Tuesday, August 11, 2020


 Well... I said I wasn't making masks.

But today?  I'm making 10 for a girlfriend!

ABOVE:  There ya go.  Some lovely fabrics ready to make into masks.  

I am going to make Stew and I a couple each too.  If family wants them, they can 'order' some!  lol

I intend covering my costs if nothing else.

Yesterday, when the girls were doing the fridge/freezer, we noticed the light in the freezer wasn't going.  Did we bugger it up when we took the internal panel off?  

So I asked Stew last night, and he said no, the bulb was out and needed replacing.

ABOVE:  I do wish we had known about that, before we put the panel back on and filled the freezer up again!  I would have gone and bought a new bulb.  Oh well... it can wait.

Today The Old Moo is having her first biopsy.  Scary stuff.  She's literally shitting herself.  Like me, she has a very healthy fear of needles.  I will be on tender hooks all afternoon till I hear how she is doing after it.

Right, time to go.  Start the day and all that jazz. 


10.30 am:  Well no visitors in the shop yet , but I did just have a lovely visit from one of my neighbours.   'R' he's just so sweet.  He's been severely incapacitated with a disc in his back pressing on his spinal column and nerves... so much pain!  But he had an operation 2 weeks ago, and is now in NO PAIN AT ALL.  And he's out walking ... in the rain!  What a  man.

Gosh I live in such a nice area.  I hope we never move again.

NOT NOT NOT getting involved in family issues.  If you choose to stop talking to me because I refuse to be dragged into YOUR issues with another family member, that's your prerogative, and YOUR loss.

Just don't blame me for something YOU have caused, 100% you caused.

PAULA:  Yes I will take orders from my friends.  Just PM me for costs etc.

4 pm:  which means 2 pm in Australia.  I keep looking at the clock, willing the phone to ring with good news. But it hasn't yet.  

I've got cards in Cambridge tonight.  Might put some face on.  Can't scare me girlfriends! 


Old Moo update:  She's had her biopsy.  She's doing well.  No results for a few days.  Keep ya fingers crossed for good results everyone.

COVID-19:  Our first cases of Covid-19 OUTSIDE of managed isolation facilities has just been confirmed.  4 people in South Auckland, who have no travel history.  BUGGER. DAMN AND BLAST.

Praying that is all ... but it's highly likely it's not.

Card night was lovely and fun.  But this news about Covid-19 put a real damper on the evening.


  1. OLD MOO!!! I am glad you are finally getting the testing done! I hope it is quick, easy, and pain-free!

    Those are going to be the CUTEST masks! Love them already. My mom made me some really cute comfy ones that even have a pocket for the "special blue shop towels" that are nearly as good as N95 masks. Because I live in the land of Mask resistors and Covid Hoax Believers. In other words, the Land of Make Believe. Gotta protect myself and my loved ones !

  2. I saw somewhere that New Zealand hasn't had a case in 100 days. Is that correct? I stand by my earlier comment - if you have a pile of unused, un-needed masks in a year.... That is the BEST CASE SCENARIO! BE prepared and hope you don't need it.

  3. I use poplin to back my masks. It's a good fine weave and very cheap at our local Look Sharp Store! I hope it all goes well for your Mum today - I don't think anyone likes needles.

  4. Good luck to the old Moo!

    That's how it starts with the masks!

  5. Anonymous8:56 AM

    oh Granny I feel you pain 😔 I hope it goes OK for you and you don't get to sick thinking out it and it's all over soon xx hugs and thoughts your way today xx
    #Lacy 💙

  6. Thinking of your Mum today Chris and hoping the tests go well, and aren't too uncomfortable. A beautiful day here in Christchurch so am hoping I actually get home earlier enough tonight to enjoy a wee bit of fresh air in the sun before it gets too cold.

    Great to see you are making masks ... I'm hoping that maybe you might consider taking orders for them from us loyal followers down the track. The only place I have seen them here are horrible fabrics - not bright and colourful like yours.

  7. I know you are hesitant, but making masks is a great idea... I just bought one from Etsy for $15, supporting Australian business!!!!.... also, I am probably the last of your blog friends to say it, but ---- please get better OLD MOO, and best wishes from Sydney and lots of gentle cuddles xxxxxxx

  8. Fingers crossed the biopsy wasn't too painful Old Moo.
    I'd love to buy masks from you Chris but I guess shipping across the ditch is a bit silly!

  9. Anonymous4:27 PM

    My best wishes to THE OLD MOO am sure you will get great results 💙 the patient is getting better another check up and very positive messages from the vet. George's Mum.

  10. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Hi I hope the "young" old moo is ok..what is the biopsy looking for? I hate waiting for test results...


    1. Possibly TMI to share on here Peta.

    2. Anonymous7:57 PM

      No worries...I understand..have a good card evening...we used to play cards with friends it was such fun...


  11. Ohhhhhhh excited I love those fabrics x can’t wait thanks
    Glad to hear things went ok for your mum

  12. Love the poppy fabric 😁

  13. Bugger... I now need hurry up with the masks for my daughter and her family! Damn and blast...

  14. Thank god Steve and Bex have moved out of Auckland

  15. And now you know why I needed the masks!! xx

  16. Anonymous1:14 AM

    No fun having to wear masks every time you leave the house. Glasses fog a lot, I have tried a new style so hope that helps plus some nose wire

  17. Hope all went well with the Old Moo! We must wear masks in all public enclosed areas. The Health Authority suggested that we simply might want to wear one all the time in public whether enclosed or not. That is a little too for me, I'm on board with enclosed but not in the open air. Darn virus!

  18. OMG - I just read an article about how Auckland is going to level 3 and what that means! So so so smart! I wish our country would have taken this seriously from the beginning. With 5+ million cases and 165,000 dead - we are out of control.


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