Tuesday, August 18, 2020


 Today's mission, should you choose to accept it, is to finish all of the mask orders!  *snort*

I couldn't help myself, that just snuck in there.  

Yes, I will be sewing all day, with the fervent hope to get them all done and off in the post by the end of the day.

I think I now have 14 left to make. I can do that in a day ... as long as I don't get distracted too much.

Ever felt like you needed to prop your eyes open with matchsticks?  Yeah.  Me too.  Seriously having trouble sleeping, then having trouble staying awake during the day. Most annoying.

I get why of course.  But still.  Annoying.  I feel like I've got sand in me eyes too.  Oh well.  I really should stop bitching and get on with my day.

I think Bex is coming around today to vacum and dust.  Yaaa.  I knocked over the standard lamp yesterday and the glass lamp shade shattered ... I'm sure there's still glass in a few places.

At least the lamp still goes.  That's a blessing.  And who needs a lamp shade anyway?  It looks just fine to me.

ABOVE:  See?  While it was a lovely, frosted glass upshade, it really doesn't look that bad without it eh?   Well that's how I feel anyway.  I seriously doubt anyone will even notice.

Righty ho... time to get up and get moving.  Not quite so cold this morning, no frost. Awesome.


1.55 pm:  And it is done.  All ordered masks are about to head out the door to their respective owners.

I'm just going to have some lunch first.

My flight to Australia is booked!  Now I just have to fill in all the necessary forms, provide documentation and it SHOULD be a go for September.  

God I hope I can get in!!!

The masks are posted.  YES.

Now I am sitting here literally tearing my hair out, because the hospital in Coffs Harbour has still not provided me with the necessary documentation I NEED to support my application to travel there.  OMG I'm getting angrier by the hour.  

If I have to re-book my flight because they dick around, I will have to pay through the nose to re-schedule the flight.

Drumming my fingers, steam rising out me ears... picture it.  JUST PICTURE IT.  

😖😣😟 grrrrrrr.

We are having sausages (pre-cooked) with wedges for dinner tonight.  Something easy cos I'm too crabby to cook.  Well OK... any excuse not to cook really.

Right.  The day is over.  I've had a good day really, got the first big 'TO DO' ticked off my list.

*** LISTS ***  Must actually sit down and write some.


  1. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Hi I hope you get to work out a good plan to get to Australia...is this the first time your mother has had such a diagnosis?...sound like they are going to get her onto a treatment plan as soon as possible which is great. Does your sister and neice live close by to her? It is so lovely you have most of your family living close by to you now..are the little boys enjoying their new school?

    Take care


    1. 20 Years ago Mum has bowel cancer. So not her first time. She is starting treatment TODAY. My sister is in Brisbane, my 2 nieces are in Melbourne. The boys like school, but are still settling in.

  2. Kiwionholidays4:06 PM

    Chris you have done wonders,
    September is only 13sleeps away and the rate of knots we live at ,will be here before you know it,

    Mum is in great hands and so neat your sister is in aus

    but know that Qld have different regulations to N,S.W so it’s not as straightforward as we would think,

    However you are on to it and I know all will be good

    You are zooming through the masks and lovely Bex can come help out ,,

    Love the lamp without the glass too 🌹

    Cheers 🥂

  3. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Wow your energy is endless BUT you need to rest because no one wants or needs you to get rundown or sick!! Yes I am telling you off (lol) 😊 fingers crossed for the okay from the Australian authorities 🤞🤞 George's Mum.

  4. Surely on compassionate grounds they would change your flight? I would definitely go through a travel agent (if you haven't already) because they are experience at changes and all the tricky stuff you will encounter. Good luck getting the documentation!

    1. I talked to a travel agency on Monday. They told me to go home and do it all online! So helpful. NOT.

  5. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Did you have to book your flight so you could get the necessary documentation from your Mum's hospital or could you have waited? Could you have booked a refundable flight if you had to cancel or rebook. Not criticising, just curious. Life is so difficult at the moment for everyone. Audrey

    1. I had to book the flights so I could fill out the travel application. They want dates of travel etc on the forms. Ducks in a row... in the right order. *sigh* We have credit with Air New Zealand after our trip to Australia got canceled in March. If I have to re-book it is going to cost about $135... every time I re-book. So hopefully I don't have to, or at least only once.

  6. Masks have arrived they are fabulous my boss is going to buy some off me and she is giving our cleaning girls some....thank you so much.... xxxx I love all of them

  7. Hope the travel plans all work out Chris - can imagine that all you want to do is be with your mum. Hard times xx

  8. Thanks Chris for the masks we love love them my boss is going to gift 2 each to the girl staff she bought some of mine off me I got 5/6 just fabulous xxx

    1. I'm so glad you are happy with them. ♥

  9. Have you spoken to the hospital, Chris, or just emailed? Ring them. Ask for them to send the information while you are on the phone. If that person fudges you then ask to speak to their manager and so on and so on. I am fuming here on your behalf.

    1. WE are waiting on the Doctors working with Mum to do the letter. It has to be detailed and precise, with all the facts so Immigration Australia have the full story and will look favourably on my application. They are grossly overworked there too. So I must learn patience. If I have to rebook my flight, well so be it.

  10. I hope you get the documents quickly. Take care.


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