Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Dante has been getting bullied at school by one particular boy.

Steve and Bex have talked to the school about it, and hopefully it is getting sorted.

BUT... in the meantime, apparently Bex told Dante he should confront the boy involved and ask him to stop what he was doing.

Dante took it one step further.  The bully's mother is a teacher at the school, and seems our Dante walked up to her and said:  "Hello, my name is Dante.  Your son is bullying me and I would like you to talk to him about it"!  That kid has balls.  Very proud of him.

Oh and the teacher said she would indeed be talking to her son, and thanked Dante for bringing it to her attention. 😇😊

Next, another rather funny story:  Dante was driving Bex nuts so she said to him "Stop that or I will smack your arse", to which Dante replied:

 "I'm sorry, my arse is not available for that right now". 

 OMG that boy is so damn quick. And funny.

Just so ya all know, threatening to smack his arse was an empty threat, as she does not smack them.  

I may be thousands of miles away from the family right now... but because of video chatting and texts, instant messages etc, I really don't feel like I am.

It's just wonderful being able to keep in touch so easily, and to see and talk to them all.

I had a wonderful chat with Stew last night, it was almost like sitting next to him in the family room!  Except when he swung his phone around to show me Brylee, sitting in MY CHAIR looking like she owned it!  Grrrr!

Just wait till I get home, your butt is gunna be off my chair so fast young lady!

She cooked dinner last night.  They had sausages, mashed potatoes, veges and GRAVY.  Brylee would live on spaghetti, mashed potatoes and gravy if she could!

Now.  What's on my agenda today, besides waiting to critique food?

The building!

ABOVE: This is an aerial photo of the new building in relation to where I'm staying.  It's a virtual photo of the building obviously as it's not finished yet.  But still, I think it's neat.  

ABOVE: I watched in horror late yesterday afternoon as they craned up huge machines, and took down huge dumpsters full of rubbish!  Over rush hour traffic too.  Scary.

Righty ho... I'm off to start my traffic spotting, human spotting, food critiquing day!


7.30 am:  Breakfast arrived.

My heart sank.

ABOVE:  Ummm... at least it was warm?

No fruit.  No croissant. No cereal bar.  NOTHING BUT THAT.

Just as well I have my cornflakes.

So, how about we give this 1/10... cos it was warm!

I've been awake since 4.30 am (again).  I did manage to fall back to sleep for a moment, until some twats in NZ rang me.  Time difference people!

We are 2 hours BEHIND here.  But yeah, it's still nice to see ya, talk to ya bla bla bla.

I've been shopping!

With Lacy and Brylee.

For glasses for Lacy.

Now by shopping I do mean via Messenger chat!

But it's as good as it gets right now.

Yesterday Lacy chose these ones:

But I said HELL NO!  They are far too big for your face.  Go back and try on more.

So she did this morning.

I got to critique the choices:

ABOVE:  After much ado... she finally found some that we all liked:

ABOVE: They fit her face much better, are nice and discrete on her and of course, they are PURPLE.  She's happy.  I'm happy.

Now she just has to wait 6 weeks to get them. 

10.21 am:  And the highlight of my day so far?

FRESH LINEN being delivered.

So I got to make my bed with fresh sheets.  I thought about spacing it out ... ya know.  Put the bottom sheet on.... and admire it for half an hour, then put on the top sheet and so on.

But 😖... I couldn't do it.  So, me bed's all made and looking beautiful again.

Next ... lunch in two hours or so.

I'm playing Patience.  So far I'm on a losing streak. 

ABOVE:  Help me out here.  I've not played Solitaire with actual CARDS in 20+ years!  Am I correct in thinking the only card that can fill a blank space is a KING?  So, if ya don't turn up a King on a third card... you can't do anything with those spaces?

12.05 pm:  Lunch arrived.

ABOVE:  It clearly states on the bag "No spices, no curries"  ... correct?

So, we have chilli homous AND in the little red pottle in the Chicken bowl is CHILLI SAUCE ... I dipped my finger in it thinking it might be tomato sauce.  OMG burnt me damn tongue!

