Monday, August 03, 2020


Yaaa, my favourite day of the week.

With any luck, Brylee and Stew are at work and I've got the house to myself.

For a little while at least.

Bex is coming over to do some housework as far as I know.

I'm gunna potter around, get some jobs done too.

ABOVE:  I spy with my little eye... something that doesn't belong there.

Can you see what it is?

ABOVE: Yeah, it's that little plant.  It must be a bulb or something coming up from the original garden that we bowled over.
I shall do as Bex suggested and dig it up and put it in the garden.  
That will save if from the lawnmower I suppose.

I spent a bit of time last night nutting out how I can keep track of what stage a canvas is at. There's 6 stages (after you have actually made the painting).
Is it just wet paint?  Or is it drying after cleaning?  Or is it drying after varnishing?  etc.
So I came up with this:

ABOVE:  I've used these old felt Christmas tags... each Letter represents a 'stage' for a painting.

ABOVE:  A = WET PAINT.  B = Has had cornflour applied, ready for washing.  
Cornflour?  Yep.  Ya put it on to absorb the oil that you added to the paint to get the cells to form.
But you have to get all the oil off, so you can varnish the painting.

I tell ya, it's quite a process, and has to be done right or you can totally stuff up a painting in the end stages.  I've identified 6 stages a painting has to go through until it's finished.
I like the last one the most... F =  Sign it and it's DONE.  😊

I could throttle Stew.
Last night he said I should move my craft stuff, drying shelf etc from the Study, and have it in the larger spare bedroom.
Cos I obviously need more room.

Now that Steve and Bex live here in Hamilton, we don't need a bigger room for the boys to sleep in.
So, I shall probably make a start on doing that today.  
The trundler bed can go back in the study, to be used if we do have anyone sleep over.

So, I have a bit to get through today.  I also want to clean a couple more paintings, so they can be varnished.  Busy busy!

ABOVE:  Lacy and Keera yesterday. They had a lovely time together, and visited us for a little while too.


HELEN:  thanks for the info on the plant.  I think I will try moving it (with a lot of surrounding dirt), because if I don't Stew will mow it down!

Question:   Which shells to use?

ABOVE:  which one?  Small puddle of shells, or a single large one?
I just adore this happy accident, so I don't want to get it wrong.
I'm leaning towards one more than the other, but just want a second opinion.

I have moved #4 Wave into the sewing studio for safe keeping while I move stuff around in the bedrooms today. It's still very wet.  The rest are dry enough to not worry about thank goodness.

9.50 am:  I've been working (on my own) for two hours.
And so far I've done this:

ABOVE:  I've dismantled the trundler bed and put it in the garage (for now).  Brylee did help with this!

ABOVE:  Everything from the spare bedroom is now in the Family Room.

ABOVE:  This lot is already in the spare bedroom.

ABOVE:  And all this lot has to go into the spare bedroom too.  
I think we need to change the name of that room.  How about ???
It's going to have paintings drying in it, and all the wool, and computer/desk etc.

Yaa, help just arrived.  Amanda is here.   And I expect Bex a bit later on too.

*snort*... like I've already done half of it myself.  I'm not the sort to sit and wait for help eh.


Shit I've clever today.

ENERGY?  Nah, I don't have that much.  But when I get a bee in my bonnet... like moving shit around, I have to do it RIGHT NOW.
Then once it's done I fade.  Like... seriously have no energy left for a while.

The girls got the trundler bed from the garage and into the now Spare Bedroom for me.  The move around is DONE!

And it's not even lunchtime.

Stew will so relieved he's not gunna have to do it all.  The lucky shit.

ABOVE:  It's done.  And I have room for another set of shelves, and if need be, a large trestle in the middle of the room on occasions too.
Thankfully, we can still use the top shelf, above the computer desk, for taking photos of runners.

ABOVE:  I can't believe it... this room is back the way it was just a few short weeks ago.  
I hope we don't have to move it all again, that would do my bloody head in.

CRANKY: I have NO PLANS to move them around again!  I'm over it.  The flip side of the large shell is very nondescript.

AUDREY:  I use Harry:

ABOVE:  We have a hand truck, and his name is Harry.  I use him all the time.

PAULA:  I am leaning towards the small shells too.

KATE:  You know me too well chick.

SPARKLING:  You would!  It's not my cat. 

I've made up my mind.... to wait re: the shells.  Though I am leaning towards the small shells.  But still not 100% sure yet. 

Right, it's now 7.43 pm and I'm done for the day.  Feeling very jaded.
Dinner tonight was Pork Belly that had been cooked in a crock pot.  I put it in a roasting dish, poured Whitlock's Pulled Pork sauce over it and slowly heated it up.  Had it with mashed potoatoes and veges.  It was DELICIOUS!

Think I'll always cook it in a slow cooker now.

Time to sign off for the day.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Looks like a hyacinth. It'll have a bulb underneath. Not a good idea to move it until it has finished flowering.

  2. If you take a chunk of dirt with it, maybe it won’t know it moved

  3. Looks like a hyacinth beautiful bulb

  4. I like it with no shells

    1. Was THAT an option Kate, was it... was it???? LOL I will consider it. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe.

    2. Hahaa.... as I typed it I smirked to myself that you'd say exactly that 😄🤣

  5. Lucy G11:03 AM

    I like just one big shell....


  6. Anonymous11:08 AM

    The one Big shell Gee I wish I had your energy lol

  7. Anonymous1:00 PM

    How do you manage to move large pieces of furniture on your own - I have to drag the laundry basket along the carpet now because I can't life it when it is full. Audrey

  8. I am going to go against the grain and say I love the selection of small shells.

    I seriously think you need to come to Christchurch to sort out my house ... lol ... I don't think I've moved any furniture since we moved here 15 years ago. Today will hopefully be my last day of studying, so I may have some free time in the evenings and weekends again to start thinking about changing things up a bit.

  9. I like the smaller shells. And I love the cat!!!!!
    Multi function room is a good name. Sort of describes you in a way. A good way.😂😂

  10. What's the other side of the big shell look like?
    DOn't move the rooms around again - if someone comes to stay for a short amount of time they will have to stay in the little room!

  11. Ok so...what do the large AND the big shells look like together! :D

  12. Small shells. Whose cat?

    1. Lacy's boyfriend owns the cat.

  13. We've been here 18 years and never moved the furniture once (except to set up Stu's office). How many bedrooms do you have again? Is it 4 plus office or 3 plus office?

    1. Three doubles and the single, as the single has a full wardrobe, it is classed as a bedroom. I cannot imagine NEVER moving your furniture around at least a few times!

    2. Everything fits so perfectly I can't even think of how I'd move stuff here. I did get it moved out and back in for new carpet but back to the same place!

  14. I think no shells, Jo

  15. Anonymous8:34 PM

    I think the shells, a mixture.. big and small l, and also see you tomorrow for leftovers 😁😂 and yes that is Maggy Rays Cat Dog 😁😀
    #Lacy 💙

  16. Anonymous3:07 AM

    Chris - as usual you run circles around all of us. But I know what you mean about getting a bee in your bonnet and wanting something done, now. Everything you've done looks great! I love how your girls are all coming around. I know that makes you feel very happy.

    Ky Girl

  17. I'm not big on the shells, could you maybe paint some shells?

  18. Oh my goodness you have had a busy few days! Painting are look great.

  19. Small shells from me. I use to move furniture around all the time, my kids and husband would come home and wonder where to sit or go to bed. lol Getting too old to do that any more.


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