Monday, August 24, 2020


 Starting the day's been a real roller coaster getting permission to enter Australia... but I'm allowed.  So happy.

I've got a few things to do today, so I'll be happily busy. I love being busy.

First up, I am going to pop into our Doctors rooms and get a prescription for at least 3 months worth of my meds.  Can't bugger off to Aussy without me meds.

Next, Spotlight!

I want to find some shower curtain material to make a longer, wider shower curtain for our wet room shower.  The current one is way too short, when you have a shower water ends up all over the entire floor.  That's not really desirable.  I'm going to make two, so I can ring the changes.

Next... make appointments for the girls to be groomed.  I want them spic and span before I head overseas.

Once I've done that I will come home and get on with making said shower curtains, and the extra face masks I want to take with me when I'm traveling. 

ABOVE:  That little plant in the middle of our lawn?  It grew a flower.  So cute.  And PINK.
Virtually every plant/tree/shrub in this garden bears PINK flowers!
The people who built this home and planned the gardens must have LOVED PINK.
I do too, but I will be adding purples and blues as we live here longer.

ABOVE:  This area over the back of our pool is slowly filling out. It just needs a couple of plants that will grow a bit taller, but not drop their leaves or flower petals.  Still working on that. No rush.

Well... that's me for now.  I'm going to head out just as soon as the shops open and get me jobs done.


10.30 am:  And I'm home after getting all my jobs done.

New, longer prescription - DONE

Dogs booked for groom next week - DONE

Shower curtain fabric?  Ya can't buy it, so I bought three curtains, and will cut one down and sew lengths onto the bottom of the other two so they are long enough.

ABOVE:  That's the shower curtain.  It's clear with FISH.  Funny that I'd choose one with fish eh? 

 I am wondering HOW I will add the extra bit to the bottom, as it's plastic.  GLUE? Or sew it?


I stopped in at Bunnings too for some more spray varnish, they didn't have any.  But while there I grabbed these:

ABOVE: While I have been taking precautions while out and about (mask, hand sanitiser and social distancing), I thought having these on hand would be prudent too.

I can wipe down surfaces I come into contact with to keep myself safe from germs.  I'm damned if I'm gunna get sick or catch anything before I can leave for Australia!

COUNTDOWN.... THE OLD MOO gets to leave hospital in a couple of hours!  Such good news.  She gets to sleep in her own bed, with her darling Ron.  No noise.  Just peace.  They live out of town among beautiful native bush.  Lots of native birds, flowers and a gorgeous view of the ocean too.  She is going to be so happy back home.

I'm going to get some epoxy resin to join the two curtain pieces together.  That will eliminate any leaks.

6.20 pm:  ... and...

The OLD MOO is home.  

Thank God.  Now she can settle down and relax a bit.

I've just cooked Chicken Rice Risotto, lots of chunky chicken and onion in it.  Smells delish.

Up's and down's... that's life at the moment.  I spend all day worrying about my Mum, pacing the floor as if that's going to get me there faster?  Dumb.

I can't settle to anything which is most annoying.  Two weeks to go until I'm there and sitting in quarantine for two bloody weeks.  What the hell am I going to do for two weeks locking in a bloody motel room?  


  1. The pink flower is really pretty!
    Smart getting so much medicine ahead of time. Just in case.

  2. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Great News 👍 💙💙 good to read the positivity is back through this testing process remember to take a wee bit of time for you if ya need it 😊 George's Mum.

  3. The hyacinth is beautiful a friend bought my mum some yesterday in a bunch of flowers from the garden beaitiful sent. This garden was all white when we moved here.

  4. So happy you are allowed to go to Aussie, getting that decline email must have been gutting. I bet your Mum was thrilled too and cannot wait to see you.

  5. Anonymous9:48 AM

    A blogger friend has been denied permission to enter NSW for a private viewing for her grandmother. She has organised the mass on a different day to limit contact and arranged flights to and from NSW on the same day. After reading her news I think how lucky you are to visit your mum.

    1. How very sad. This damn virus has affected so many people's lives. I am truly grateful that I will get to see my Mum again. If I have to quarantine for two weeks in Sydney I will certainly be flying up to Coffs Harbour. If I'm allowed to skip Quarantine, I will have to drive as they won't let me on a domestic flight straight after an International flight. It's still a little up in the air on what happens when I arrive in Sydney.

    2. I don't know how long that drive is, but it certainly isn't 2 weeks! If you can skip quarantine and drive - go for it! Once you get out of Sydney it should be smooth sailing!

    3. Anonymous3:51 PM

      Just read where the blogger has the politicians involved and no has been granted a 30 minute viewing with her grandma. Great news for you both.

  6. what amazing news that you are coming over!!! Go Aussie!!!!!! I know you can't have visitors in quarantine, but if I can come past and talk to you outside your window I will!!!!..... when the times comes and you want a friendly face, email me at xxxxx

  7. Anonymous10:37 AM

    After seeing on the news another truck fire on the M1 ( the freeway heading north from Sydney) it could be a good idea to reconsider your mums suggestion to fly to Coffs. It would be a real bummer to be caught with a major traffic delay on your arrival

    1. They sort delays pretty quick now they can open up the freeway on the other side though.


  8. So glad you are going to be able to travel to Australia. Will you have to quarantine in Sydney before going to Coffs Harbour or do you have to quarantine in Coffs Harbour. Sydney traffic is a nightmare. If you are a confident driver, and can follow signs under pressure you should be ok. I’m taking it you are coming on your own to Australia. Your family in NZ will be beside themselves and will miss you so much. You are the glue that holds them together. No doubt you’ll miss them too. Your mum will be so glad to see you. Thinking of you in these awful times.

  9. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Re your prescription - might be worth checking that you can get the same medications in Australia - if not, you could take three months worth with you and get another prescription to take with you. I did this when I went to England and if you have a prescription with you Customs have no problems with the meds. I hope that you won't have to quarantine because it will seem like a lifetime before you can get to see your mum. Audrey

  10. Wouldn't it be easier to do a seam at the top and leave the bottom leak proof?

    1. Shit you're a clever little tart ain't ya? Thanks for that.

    2. Ha! 🤣🤣 No problemo 👌🏼

  11. You can bring those wipes with you. Sterilize your airplane space, armrests, tray table, and anything else you might touch. Maybe your seat neighbor..... HA!

  12. Anonymous2:19 PM

    We have exactly the same fish curtain here at work, except I bought it to use as a table cloth to keep the timber top safe from grubby plumbers :-)

  13. Hi ya Checking in as I am on holidays this happy to hear you have been granted permission to travel. Glad to hear you mum will be at home with her beloved Ron, it will be so good for her soul to be in her own environment.You take good care of yourself xx

  14. Oh yay, Old Moo will feel so much better being at home in her own space, she can rest & get lots of sleep.

    I LOVE risotto, problem is no one else here does and I always make waaay to much for 1 person.

  15. Welcome Home OLD MOO!!!! So glad you're back in your little piece of Paradise with Ron and have the visit of your gorgeous daughter to look forward to.

    Love risotto. Might have to have another bash at it.

  16. Welcome Home to the Old Moo!

  17. 2 weeks in a hotel room ! Yikes. That's going to be the hardest part! so close, yet so far! Maybe you can yarn bomb a tree. Or a piece of furniture in your hotel room! And of course - BLOG! We will leave you extra comments! You could ZOOM with friends and family. Watch an epic series of some sort. That is going to stink -


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