Saturday, August 29, 2020


 Today's plans?

Sleep in.

Then... a few jobs lined up.

Main one:  a trip to the dump.

We have half a trailer load, and Steve 'n' Bex have probably one and a half trailer loads.  So, as Steve is working this morning, Stew will go over to his place and pick up some of their's to fill our trailer, and take it all to the dump.

We can do another load later on in the day, or tomorrow.

While he's doing that I will get the housework done, then carry on cutting up fabric strips to take with me to Aussy.

I got a cute parcel in the post yesterday.  I've got a friend down Taranaki way who makes cards kinda professionally.  She is part of a design team that create new cards.

Anyway, every now and then she 'retires' some stamp sets, and I saw one she was offering on Facebook, and I nabbed it real quick!

I couldn't help myself, even though I'm not making cards right now!

ABOVE: This is the set.

ABOVE:  And these are some of the cards/tags she's made using that fishy set.

I don't know what she uses to colour the cards, I really must ask her.  She does an amazing job of them.

I might even throw that set in my suitcase and take it with me.  Ya never know, I might do some once I get to Mum's.

Next thing I must remember to do, and putting it on here means I won't forget... get the receipt for the laptop and put it in me suitcase too.  As Julie said yesterday, I don't want to get charged GST on it when I come back home again.

And that's me for now... gunna roll over and stack just a few more Zzzz's. Or read the news in bed.  One or t'other.

lol, forgot ONWARD.

Oh well, too bad.

I varnished two more painting this morning.

Stew got all our combined rubbish to the dump in just one trip.  Excellent.  The rubbish dump here is so CHEAP compared to Cambridge!

IN Cambridge we paid $80 for a trailer load, here?  $19 for the trailer and the back of our station wagon full too!

The washing is done and actually hanging outside for the first time in over a week.

Not sure what I will get up to this afternoon.  I'm tempted to make another painting or two.

OR I could cut out more fabric strips.  Yeah, I should probably get that done and dusted before doing anything else.

ABOVE:  Stew has done an awesome job this afternoon.  Never weeding those pavers by hand again!  The water blaster got rid of them ALL!

7.30 pm: dinner tonight was Spag Bol, very nice.
Now?  Watching boring Saturday night TV.  Why is there fook all on ?  I might watch something on Netflix.
And that's a wrap for the day, very 'normal' day here.


  1. Chris, you don't need the actual receipt just take a photo of the receipt or email yourself evidence of purchase to show if needed. Don't forget nearly every person going through customs will have a laptop or some device. I've never been asked to show a receipt in all of my travels.

  2. If you do take the original, keep a copy at home - or as Lynda suggested on your phone as the receipts tend to fade over time with the type of paper they use these days, especially if tucked away in a wallet. The stamps look like fun. Beautiful day here in Christchurch so time foe me to hit the chores 🙂

  3. Beaut day for washing here too Chris...towels and sheets blowing in the wind and lots of vitamin d freshening them up.

  4. Kiwionholidays2:58 PM

    Busy as usual here and at your place too Chris,
    Fab time of the year toget spring cleanups in the garden done so we are like you filling green bins n getting rid of clippings

    Nice Stu got toget it all in one load and Steve n Bex will be stoked as well,

    Love the stamps lots of crafty ideas about n nice way to be able to fill in time in isolation,

    Take care n so happy Mum can get out and about.

    Weather there should be picking up too so lots of spring in the air 👜🐝🐇

  5. Great Job Stew. Can you believe that in Auckland we are not even allowed to use a hose outside, let alone water blast! The Council have really screwed up this time - still a drought situation with water. We can't even use the hose to rinse a car off and they reckon this situation will carry on well into next year.

  6. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Hahaha I remember my Grandfather's diary entry "went to the dump and took Mum with me but I thought it was better to bring her home again" (meaning my Grandmother) its so satisfying having a clean up makes me feel good 👍 George's Mum.

  7. My patio is so covered in weeds you can not even see the bricks. Do you have a before picture? Or a video of that getting a massive weed out? I many need to find one of those!


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