At least adding the CHILLI to my food was optional.

The salad is actually delicious, once you take out the pumpkin.
I vomit if I eat pumpkin.  Not a good look.

So, even though they clearly cannot READ, I rate lunch a semi-OK  6/10.

4.06 pm:  I got a bit of a headache after lunch, so lay on the bed and tried to have a nap.  It's just NOT HAPPENIG.
Obviously I'm not physically tired enough to sleep during the day.

So I just lay there and listened to music.  And the traffic.  And the person next door jogging or doing star jumps or something!  Thump thump thump.  

ABOVE:  The traffic is building up ... peeps going home.  Endless traffic.  The only time those roads are quiet is between 2 am and 4.30 am.  Otherwise, it's either steady, or really, really busy.

Adrian from the Catering Company phoned me just before.  He asked me what I thought of last night's dinner.  Of course I told him it was amazing.

But... get this.  He said he would order that for me again for Friday night's dinner.
Hmmmm.... does that mean tonight's dinner will be the usual shit?

Time will tell I suppose.

I literally don't care any more.  I'm just fucking over this place.  Starting to feel really BLAH.

The daily nurse rang. "Good afternoon.  Do you have any Covid symptoms?  No, ok then thank you".  End of conversation.

Every day. Same phone call.
Never mind that we are all stuck in our rooms with virtually nothing to do but look at the TV or our computer screens.

Shit what if you didn't have a computer?

6.07 pm:  And you guessed it, dinner arrived:

ABOVE: In the left cardboard pot is mixed salad leaves and a tiny bit of shaved cheese.
In the right pot is two huge mushrooms, some aubergine, capsicum and onion.  It was warm.  It was quite nice.  
But, (I'm really NOT complaining)... I'm not actually a vegetarian.
There was no meat at all.

At least it wasn't a stew I suppose. I'm going to have some sliced ham from my stash in the fridge to add to that lot.
It was nice to get some fruit, first for the day.

Dinner tonight gets an average 6/10

I'm going to wrap up the day here and go have my dinner before it gets cold.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. You are on the down hill side now. I hope your day is a good one.

  2. Morning Mum, beautiful Morning here in Hamilton. About to get up and do the Breakfast and lunch for Rema and keera drive them to school and then continue looking for jobs.. hope to call u today.. love you. 💙💙

  3. Well done Dante! That's the way to stand up to bullies. Hope they give you good food today like yesterday. I will check back later. Hope your day is great!

  4. Nice story :) Thank goodness we live in the age of video chats. Have a great day, not so long now you are counting down.

  5. I did have a chuckle at Dante's response. It is not ok to be bullied and what a wonderful way he handled it. Hope it brings some resolution for him. Good luck with the food today. Have a nice day people and action watching.

  6. That Dante! Both are clever responses! He will grow up to be a politician or successful businessman!
    Even if there is a 2 hour time difference? Who calls at 6;30 am? I guess everyone has different schedules. And people who KNOW you KNOW what time you get up. Like, my friends know not to call before 10am! However - feel free to call at midnight! HAHA.
    Those wieners need to be dipped in something! Anything! But something! Can you iron them and give them some char marks? And find ketchup, mustard, bbq, anything????
    Wow - and to think you need to do this again in New Zealand? !
    I guess, I am happy they don't let you quarantine at home. I mean, I would trust you! But in general. People are not to be trusted when it comes to this Covid stuff. I live an hour drive from Canada. Some USA folk went there and were told to quarantine for 14 days. They agreed. Then went directly to the grocery store and got arrested. Humans are not to be trusted. At least not half of Americans. And, I assume the same shenanigans happen everywhere.

    1. I'm a USA folk, and you are sooo right!!! No one respects the Covid rules here, and they are absolutely psycho about "Their rights to do as they please" I am very disappointed in the selfish antics of the US. Gee, can you tell I'm in a bad mood?

  7. Oh gees ... I'm gutted for you when I see today's breakfast. Will be interesting to see what the rest of today's menu is. Hopefully a lot better than breakfast!!

