Friday, August 14, 2020



Last night I decided to say NO to any more mask orders.

I have enough on my plate (read MIND) right now, and yesterday I made quite a few mistakes while sewing, silly, stupid mistakes.

So, I'm happy to plow through the current list of masks, but that's it.

I always said I didn't plan on mass producing them!

I am looking forward to making a few for us too though, I will really enjoy making them as LOUD and COLOURFUL as possible. 

*** 😀😂😆  *** 

OLD MOO UPDATE:  Still having tests, still loving all the attention and company in the hospital.  But I am sure she will be happy to get home again, which could be soon by the sound of it.

ABOVE: I loved this mask.  It got sold yesterday.  I have two left.  One for me and one is going to Taupo I think.

ABOVE:  This is a small selection of what I've already made.  I'm really happy with them. They are NOT hard to make, anyone who can operate a sewing machine can make them.  Just watch a few You Tube tutorials.  That's what I did.

Today I'm gunna sew a few masks first thing this morning.  Then Bex is coming around and we are going for a walk.  It won't be a long walk, or a fast walk.  We are both unfit.  But it will be a start.

And come October, when our treadmill arrives, I am going to embark on a BLOODY SERIOUS  'Get Fit' regime again.  Walking as much as possible from now on is a good start though.

So, that's me for now.  I'll catch ya later, probably after our walk.


12.20 pm:  Bex and I did go walking.  Around the shops!  I got 5 more winter tops as I was getting very  low on them.  And two little dresses for summer.

Then we popped into the supermarket for cheese and ham for lunches.


Made two more masks.  Now it's time for lunch.

I look out the dining room window, and there's a huge splash of fresh bird shit!

So out I go with a bowl of hot, soapy water to clean it up.

As I'm doing that, a gorgeous, fat as Bumble Bee flies over me.

ABOVE:  And would you believe it!  He shat on me!!!

Bumble Bees don't wee, they release uric acid... so I got ACID BOMBED!!!

Dirty, dirty little bumble bee.

Bird Shit.  Bee Shit. NEXT...

ABOVE:  Bex is hanging around today.  The dogs love her.  LOL

OMG I have not blogged for most of the day!

Well in my defense, I've been very busy.  I sewed 14 masks today.
And this evening I hand stitched elastic in place.

Steve, Bex and the boys came for dinner (fish 'n' chips), then they went home and it's been quiet here since then.

*** got a huge headache ***

Off to bed very soon.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Your masks are darling! Love them. It is lovely to have Bex so close so you can walk together!

  2. Great you and Bex off for a walk encourage each other

  3. Enjoy your walk. Good call with the masks. I have made some for a couple of friends and some for us - that was enough for me. 😊 Fingers crossed for Old Moo xx

  4. I have tailored my masks so that the bottom part going towards the ear is not so wide, that way you don't get that bunching at the ear. I've also reduced the height of the nose portion to make wearing it more comfortable. They fit really well :) I've made three each for the boys, some for the men and the rest for my daughter, myself and her friends. I need to make a few more today and then I'm done (for now). I love all the different colour masks!

  5. Nice masks yay love your one ohhhhh is the paua one coming to me 😇 exciting! And a big thank you

    1. Yes Sharon, there are paua ones coming to you. *smiles*

  6. Love the masks, so cool. The walk will be good, you will feelmuch better I am sure.

  7. All that crapping on you must be good luck

  8. Kiwionholidays12:54 PM

    Bex looks so happy there with her craftwork n wee companions

    Love it

    Fave mask is the Paula for me

    Just saying like lol

  9. The masks look great! Well done

  10. What a "shitty" day!

  11. We are so gutted we couldn't get back to Spotlight to get more fabric! We wanted that black fern fabric you used for the mask yesterday and also the paua fabric. Never mind... too late now. At least my daughter got her tiger king masks :) It seems funny to read that you could go shopping today, total lockdown here.

  12. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Well done you for helping out friends and family that's what life is about 💙 I managed to get a few masks from a local chick which is good. How's THE OLD MOO? Keep safe everyone very testing times for all. George's Mum.

  13. Kiwionholidays5:53 PM

    Oops predictive text grr

    I wrote Paua not Paula

    Get it right google or whoever lol

  14. 2LITTLE DRESSES,who are trying fool.I know I'm being awful,but I'm your mother in allowed.Lovely to see Bex in a picture.THE OLD MOO.

    1. You cheeky tart. They are not LITTLE DRESSES as such. They are just ordinary dresses that I can wear over summer. They come down to me knees I'll have you know. *smiles*

    2. They are very nice dresses and I can see you wearing them heaps over the summer. Thanks old moo xx the camera dosnt agree with me much lol 💙💙

    3. Anonymous10:39 PM

      loving the 'man bun' hair style Bex 😘😊
      #Lacy 💙

  15. Looks like another busy day for you. How wonderful to have a walking partner. Enjoy the fresh air. Have a fun weekend. Keep safe.

  16. Love the fabric on the one you are wearing!

  17. I totally get how hard it is to do dozens and dozens of masks in a row.

    I made hundreds in the first few months - neighbors and family, the need here was urgent.

    Then I paced myself and only did a few a week. I would made sets of 6-8 of the same size and that helped.

    If Bex is looking for extra $$$, you might consider continuing to take orders and supervise her making them. If she does not know how to sew, this would be great way to learn.

    I used up a tremendous amount of fabric making masks. And I was very had to reduce my stash. I used fabric that was not my favorite for the lining.

    I totally agree - orders only, no inventory.


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