Sunday, August 30, 2020


 Dare I?

I'm over 'getting shit ready' for traveling.

Today I'm gunna relax and do a couple of paintings.

I have one in mind... a heart done like one of my Kaleidoscope paintings.  It might not work, but I'm gunna give it a go.

I will also make another wave painting.

All 4 of my wave paintings already done are sold, so it will be nice to have one that can go to market (eventually).

The other thing I will do today is teach Stew how to use the new washing machine, how to look after the swimming pool and anything else I think he needs to know how to use while I'm away.  I don't want to get back home and find things mucked up.

Some really good news.... we read in the news last night that I won't have to pay for quarantine when I come back to New Zealand!  I can apply for an exemption from the cost on Compassionate grounds.  That's awesome to know.  I don't have to worry about it now of course, but it's a detail to tuck in the back of my mind for later.

And... let's start the countdown... 9 sleeps to go until I fly off to Australia. Getting real now.


12.03 pm:  Well an eventful morning so far.

I went out and bought new bark collars for the girls.  I am TOTALLY over them barking at EVERYTHING that damn well moves, or makes a noise.  Last night Marley started barking at 3 am and didn't stop for over 25 minutes.  I just wanted to kill her.

So, they have the collars on... and after a couple of zaps, NO BARKING now.  OMG it's going to be so quiet around here.

Next stop of the day.... we took Lacy out and she got a car.  A sensible car.

Now she's mobile again, so should be a happier girl.

ABOVE:  It's a nice looking car, and very practical being a station wagon.

And now... I will have some lunch then go do a painting.

3.50 pm:  And I've done one painting.  I'm not sure it's a roaring success, but it's kinda how I envisioned it coming out.

Photo tomorrow.

Now.. just relax till dinner time I think.

7.30 pm:  dinner tonight was kinda a silly bugger one.  Chicken steaks, hash browns and spaghetti for Brylee, and Baked Beans for Stew and I.

It was freakin' yum.

Time to sign off for the day... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I commented a couple of weeks ago that you wouldn't need to pay for quarantine here. That must be good to know! Don't forget you'll be able to zoom/facetime (however you are going to do it) with Stew while away so anything you forgot to teach or show him you can do that way. I do that often when I'm at the beach house and my Stu is at home :) 9 sleeps, that will go quickly!

  2. Can't believe it's only 9 sleeps!
    If you stay in quarantine will you drive or fly to Coffs?

  3. Nice car Lacy!! Hey Chris, here's a CNN article written about quarantining in Sydney. I thought it might interest you.

  4. Very nice car, Lacy. :)
    Great news that you won't have to pay for quarantine. Shame you can't isolate at home but I guess that would impact Stew and everyone else as well.
    We had bark collars for our two shepherds. The boy was so smart he stopped barking as soon as you put it on him even if the battery was flat!! Once we moved to an area with no passing traffic the girl stopped barking at anything and everything. We pick up our new puppy in 3 weeks and I'm hoping she won't be a barker.

  5. Love the car Lacy! Looks very nice.

    Enjoy the peace from the dog barking Chris :)

  6. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Great car Lacy are there any leftovers 😀 George's Mum.

    1. Yes! And she ate them. 🤣😅😂

    2. Anonymous2:38 PM

      yea the good old spag boll left overs xx thanks
      and yea loving the new Car
      #Lacy 💙

  7. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Hi Lacys car looks good, Lacy your legs must be cold you are always in


    1. Anonymous6:43 PM

      Hello Peta 😊 um no my legs don't really feel the cold, unlike my upper body, and yea i do own some pants 😂 xx
      #Lacy 💙

  8. Kiwionholidays12:15 AM

    Another good catchup on here Chris
    Fab new car 🚘 Lacy
    Great for heaps of jobs amazing what you can fit in it,,,and also easy to park,

    Cheers 🥂


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