    I love Dante's responses ... sounds like he has his Dad's way with words going on there! Good on him for sticking up for himself.

    Lacy: I love your new glasses. They really suit your face.

  8. Firstly Dante is brilliant, good on him for 1) telling his parents he is being bullied, so many kids don't tell anyone and 2) fronting up to the bully's Mum - that kid will go far :-).

    Breakfast does not look great but I do feel like it is at least an effort to improve on the previous ones. Hopefully lunch & dinner will be up to yesterday standards.

    Thirdly, Lacy's new glasses are lovely, good choice :-)

  9. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Breakfast looks so gross!
    6 weeks to wait for glasses?? Do you know why the wait is so long?

    1. Anonymous4:28 PM

      I have a hight prescription...the prescription gets sent to Auzi for the lenses to be made then back to aucks and then um yea 🤷‍♀️
      #Lacy 💙

  10. Anonymous11:49 AM

    That's not a breakfast meal. Gross. Sausages dont even look like they touched the pan. And since when do we have roast potatoes for breakfast. They're probably leftovers from last night. I so hoped it had changed for good. Love you Chris

  11. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Hi good on Dante! If you google ABC Iview leigh Sales 730 report they had a segment on Hotel quarantine including the packing of the meal bags. It was on last night...I just googled it, easy to find.


  12. Definitely Lacy made the right choice.

    That "snail" building is the one I was thinking of that was part of the Cockle Bay upgrade in the story I was reading. I'm glad you were able to find out more info on it. I admit, I'm at work so I didn't have too much time to look into it. Very exciting!!

    1. Anonymous9:43 PM

      correction Colleen Barnett xx I didnt choose them, Ma and Brylee pretty much did, I'm shite at this kind of thing xx
      #Lacy 💙

  13. Oh Boy! So glad you were able to intervene with the glasses. The first pair is .... Ummm. Not the right ones! The final picture looks great, both glasses and Lacy! 6 weeks is ludicrous. She could go on and buy a pair dirt cheap that would arrive at about the same time! Good plan if she (or anyone) needs back-ups.

    1. Anonymous9:39 PM

      haha yea lol 😂 I'm a bit daft with the whole glasses..clothes and um well most female things lol 😂
      lucky I'm good at making fires xx
      #Lacy 💙

  14. Correct or at least thats how i play it!

  15. Yep..have to wait for King, well that's how I play it.

  16. I LOVE DANTE!! And I neeeeeed to hear this in a NZ accent! Imagine it a "light" version of American Southern here (no twang).

    Maybe you would like the "chilli" we have here because we spell it with just one L. And if you go to Cincinnati, Ohio, they serve it mixed with spaghetti, cheese and CHOCOLATE! Really! It's a place called Skyline Chili. :)

  17. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Go Dante!! Gotta stand up to the bullies just not your mother yet....ewww those sausages look like an old man's diddle YUCK 🤮 good to read more positivity in you chick not much longer before you can hug THE OLD MOO and Ron 😊 George's Mum.

  18. Dante is awesome. As are you. Of course you're feeling over everything. Even if the food was awesome you have still been locked away with no physical exercise, fresh air or human contact and are missing those who are most dear to you. As I have said before, we have your back but you're only human and this will take it's toll.

    On another note, I want to know why George's Mum knows so much about old men's diddles.

    1. Anonymous9:41 PM

      hahaha 😂 🤣 nice one sparklimgmerlot....
      love ya George's Mum xx
      #Lacy 💙

  19. Kiwionholidays8:50 PM

    Great catchup again today ,
    Every day has a different challenge and you have nailed it ,,

    Welol done you,,

    Love Lacys glasses they suit her

    Enjoy your evening

    Cheers 🥂

  20. Nite mum.. the girls loved our video chat.. both girls were buzzing when they went to bed...

  21. Another day closing to the end of this quarantine. Hold on keep your spirits up. So nice you got to chat and shop. Technology is a lifesaver.


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