Thursday, August 13, 2020


 WELL... do you even need to read today's blog?

Ya all know what I'm going to be doing right?

Sewing masks.  All. Day. Long.

With a lunch break in the middle of the day.

Riveting reading.

ABOVE:  These are my new melamine trays.  Spotlight had them for only $2 each, what a score!

And I love them all... particularly the flowers and pups.  So pretty ... and cute.  And those two top ones? I've never seen that size or shape before.  Usually they are rectangular or a longer rectangle.  Love them.

Stew is in Rotorua again today, and Brylee is working, so I have the house to myself.  Nice one.

Brylee's work hours have been cut back to just 19 hours a week, so she's home a lot more now.  I hope she can find a job with better hours eventually, THEN SHE CAN LEAVE HOME.

2020 was SUPPOSED to be OUR YEAR.  Ya know, the year Stew and I finally got to be on our own.

Well 2020 TOTALLY SUCKS.  Damn COVID totally eff'd up everyone's year.

And on that score, I'm outta here, got work to do.


11.20 am:  And I've been sewing for a few  hours already. Also had a friend and her daughter in the shop, and they bought 3 masks... WHOOPS... I now have to add more to the pile just to fill the orders.

It's keeping me busy, so I should not complain.  😀

ABOVE: That is the link to the mask I am making.  I do not put a nose wire in mine, they stay on ya face just fine without it.  And you don't risk the wire coming through the fabric  or rusting if you don't add it. EDIT:  THAT LINK DIDN'T WORK.  THE VIDEO IS BELOW...

Bex came over for a couple of hours, and she offered to cut out a few masks, so that was wonderful.  Then she went out and bought us some lunch, so I've been a bit spoiled.

She's now left with Marley.  The boys are going to be thrilled to bits having her visiting until after dinner.

My friend Sue's daughter brought an old Harley Davison T-shirt with her this morning, and asked me to make her a custom mask.

ABOVE:  The t-shirt fabric was so thin I was lucky it didn't fall apart!  I had to iron stabiliser on the back of it to hold it together.  K is on her way to get it now.

ABOVE:  Barbara Anne and others, this is the You Tube tutorial I used to make masks.  I did not put a pocket in... I used iron on interfacing instead, so you still have three layers protecting you.  Nor did I use wire on the nose bridge part... it's not necessary.  This mask fits to your face really good.

Most annoyingly, Mum's test results are still not back!  Talk about drag out the uncertainty.
She's off to have an ultra sound shortly too.
So... we WAIT.  

We are having left overs for dinner (sorry Lacy).... so mince on toast it is.

Right.  It's 9.30.  I'm knackered.  Time to sign off for the night.


  1. Good luck with the masks, I know you will do a great job!

  2. Kiwionholidays11:45 AM

    Love those wee malamine trays ,,Nice of Bex to think of you as well,

    Have a few here that I use for different wee things but nothing like the variety you have there,,

    Hopefully Mum will be closer to getting her results today and getting home to Ron once she is 💯 again

    Lovely sunny day where we are so better get back out n do some outdoorsy stuff,,

    Cheers 🥂

  3. You are a sewing legend.Poor Brylee, it is hard enough to find a full time job these days, especially with so many hospo & retail people looking at the same time. Sio is lucky, they are considered an essential service so she ends up with more hours. Her contract guarantees a minimum of 20 I think a week but most weeks she does 30-35 & during lockdowns around 40 odd. Get Brylee to checkout Petstock & Animates for jobs :-)

  4. Love how you keep busy and motivated. Good luck with your mum's results.

  5. I will always read your blog even if it was just about watching paint dry. Wait .... !!! 🤣🤣
    I think the masks are a lovely idea. Maybe have a couple in the shop and say you will take orders. The way things are going I think people will like to have a few on hand just in case.
    Sending the Old Moo lots of healing hugs. Hope she gets good results soon.

  6. Can you share the link for the face mask pattern you are using? I am in search of the perfect one. Thanks.

  7. It's nice to help friends but make sure you add something to the price to cover your work and time! There is a real market out there for these at the moment! I presume you are making them on a production line rather than one at a time? Speaking of masks... I'd better get back to it :)

  8. Barbara Anne4:23 PM

    Hi Chris - I cannot get the link to work to take me to the mask making instructions you're using. Help, please and thank you!

    I enjoy your blog but seldom comment.

    Be good to you!

  9. Not gonna watch a 20 minute mask video. But anyone thinking of making them maybe shou. 2020 is a sucky year. ld. I make ear savers for masks that hurt peoples ears. That Harley mask will probably be used for a long while! Good way to "upcycle t-shirts". 2020 is a very bad year! My son graduates from college and is afraid to leave the house, his girlfriend is the same way. Our sales have been lower. Nothing good to say about it ataall. But, today was a lovely day. Perfect temp - no bugs, a couple of beers, perfect!

  10. Good luck Old Moo! 2020 is beyond sucky. Take care. Keep well.

  11. I'm on a mask break until the weekend lol. We are on like round 2 of masks, people have worn out the first round and now need replacements and cute fabrics to match their outfits.


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