Sunday, August 23, 2020


 Today... well we have NOTHING on at all!

I think Lacy has Keera today, so we will probably see them later on today.

We had planned on having a 'Dessert Night' this evening, with any family that wanted to come over.  But I canceled it.

Wish I hadn't now... company and desserts would be nice.

I think I will still make a Lemon Meringue Pie.

OH I also thought about trying to add some Lime, cos I've got limes from my lime tree.  That might be nice eh?  Lemon and Lime pie. Hmmm.

I've got 4 paintings ready to have the hanging string attached, and one painting ready for cleaning and varnishing, so will get that done this morning.

There is no washing to do... lol, I got it all done last night.  It's supposed to piss down with rain all day, so I threw all the washing through the dryer last night as well.  I'm on top of it I tell ya.

I'm going to have a hunt through my fabric stash later on today and choose about three fabrics that I love... and make three masks for myself.  I will need a few for when I travel to Aussy.  Being POSITIVE as heck that I will get my travel permission from Australia!  IF I do, I could be leaving in... 16 days!  Eeeek.

The ONLY thing I'm freaking out about is driving from one side of Sydney to the other on my way up to Coffs Harbour!  I will have to look on Google Earth and plot the way to go. 

I have plenty of time though, so no freaking out yet! 


And... that is me for now.  Seriously, it's just going to be a 'potter around the house' sorta day.  


ABOVE:  How gorgeous is this?  I love it.

SO... dessert night is back on.  LOL  Not everyone is able to come but that's OK, I have a legitimate reason to cook a dessert now.  Awesome.

So far the weather has not packed it in, so I've got a few windows open, which feels lovely.  Tired of having everything closed up because it's freakiin' freezing or pissing down.

It's been a bit of a nightmare afternoon!

First :... we had a lovely lunch our with dear friends from Tauranga. Thanks Jacqui and Marty for your visit. THAT was not a nightmare πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…πŸ˜†.

Second:  Got an email saying I was NOT allowed to enter Australia.  So I immediately re-applied, with a long letter giving much more details about my Mum's DIRE condition and how I NEEDED to be there bla bla bla. I BEGGED THEM, I said PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... I laid it on as thick as I could.
AND... they replied within an hour.

I AM ALLOWED TO ENTER AUSTRALIA... and I have to Quarantine for two weeks.
That is fine by me.
I can get in!

It has been a very tense, upsetting few hours this afternoon... but it is done and now I can relax.

16 days to go. Then two weeks in a motel.  Then I see my Mum again.

Our dessert night went very well.

Lacy popped in early, but didn't stay as she has stuff to do, and Amanda had a business meeting so she couldn't come either.

So, we had Brylee, Steve, Bex and the boys, Kelly and the girls and our eldest son Russell.
A nice easy number.

ABOVE:  Steve does not enjoy sweet food, so he had a cheese board.  The dogs sat and begged for some... and got given some cheese.  

ABOVE:  love this couch, it's such a good size for a group.  

Everyone has left now, and all is quiet again.  Time to just relax and be thankful that today ended well.


  1. 16 days? Man - that time is going to fly right on by! How long are you planning to stay? Or did you buy a one way ticket so you can be flexible. Man, I hope you continue blogging on your travels. I use Waze or Google Maps when driving in unfamiliar territory. But , of course, having a rough idea beforehand is a great plan! And who knows if you will have data / coverage. What an adventure! It will be lovely to see your Mom.

  2. Driving from the airport (if that's where you'll drive from assuming you don't have to quarantine) is pretty straightforward. It's one road all the way! Also, download the area you will be driving on google maps on your phone that way you won't even need data. We do this everywhere we travel. At least it will be like driving in NZ not like the time we arrived in Orlando... shit that was scary.

  3. Anonymous10:08 AM

    As country people from another state we found it so easy to drive through Sydney. As Lynda said the freeway is straight through. The only thing to worry about is the toll but that should easy to be organised by the hire car company

    1. I looked on Google Earth and it looks scary! But I will take your word for it and hopefully I won't end up in Timbuktoo! lol

  4. We've done the drive from Sydney to Coffs Harbour ... such a pretty drive in parts, especially coming into spring. is another great map site for finding one's way around Australia.

    Glad to hear your dessert night is back on ... sounds like something fun to look forward to tonight.

  5. You know what? I will come to the airport to meet you, get you to the hire car and you can follow me through Sydney and up the M1! Will wave you off as I exit at Newcastle!

    1. Belinda that is too far for you to travel just to pilot me through Sydney! But thank you for the very kind offer!

  6. I make a classic lemon cheesecake but use limes instead and everyone raves about it. Love using limes instead of lemons in most desserts. Enjoy your night. Great idea to have some family over, eat yummy desserts and have a bit of fun. Looking forward to the photos.
    As everyone has said the roads are well signed but I think Belinda's offer is lovely and I would certainly consider it. It would take the stress off you a bit knowing that someone who knows the roads is there with you. I find Sydney traffic a bit scary. I would come up and get you too but I'm not allowed to leave Melbourne! I could see my son on the Central Coast!!

    1. I made a 1/2 lemon, 1/2 lime pie, it was AMAZING!

  7. Why are you driving from Sydney whats wrong with flying to COFFSTHE OLD MOO.

    1. Anonymous5:08 PM

      That's what I thought too Old Moo. Hope you are resting up and hope everything goes well for you x

  8. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Haha and there she is hi to you THE OLD MOO 😊 man I love her spirit ❤ I hope you have a super dessert night yummy George's Mum.

  9. Now that you can enter but quarantine can you move your flight forward? If you fly sooner, you get to see your Mum sooner... also I agree. Why not fly to Coffs Harbour? It's a long drive and you will be way less stressed after a little flight.

    1. I doubt I can get an earlier flight now. If I have to quarantine in Sydney, I will be able to fly to Coffs Harbour after that. If I can skip quarantine (undecided right now), I will have to drive.

  10. Oh thabk goodness. So glad you can get over there. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ’œ

  11. Absolutely get there now, I agree with Lynda. A month is too long to wait. Change your flights, it's just money xxx

    1. I have been approved to fly into Australia on the 8th of September. I don't want to rock the boat now and perhaps bugger it up! Also, there's only very limited flights in and out of New Zealand right now, and when I booked my flight out it was one of the first I could get on anyway. I am still trying to get exempt from the two weeks quarantine once there... it might still happen.

    2. I reckon if you had a few negative COVID tests that would help! Spaced over a few days.

    3. Here or in Sydney? Doing them here would not make any difference as I would negate that by flying on an International flight. There.. well usually tests are done on day 3 and day 12 BEFORE you are deemed 'safe' to be let out of Quarantine.

  12. That’s fantastic news the Old Moo will be excited I’m sure the days will tick over fast x

  13. Great news you can get to aussie. Your mum spirits will be lifted by the news im sure

  14. What does this quarantine entail? Truly being locked in your hotel room? Are you able to go out to shop or eat? Or does everything have to get sent up to your room? What about your return to New Zealand? Another 2 weeks in hotel? Or quarantine at home? This is such an unreal situation in the world right now!
    You are such a social gal. How will you handle this isolation? Like real and true isolation! Just keep blogging and we will be your virtual friends via comments! haha!

  15. Anonymous2:17 PM

    So good to hear you can come to Aus & see your Old Moo!!! Hope this has cheered you up too Miss Moo!!!!


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