Monday, August 31, 2020


 Our Keera had an accident yesterday with her scooter and has spent the night in hospital.

She is going to be sedated today so the doctors can do a proper examination.  It could not be done last night as she was too upset.  (Very 'delicate' place is injured).

OLD MOO... don't panic.  It sounds like the damage isn't too bad, nothing a couple of stitches won't fix, if necessary.

I got to talk to her last night, and that was very comforting.  She sounded very chirpy and happy.  I'm told she was thoroughly enjoying all the attention from the nurses.

PLEASE comment to KEERA and wish her well!  She will love that.

Now... that painting I did yesterday.

I 'finished' it, then sat down and thought about it.

And dammit!

It was just NOT 'right', so I took it back to the painting table and dicked around with it.

It went from this:

ABOVE:  a Kaleidoscope Heart .... to this:

ABOVE:  A Swipe with Balloon Kisses.  Brylee thought of the Balloon Kisses, so this painting is called Brylee's Garden.  It's not the best photo, taken late last night, so poor lighting.

I had almost decided to wipe all the paint off, let the canvas dry and re-use it another time.

So happy I persevered with it.

Now... today, apart from sitting on my phone waiting to hear how Keera is?

I'm going to do the housework, then take a really good video of the house to show Mum when I get over there. I've not done another 'walk through' video in quite a while, and a few things have changed.  


Once that is done, I will continue cutting out the fabric strips to take with me.  I've not got much left to go on that task.

ABOVE:  Here's a lovely photo of Lacy and Brylee in the new car.


11.08 am:  So this morning we took food up to Lacy, who had not eaten since yesterday.  So far the talk is that Keera is being sedated 'lightly' to check the 'damage'.  Not sure what happens from there, depends on what she needs.

I've done my little video of the house and section, I'm sure I will be the one looking at it all the time while I'm away. 😆😏

I've got corned beef cooking in the crock pot for dinner, it's already starting to smell lovely.

I might see if I can get a better photo of yesterday's painting and replace the one above.  Then once I've had lunch I will get on with fabric strip cutting.

The house is totally spic 'n' span, nothing to do there.

Oh worth noting... NO DOGS BARKING HERE.  


Update on MISS MUPPET:  She's OK.  No major damage, just a small injury that will heal on it's own.

What a relief for everyone.

I can breath better now.

I just made another Kaleidoscope painting, with balloon kisses.  It's very cute.

It was something to do while waiting on news from the Hospital.

Keera is heading home soon, just awaiting discharge papers.  

It's now 12.35 pm, time for some lunch.

ABOVE:  Kaleidoscope #5 with Kisses.  It's so pretty, much nicer in person of course.  😊

It's now 2 pm and I've STILL not had me lunch.  I keep getting distracted.  Derrrr.

8 pm:  Dinner is done, the corned beef was cooked to perfection!  Cut it like it was butter, so soft and moist.
I served it with mashed potatoes and veges. 

I'm thrilled with all I got done today, the new Kaleidoscope with Kisses painting is making me very happy.
It will probably be a few months before I get home from Australia and can varnish it, but that's OK.

The OLD MOO is doing well... looking forward to a visit from my sister Lorraine and her eldest daughter Rowena.  They both live in Brisbane.
I think they are staying in Coffs Harbour for about a week, then when they return to Queensland they will have to go into Quarantine for 2 weeks.  No one is exempt from THAT particular joy!

Now... I'm going to sit back and relax for the remainder of the evening.  Coronation Street is on later... something to look forward to.  Stew just took great delight in telling me ... Coronation Street is not on tonight.  Dammit.


  1. Waving to Keera best of luck for today Sharon.

  2. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Hugs to Keera you are growing so fast 💙 George's Mum.

  3. Hi Keera, hope you are feeling better real soon.

  4. Hi Keera, I hope you feel better real soon x

  5. Hope You are home and better soon Keera

  6. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Get better soon Keera
    Love Brylee

  7. Get better soon keera xx love aunty bex,uncle steve and the boys xx

  8. Sending big hugs to Keera all the way from Canada! Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Get better soon Miss Keera!

  10. Barbara Anne12:03 PM

    Hugs and Happy Healing vibes to Keera from the Mid-Atlantic state of Virginia, USA!

  11. Oh Keera, you poor thing. Hope the doctors and nurses fix you up really fast.

  12. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Get well soon Keera !


  13. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Thanks all for your lovely well wishes for Keera, all the doctors and nurses just loved her and her posative energy the whole time.
    and thanks Kelly for handling me as I'm not really any good in Hospitals xx
    #Lacy 💙

  14. Hope you feeling heaps better soon Keera.

    And Chris, love Brylee's garden

  15. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Oh, I was on pins and needles waiting word on Keera. I am so thankful that all is well with her and that she'll be heading home. What a worry!

    And glad Old Moo made it home and all. It is always nice to be at home where all of your stuff is.

    Sending peace and love. Ky Girl

  16. The painting is awesome!! I love it

  17. Kiwionholidays2:51 PM

    Good news on Keera 💯
    The pic is beautiful and well done Brylee on her naming

    Have a fab day just over a week till you go and you aren’t letting the grass grow under your feet 🦶

    Lovely so many of your immediates are there in the area
    Will be good for Stew to have them handy while you are with Mum ,,

    Cheers 🥂

  18. Poor wee Keera, get better soon poppet :-)

  19. Get well soon Keera xx

  20. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Glad to hear Keera is ok. I like how you fixed the painting, it looks much better now

  21. I hope that you're feeling better soon Keera.

    I love, love, love your new painting Chris ... it is so pretty and gorgeous colours and patterns in it.

  22. The paintings are amazing......I wish I didn't live so far away so that I could buy one, love otiginal artwork. Best wishes to Miss Keera for a speedy recovery. You take care on that scooter young 'un !! Jane G

  23. Forgot to say.....Lacy, I wear shorts May to October here in Scotland, and people think I'm a bit odd ! I don't care, I like the sun on me legs, even if it is raining too sometimes !!

  24. Hope you are feeling better soon Keera. Another busy weekend at your household. Take care.

  25. Keera! You just about gave me a heart attack. A photo of you clearly lying in a hospital bed! But - you DO look content, so that is a very good thing! I am sorry to hear about your injury! You look very brave and grown up considering the yucky situation. I am glad to hear you will heal on your own and can go home! Yippy! I hope those doctors and nurses gave you tons of attention and yummy snacks while you were there! Be safe of that scooter of yours!

  26. Anonymous8:35 AM

    I had to check re Coronation Street too.

  27. Good news for Keera!!

    I LOVE the last 2 paintings, so pretty!!

  28. Sorry to hear about Keera's mishap but thrilled that she is ok.
    So worrying!


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