Wednesday, August 12, 2020


 Yesterday afternoon, I brought my make up bag out of the ensuite and put it on the couch.  I planned on putting some face on before heading out later on.

In the meantime, Marley came into the family room and spotted the bag on the couch.

She was SO FUNNY!  She was not happy about that 'thing' being on her couch!

ABOVE:  I took this little video a good minute or two after she first started stalking it, and growling at it!
Coco came in the room and wasn't in the least bothered by my bag... she just had her usual 'go nuts' moment.

Today I shall continue cutting out the masks, I certainly did not get them finished yesterday.  All going to plan, I will actually get to sew some later on today.  It's the cutting out that takes the time with these things usually.

Last night our country confirmed 4 people in one family had untraceable Covid-19.  They had not been travelling, or been in contact with anyone who was/is infected (that they know of right now).  So community transmission?
Auckland has gone to Level 3 for 3 days, the rest of the country is at Level 2.

Masks... LOOKS like I will be making them for a while.  I got an order from a girlfriend for 12 last night.  So I've got 22 to make right now, with more on my list for family.
AND my neighbour messaged me last night asking for masks too.

I don't know what happened to my determination NOT to make masks!
In light of the current situation... I don't actually feel so bad about making them.
But I will ONLY make to order.  That way I'm not left holding them and bearing the cost.

I'm feeling really unsettled right now.  What with me Mum being so far away and not well, Covid rearing it's ugly head again and other family issues... it's like nothing is quite right.  I am TOTALLY OVER 2020!
Let's cancel it and fast forward eh?
If only.

Right, that's me for now, catch ya later.


1.10 pm:  And so far today I've been to Spotlight to buy more elastic.  I go there before 9 am, so did a couple of dozen other women, who seemed to be there for the same reason.
It was almost a stampede to the elastic section!
I got some. Probably not enough.
OH... and Bex was outside waiting for the shop to open too!
Rather funny running into her so often now.  
She was there to buy a melamine tray for ME... cos she got two yesterday and showed me.
Silly girl.  I wanted one too of course.
It was a pug dog.  So cute.

AND only $2, usually they are around $7 new.  I might have bought a few too. lol

Since getting home I've cut out the rest of my masks, and started sewing them.
I now have orders for 35 masks.  I hope I don't get too many more for now!
That lot is going to take me a few days.

4.50 pm:   And I've had to stop sewing.  I was starting to see double and my eyes hurt.  I worked on masks all day long, and got 12 made, and 30+ cut out.
Which is just as well as I now have another order for 10 more.

I'm taking a break now, before turning around and cooking dinner.  It's going to be a lovely tasty mince stew and veges tonight.  Simple, but it will be delicious I'm sure.

9 pm:  And yes, dinner was lovely.  And now I'm relaxing, waiting for Coronation Street to start in 30 minutes.
Had a long yak with The Old Moo tonight.  No news ... still awaiting results.  *sigh*  Keep ya fingers crossed please.
I'm a crossing everything!

Time to say...


  1. Anonymous7:46 AM

    OMG that video is too cute both of their feather dusters going flat out (that's what I call the tail). Yes definitely a step backwards for our country which is disappointing. Keep your chin up chick 😊 George's Mum.

  2. THats funny about the pooch. My moms dog once freaked out because a leaf got stuck to the patio door in the rain. He growled and barked and defended the home from the leaf in the best way he knew how.

    I am sorry to hear New Zealand has a wee outbreak. I don't think you will ever be "stuck" with masks. If nothing else, a few extras allow people to choose their favorites. But, being stuck with masks.... A GOOD problem and one that unfortunately probably won't happen. I live in the most rural area possible and cases increased over the weekend here at a record breaking pace.

  3. Your collection of Covid memes is spot on. Definitely applicable here - hope you won't get to this point in your country.

    Wishing Old Moo well!

    Sorry about the rest of the drama. Seriously, don't fret the small stuff. The family should be happy they can leave the house without a Hazmat suit! and stop bickering among themselves!

  4. Enjoyed the video. The puppies are too cute. I'm with you, can't wait for 2020 to be done and dusted. Funny sayings especially about the earrings. Glad they will still fit.

  5. Siobhan has asked if we can order some masks from you as well. She said that yours will be way cooler than the generic ones we have at home. So can I order 3, any colours/patterns you like. I know it will be a while before they are available since you have so many to make. Just text me with costs & bank account when you get a chance :-).

    Hope Old Moo is doing okay, the waiting is the worst bit but fingers crossed for a good result.

  6. Thanks for the laughs Chris, just what I/we all needed :) enjoy your day. x

  7. Elastic has been scarse here for months. Some elastic hair ties work (for women). Depends on the mask pattern.

  8. I've just made a batch of masks, all different sizes. Spotlight in Sylvia Park had no elastic yesterday... in fact every shop I went to was out so luckily I have enough for now.

  9. Anonymous3:42 PM

    I used 3mm elastic in my masks and found I used about 50 cm for each masks. It has a lot of stretch Prices varied from 48c per m to $2 per m Obviously I didn’t go back to the Cheap shop that sold it for $2. I went back to the the expensive that shared less. Bigger faces and big noses need a bigger mask. I am stuck with about 50 masks because locally Tom, dick and Harry got on the band wagon good luck

    1. Elastic is between $4.50 - $5.50 here. I am only making to order, that way I won't be left holding any masks.

  10. Thank you for making the extra masks you’re so good the extra order is for my boss and her husband.

    1. lol . You are behind the times mate... I've had 3 more orders since your second one. :)

    2. Lol I have been at work we are in hectic mode! As opposed to friggin crazy.... Blondie

  11. Keep safe! Hopefully they can find who infected these people. Take care.

  12. Thinking of you Chris, fingers crossed, said a little prayer for your Mum, hello,old moo, I hope all news will be the best news xxx


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