Thursday, August 20, 2020


 Guess what I'm doing today?


Staring at the computer screen.  Waiting for that damn email.

*** Going crazy... very, very FAST. ***

One of the paintings I finished yesterday went off with it's new owners last night.  (This one was varnished about a week ago, so it is totally dry.)

ABOVE:  They hung it as soon as they got home!

I think it's the first painting to get hung in their new home?

Steve wanted to name it "Covid"... but I suggested something else.  Can't for the life of me remember what it was though!  Something cheerful.

Still waiting for the clock to go up too.... ya dicks!  😂😄😋

ABOVE: I got this lovely photo of this little family last night. 


💙 The OLD MOO is heading home at the end of the week. She's really looking forward to that.

She is doing as well as can be expected with her illness.

From now on, out of respect for my Mum's privacy, information will be of a general nature.  I am sure you all understand and will respect that. 💙

What else will I be doing today?

Well I might just sort out clothes for Australia... I got the tops sorted out yesterday.  Today it will be the bottoms.  What fun stuff.

Marley stinks like ... really bad.  So if Lacy comes over today I will ask her to give her a bath.  Otherwise it will have to be me.

Winter.  Hairy dogs = stinky dogs. 

Oh and Coco has a sore ear, so I am trying to get an appointment at a vet for her.  I left a message with one last night... so fingers crossed she can get in today.

Last for now... how about a lovely photo of my darling Stew:

ABOVE:  I don't know what he was laughing at... probably Dante.  Dante was being a right hoot last night.  Apparently pretending to be a SLOTH is fun.  

And that's a wrap for now.  I will be back later, hopefully with good news re: documents arriving, appointment for Coco etc.


It was a shitty start to the day for me.  I woke up, and threw up straight away.  Felt ill for a couple of hours, but I'm fine now.  It's just stress and nerves... I'm not sick.

I'm working on getting the ducks in a row... still nothing from the hospital... but IT WILL HAPPEN eventually.

Bex and the boys called in for a couple of hours this morning, which helped settled me down.  

It's bloody cold today.  Wet and miserable.  

I have closed my shop until Summer.  I really don't want to be tied to it at all right now.  I think that was a good call to make.  I can't think straight, let alone sew straight!  


Oh and Coco sees the Vet this afternoon.  

We have the letter!  Finally, I can collate all the necessary documents and fill out the application for entry into Australia.

So relieved.  I cannot imagine they will turn me down.  And if I have to quarantine in Sydney for 2 weeks, I WILL.

This afternoon I am visiting a Justice of the Peace to sign a Statutory Declaration in support of my application too.  No leaf is going to be left unturned.

Bex and Lacy came back with lunch for me.

They got me a custard square...

ABOVE:  I only ate a tiny bit of it, the rest?  The dogs ate.  Marley just had her face cleaned too.  Whoops.  She's a bit grubby again. 

4.40 pm:  All my applications are IN!  Now I just have to wait.

I'm having some very weird moments today. 

My head is totally fried.  

FINGERS CROSSED I now get the permission to get into Australia.

Dinner tonight was Lamb steaks, lettuce salad and wedges.  Very nice.  I'm no steak fan, so missed that bit.

I'm going to bed early tonight.  I'm exhausted.


  1. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Gorgeous pics of the family and beautiful dogs 🐕 it will be good for THE OLD MOO to be at home in her own environment. Just remember to try and stay positive we all care ❤ George's Mum.

  2. Courier just arrived, they are gorgeous LOL, already scored mine :) thinking of you and yours always xx

  3. Kiwionholidays11:10 AM

    Lovely pics of all the happy ones from yesterday,,

    Enjoy your day and good news Mum is going home soon 🌷🌷

    Cheers 🥂

  4. Painting looks so good as well as your beautiful family. Hope that email arrives soon.

  5. Yay, things are coming together. So pleased that letter arrived.

  6. good luck!!! Crossing everything for a smooth journey over to us!!!!! xxxxx

  7. Great news - good luck :)

  8. Haha my foot photo bombed 💙💚

  9. Fantastic news, Chris. Even if you have to quarantine at least you can get there.
    And The Old Moo will be much happier at home.

  10. Great to hear that you have got your documentation now, and have been able to submit your application. My fingers are crossed for you that it isn't too long before you are able to give your dear Mum a big hug.

  11. Great news Chris - hope your travel plans all work out well

  12. So glad to hear that you got your letter and your application is in. Of course your head is fried Chris so do not expect anything else. Hope the Old Moo has had a comfortable day. She will be so pleased to be going home and being in her own environment to take stock os what is happening. Sending love to all.

  13. So pleased to hear documentation arrived, the Old Moo will be thrilled to know you’re on your way soon thinking of you both and the family

  14. Lovely photos of Steve Bex and the boys

  15. Good to hear you submitted your application for travel. Hope everything goes smoothly for it's approval. Take care.

  16. Cute pics today, of Stew, Family, and a post snack dog! How do you make you travel (flight) plans if you don't know if you have to quarantine? How long will you be gone?


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