Friday, August 28, 2020


 Today I'm planning on cutting out strips of fabric for my hexagons.  I'm not going to try and cut out the hexagons themselves, just strips of fabric the right size.

Then I will take them all with me and do the final cutting once I'm over in Australia.  Either in quarantine, or at the OLD MOO'S. 

As I'm going to be be at Mum's for a while, it means I will have plenty of hand work to keep me busy.

I anticipate the strips taking me quite a few hours.

The other thing on my agenda is to pick up my prescription ... so I have enough medication for my trip as well.

I totally forgot to do that yesterday.  😕

I made a start on packing my suitcase ... to see just how much room I'm gunna have.  PLENTY by the look of it.

I took the puzzles out of their boxes, amazing how much room that saved (thanks Tracy).

Once I add the strips of fabric, I think my suitcase will still have room in it.

I bought a new laptop yesterday, and will be picking it up sometime today.  The technician at the shop is setting it up for me.  Now I don't have to worry about how the hell I'm going to blog, keep up to date with emails etc, and video chat with Stew and family while I'm away.

It's going to be easy as, compared to trying to do it on me phone.  THAT would have been a bloody nightmare for sure.  

I'm so glad I decided to get it, as I was really undecided on if I should or not.  But, it isn't wasted money as we will use it heaps when I'm at home too.  

Whenever I go out or we go away for a few days it will be very handy.  No more trying to manage with just my phone.

What else?  Well... housework I suppose.  I've let it slide a bit the past week or so.  But not too badly, there's just the usual stuff like washing to get on top of really.

So... I better get outta bed, and get a load in the machine.


12.10 pm:  well what an excellent morning.  I spent a bit of time around at Bex's.  She had a friend visiting, so we all had a nice time chatting.

After that I went and picked up my medications and then the new computer.

Which I am working on RIGHT NOW.  So far so good .... I've installed the MOST important stuff... email and the blog!

Now I'm going to work on putting a couple of other things on it. 

Literally my biggest nightmare!  Setting up a new computer.  Remembering passwords! OMG NIGHTMARE.

I'm slowly getting there though... but it's really frustrating. 

ABOVE:  a cute photo of the girls.... just testing if I can send photos from me phone to the computer.  SUCCESS!  At least that's one thing I know is not going to give me trouble while over in Oz. I would have a few issues with doing that if I'd not got this laptop.

LOL... I'm not getting any fabric cut out!  It's been taking a while to get all I want/need on this little computer, but I think I've got it nailed now.
Somehow I got it to sync with my existing computer, so everything is on it now.
I will check that video chat over Messenger works soon... then I will be happy and good to GO.

Right, time to get off me bum and get the washing out of the machine and chuck it in the dryer.  Fook hanging it outside, the weather is far too unpredictable to do that.

7.37 pm:  well an excellent afternoon!  I finally got around to cutting up strips of fabric for me hexies.

Then Stew got home and we had some pizza for dinner from a new place over Fairfield way.  VERY NICE pizzas.  

Had a quick yak with THE OLD MOO, she's doing well...even getting out and about a little bit.  NOT MUCH, but it must be nice to catch up with a  few friends now that she's out of hospital.

Well... time to sign off for the day.  I've just spent a good hour finding new 'NITE NITE' pictures.  So here's one...


  1. That's great that you've bought a laptop. I know many people love their tablets but I personally don't find them as easy to use as a computer. You'll have a keyboard too which you'll need to write your blog! Make sure you have everything bookmarked and you'll be good to go. I bet you will use it all the time at home too instead of wheeling your big computer around!

  2. Anonymous8:16 AM

    One thing to consider, since you will be with your mum for a while, is to just go ahead and mail what you can to her address. Hopefully it will be there when you get there and won't have to drag too many things with you on the airplane.

  3. My other "handy hints for packing"
    1) roll everything instead of folding it genuinely makes a difference (I always thought that was crap until I tried it)
    2) stuff socks, undies & any smaller items inside shoes (right down to the toes if you can)
    3) anything that is liquid to be in a plastic bag
    4) don't worry too much that you might forget something, you are going to Aussie so have access to & will be able to purchase anything you need. Different story if you plan to trek through the remote parts of the Amazon :-)

  4. Tracy's tip for rolling is spot on. I do it all the time and get so much more into my case and it doesn't seem to crush and wrinkle as much.
    And as she also said, you can always buy stuff here. We even have diet coke at every service station and supermarket and motel. It will probably be easier to get diet coke in quarantine than a decent coffee so you'll be right.
    Sounds like you're enjoying the packing process. How exciting for you to be seeing your mum soon. The lap top is a wonderful idea. I think you will use it more than your PC when you get home as well.

  5. Did you buy packing cubes? I think you did right? They are amazing and yes, you can roll stuff in them too. The main benefit is ease of actually packing your bag plus when you get to your destination it's easy to find stuff. Don't forget to bookmark that Coronation Street site and test it out before you go!

  6. Maria1:55 PM

    Do you have anyone in sydney who can buy you a Aus sim card and deliver to hotel so you don't have to pay roaming charges? When I go to Aus I buy a card at the airport, but don't know if you will be allowed to do that.

  7. A month in hotels rooms! YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED A COMPUTER> For everything, blog, entertainment, watching videos, video chats, googling stuff! You will be on it a lot I am sure! Test the video chat before you leave as well! Another tip about liquids. Take the lid off and put a bit of plastic over the opening and screw the lid back on. To keep things like shampoo tops from popping open, or rather to prevent mishaps if they do pop open

  8. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Would the fabric be cheaper at spotlight in Aus?

  9. It might pay to take the receipt for your computer. My niece got given a new Mac laptop in Aus by her parents as a present, abd coming back to nz was made to pay $300 gst for it .


    1. Ahhh haaaa, thanks for that Julie, will do.

  10. Dear Chris...I just wish you God's protection and comfort in your travels to Australia .....I have followed your blog for several years now....I love you and the "Old Moo" so much! Please be safe and give the Old Moo all my love and tell her I pray for her everyday...she is one "cool Chick"!! "Luv from the USA"

  11. Kiwionholidays10:37 PM

    Nite nite over there to you all,,,🌍🦉

  12. Have a good weekend. Congrats on the new computer. Looks like you have packing under control. Take care.

  13. sounds like you are almost ready when do you fly out?


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