I would probably end up having throw it out.

I'm glad this will be my last order!

This mornings plan is another long, luxurious soak in the bath, followed by a hair wash.

Sorry ParkRoyal, I will be using my PURPLE shampoo!  It's to stop the hair going YELLOW.  But sadly, it does stain towels a bit.  I use old towels at home.  HERE?  They are all white!

Yikes. 😕😖😢  There really isn't much I can do about it.

Lacy decided to make an effort with the hair and face yesterday!  And it sure makes a difference:

ABOVE:  Wow, all gorgeous and nowhere to go!  Nice change Lacy.  You should make an effort more often.  💙💗💜


Bex and the boys are at my home right now, visiting Granddad, and the dogs (Archie only wants to visit the dogs, let's get real!).

Anyway, Bex just sent me a photo of the flowering shrub by the fish pond.  Remember, I showed you some of it's flowers a while ago and said it was just 'pale and insipid', and I'd probably pull it out and put something blue in it's place?

ABOVE:  WOW! Like just gorgeous!  It clearly did not want to be pulled out!  There is NO WAY I'm going to replace it .... it's staying.  It looks like a candy floss tree. I love it.

ABOVE: Bex kindly took me on a little 'garden tour' too.  Everything is looking lovely, all the leaves are coming out on the maple trees and so on.

I'm not going to miss a thing with the family doing this for me.  💙💟💜

ABOVE: It's do the laundry day.  It's only 7.30 am here right now, so no breakfast yet.

And it's drizzling again, looks like it's going to be a very similar day to yesterday.  Bleak, dreary and cool.

ABOVE:  The washing is hung 'out'.

ABOVE:  More washing on coat hangers on the ironing board.
And YES, I'm drinking WATER!!!
I have run out of Diet Coke and just had to drink something.  It's a very dry atmosphere in this room.
Hopefully my order from Woolworths arrives soon.

ABOVE: Breakfast arrived at 8 am.
A croissant would have been lovely.  Not today though.
This gets 5/10.
I'm gunna eat the cornflakes and fruit.


I reckon today is my worst so far, trapped in here with NOTHING to do.
OK... I could cut out my fabric, or do a jigsaw on the floor?  But Nah, just not in the mood.
I have watched Netflix till me eyes bleed... and watching traffic is (funnily enough) NO LONGER entertaining.

I have a really sore lower back today, so Panadol is on board. 
The nurse just rang.  'Any Covid symptoms today?"  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I'm just fine.

Crabby, but JUST FINE.

Lunch is due in another hour or two.  So is me Woolworth's order.  I'm literally hanging out for a Diet Coke now.  The headache is REAL.

It's drizzling again.  I wish I was out in it.

ABOVE:  Well, lunch arrived.
There is a very good selection to choose from!

-I can have the MEXICAN chicken salad.  HOT SAUCE.

- I can have the Sriracha CHILLI Chicken roll.  CHILLI!

Or the little Sushi Roll. (minus the Wasabi)

Guess what I chose?

ABOVE:  I did face palm myself when I saw the words 'Sriracha Chilli'.

What sort of fooking MORONS work in that catering company?  I've said OVER and OVER again... NOTHING HOT. NO CHILLI OR HOT SAUCES.  

Today's gorgeous selection for lunch gets 3/10, cos I can eat the sushi roll.
No bottle of water today?  

ABOVE:  Never mind.  I've got 'a few' spares.

The weather has perked up ... kinda cloudy with patches of sunshine.

1.10 pm:  And finally!  The diet coke arrived.  I was starting to feel rather desperate for a drink, other than the water.
It's so good!
Now I can relax for the next 3.5 days, knowing I have me diet coke.

I've been trying to watch a movie all afternoon!
But not happening... been emailing a chick for about 2 hours already! Back and forth.... back and forth... very interesting shit coming to light I must say.
It's been ... ENTERTAINING.  Anything for entertainment right now.

The constant drone of the traffic outside just reminds me that I can go NOWHERE, and life is whizzing by outside my window.  So busy.
I swear there is more traffic out there on a Saturday than any other day.

ABOVE:  And dinner arrived bang on 6 pm again.
And OMLord, it was wonderful!
Grilled chicken, mashed potoatoes and a salad.  A lovely fresh bun and a pear.  I am loving the pears!  Probably said that before eh?

I ate ALL OF IT.  Not a morsel left for the bin.
I give this veritable FEAST a resounding 15/10.

See, I'm not THAT hard to please.

I'm now full as a bull... and am going to indulge in a long soak in the bath before settling down for the evening in front of me trusty laptop.


  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Morning DCR 😊

    Oh gosh 😊💙 thanks Ma xx
    #Lacy 💙

  2. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Now back to this Purple please 😊
    #Lacy 💙

  3. I was just asking local nursery about tomato plants in pots next summer. They said there are specific tomato types especially for containers. They said specific types of peppers also do well.

  4. Serious question... have you got that hanging from the sprinkler? Never do that!!

    Also, is that all dripping everywhere? Do you have a pull out line over the bath?

    1. LOL... yes it was on the sprinkler, for about 5 minutes then I thought better of it. It's now beside the other one hanging off the grate, which is solid and safe.
      And I have folded up towels on the floor under them to catch the drips. There is no line over the bath.

    2. Phew... I think a flooded hotel would not make your day, glad you moved it :)

  5. Anonymous12:00 PM

    What is it about eggs and spinach in Oz. So yuck just thinking about it. Eggs on their own ok. That pink shrub is beautiful Chris. I cant wait till you get out of the and be with your mum.karen j

    1. Anonymous7:05 PM

      I have never seen eggs and spinach for breakfast and I have lived in Australia for 60 years. Don’t put us all in the same basket


  6. Lacy - this picture cracked me up. BECAUSE it reminds me of me. My hair is rather crazy and unpredictable. Some days it's curly, some days frizzy, some days tangled, or up in a bun. So, every once in a while (back in the old days - precovid). I would meet my girls for Happy Hour. And they would look at me and ask "What did you do with your hair? It looks different". I would answer "Brushed it"! I never went so far as to add make-up though! You do look look great. ! Cute photo.

    That is one happy plant! And pretty too! I am glad it is allowed to stay!

    I have seen signs in hotel with a circle crossing out a hanger - up by the sprinklers. I have never done laundry at a hotel so I never even thought about hanging clothes and wondered what they could possibly mean.. It looks like "no abortions". Guess, now I know why they have them.

    1. Anonymous2:06 PM

      Oh thanks #Dogstars ☺️😘 yea I don't do it often lol being I'm not really a girly girl xx but thank hun xx 💜 💜
      #Lacy 💙

    2. I'm not a girly girl either! So funny!

  7. OK bored lady... have you caught up with your Coronation Street yet? It's back to 6 episodes a week so lots to see (on the link I gave you).

    1. I have 6 episodes to watch... I've been saving them up so I can binge watch one evening. That might just be tonight. *smiles*

  8. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Sorry about the food. Tho it looks like the dressing for the salad is in a separate container. Sarah

  9. A very important question regarding the Diet Coke... Can you get ICE?

    1. I suppose I could buy some in? But I never add ice to me diet coke! It would WATER it down. WATER... ikkk. lol

  10. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Have you seen the Netflix series Duchess? It's really good!

    1. Nope. I will check it out, thanks.

  11. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Deep water on tvnz on demand is a really good series too. Not sure if you can access it from Oz though.

  12. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Yo Ma where is the dam Cute PURPLE Car

    Waiting for a pic 😁😂
    #Lacy 💙


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