Saturday, August 22, 2020


 Well I've decided to definitely get a new FRONT LOADING Washing Machine.


There were a few names tossed around yesterday... so I'm not 100% sure what to go with.

It might come down to size of load.  I want the biggest one possible!

Then I can wash blankets, duvets and big loads.  At the moment my washing machine has a massive hissy fit if I put in any more than about 4 towels!  It does tolerate a larger load of clothes, but NOT towels.  Grrrr.

OMG I can't wait to just turn on the washing machine and know it's going to go until the end of the cycle!

I'm SICK TO DEATH of hearing the high pitched 'BEEP BEEP BEEP' when it stops because it's uneven again.

I'm sure the dogs will be happy about no noise too... they have to sleep beside the damn machine. 

So anyway... barring bad reviews from you fullas, I am looking at this machine, it's top of my list:

ABOVE:  It's a 12 kg Fisher & Paykel front loader.  It can be raised up with a drawer under it too... or Steve can build me something.  So I won't have to worry about bending down too low.  

I AM going to look at other brands today too, so do tell me if you have a machine that is GREAT and has given you NO TROUBLE for a few years. 

I'm hoping that by the end of today we will have settled on which one to buy.

I want to try and have a happier day today.  

I've (obviously) been feeling very upset and tearful these past couple of weeks.  I am so thankful that I can still yak to me Mum and be there for her, even if it is only at the end of a phone.

That's helped me tremendously.  I hope it's helping her too.

So now ... let's see what Stew and I can get up to today.  I'll be back later and let ya know what we have been doing.


ABOVE:  It made me smile.

Stew has a different slant on the GLASS.

"Is it half full, or is it half empty?  Stew, always the OPTIMIST,  says it's BOTH.

It depends on your goal for the GLASS.

If your goal is to fill the glass, then you are half way there.  If your goal is to empty the glass, you are half way there.

There has always got to be a smart arse, and I'm married to him.

11 am:  And we are home from our shopping expedition.

My mind was set on getting the Fisher & Paykel machine, but I was prepared to listen to advice.

We got a machine.

ABOVE:  It's still in the car until Steve can come around and help Stew get it out.  It's freakin' heavy and he does not want to drop it.

I hope it's not a lemon like....


It's only 7 weeks old and already has indentations in the mattress!  While we were at Harvey Norman's this morning I talked to the people there about the bed and showed them the photo.  He said they will replace it.

I should think so!  I can't believe it's already got the hump in the bloody middle!  Crazy.

It's now almost lunchtime, so might talk to Stew about that.  

ABOVE:  The worst video I've ever taken I reckon!  But oh well... it's something to look at.

8.40 pm:  And I've done two loads in the new washing machine with no problems at all.
It's right down on the floor and I am not troubled bending down to it... YET.  If I do find it difficult Steve can build me a platform to sit it on.

I just had a really good chat with the OLD MOO ... she's had a much better day today.  She even slipped off to the cafeteria with Ron for a Chai Latte and pie!  Nice one.
I now have to try a Chai Latte cos it sounds lovely.

And that's it for today.  It's been a good day, any form of shopping is FUN.


  1. You are very lucky you have several daughters close by to tend your house and the dogs. Because really you can go and stay as long as you like. Months if you want. Or if things get shut down and you can’t get out again, it will not matter, you can just stay. (I would suggest packing or shipping handwork that you can take to do if you end up staying a long time. I have no idea if Australia has any seasonal changes, but you might want to take a variety of clothes/shoes and a stock pile of any meds you might need.)

  2. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Morning Chris now I am totally torn between a Top Loader and Front Loader OMG 😲 haha I didn't want to rush in and grab the first one I saw that works for us. Good thing there's only 2 in our household. Fingers crossed you can get an answer from the authorities soon 🤞💙. Off to make a meatloaf for an elderly friend yummo! George's Mum.

  3. My daughter got a large capacity F&P machine from Heathcotes - her husband is research crazy and decided on that one so highly recommended by them.

  4. good morning Chris!... I didn't use a front loader until I started living with Tom 16 years ago..... but now I'm converted. We have a LG front loader that goes and goes. I think it was cheap! It's only 7kg but works fine for us xxxx

  5. Well, I can fill my eltrolux up with heavy giant beach towels so that you couldn't fit a bikini in there - and it handles it fine! So you didn't get the matching dryer? There is some magical way you have to connect them if you want them stacked. But if you put the washer on a stand - it might make the dryer too high!

  6. Kiwionholidays1:01 PM

    That’s a fab idea getting the biggest machine your laundry can handle ,
    Be neat when it’s set up and going,
    You won’t look back

    Fab that Harvey norms are gonna replace the bed ,,
    That’s a crazy thing to happen so quickly and probs just a one off,

    It’s great too that Steve is close by for the heavy lifting
    Lots of things are two men jobs nowadays even though us girls wanna help sometimes we are better saving that strength for something else 🦋

    So neat you can talk with Mum each day , and won’t be long till you are over with her,

    It’s N.Z weather there today I see on the 4 cast so she will be snuggly warm in hospital and won’t have to worry about cooking etc ,but will be happy to be back with Ron on Monday 🛋

    Enjoy the weekend ,with all your close ones there

    Cheers 🥂

  7. Hi Old Moo ...... Hope you get home soon. You have become quite the star in Chris' community 💕💕
    I was going to say you can't go past F&P. Our front loader is Asco because when we bought ours all those years ago they were the only one that had the condenser dryer to match. We have had heaps of F&P and they are very reliable and if they do need a service I have found their customer service to be excellent. But now we wait to see what you actually bought!!

  8. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Hi Chris, I have that exact machine and I love it. I have a bad back and was warned about front loaders but find it very easy to use. My only tip to you would be to leave the door open when you aren’t using it as the rubber seal around the door can get smelly and yucky if kept closed all the time. So sorry to read about your mum. It’s great that you can come and see her. Michelle from Oz

  9. AEG is an excellent brand. Hope you love it. We gave up on mattresses from mattress places and bought a koala. Best thing we ever did and a king size was about $1000.

  10. Yes - you have a nice stable concrete floor. You probably won't hear that machine at all. I imagine you will love it. You can always add the matching dryer later if you want too! Wow! That was a good bit of "retail therapy" - and I am sure you will love it and be happy happy happy that old wobbly one is gone!

  11. And that bed has got to go! I would get something totally different. If you replace with the same one, it will likely happen again.

  12. My daughter was able to buy extended warranty on their one. Hopefully you will love your new machine.. I'm a little jealous!!!

  13. Love your videos, hearing your kiwi voice and seeing the family.
    Glad to hear your mum is chirpy

  14. Chai Latte - oh yumm!

  15. Congratulations on the new washer. Happy to hear the Old Moo got to break away from the room and got some treats.


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