Wednesday, August 26, 2020


 Today I'm going to gather up a few things that will occupy some of my time once I'm in quarantine in Sydney.

I got quite a few good suggestions yesterday, thanks so much.

I'm going to find the hexagons I started a couple of years ago for a start.  They will certainly keep me busy, hand stitching them together!

AND I have a 1,000 piece jig saw SOMEWHERE that I've not done yet.  I will take that with me too.

At some point today I am going to a shop at The Base to buy some bath bombs, cos I reckon soaking in a bath bombed bath will be lovely too.

I'm starting to look forward to quarantine!

Imagine having every meal hand delivered FOR TWO WEEKS!  No cooking.  OMG I am going to utterly love that!

NO COOKING! No dishes.  BLISS.

The only thing I am wondering about is ... clothes washing?  I hope they provide a washing machine and dryer!   I can't think of too much else that could cause a problem ... can you?

Don't say DIET COKE.... cos I will get that delivered to my room every day if necessary!  


Now, how about a really lovely photo of The Old MOO?

ABOVE:  Mum had this photo taken yesterday, just for us.  Doesn't she look lovely.  I love that colour blue on her.

ABOVE: This is the gorgeous view of Coffs Harbour that they have from their home.  It really is stunning where they live.   Ron has turned about an acre of his 30 acre conservation block into a garden.  A true labour of love.

Right, that's me for now... I'll be back later with an update of how my morning has gone.


10.43 am:  And I've made good progress on my jobs today.

I have gathered up all I will need to make hexies while in quarantine, and while at my Mum's too.

ABOVE: The fabrics weigh quite a bit, so I might have to take less clothes.  Oh well... worth the sacrifice. 

Next, I found a jig saw I bought a little while before we left Cambridge.  I had only done a little bit when we had to pack everything up to move, so ...

ABOVE:  Because it's a BIG one, I think I will take it with me, but not start it until I get to Mum's.
Can you imagine getting it half done during quarantine then having to shove it all back in the box?  Yeah... nah. 

OR... should I buy a couple of smaller ones instead of taking that one?

I'm now heading out to Gordonton to Grandmothers Garden patchwork shop for fabric glue for the hexagons.  

2 pm:  Well after talking to the ladies out at Gordonton, I'm not using glue for my hexies.  I will be hand basting them onto the cards.
They were so nice out there!
I've heard from quite a few quilters that they are 'nasty' out there,  but I've not found them that way at all. They could not have been more helpful.

So after getting back into Hamilton Brylee and I went to Spotlight for more Hexie cards (if you are not a patchworker, don't even try to understand!), then I went to the mall for a couple of other bits 'n' bobs.

And now?  Back to sunshine.  Bit windy and cool.  Nice in the sun though, just ask Coco. *smiles*

3.15 pm:  And I just got two more paintings cleaned and varnished.  I should have all that I've made finished before I leave for Aussy now.

I'm very tempted to make a few more... but, we will see how I go for time.  Cutting out Hexie's might come first.  Good idea that was KIWIKID.

Dinner tonight is going to be Chicken steaks and salad.
Well... dinner was lovely.  I made a potato salad to go with the chicken steaks.  

Then I had a good chat with me Mum (The OLD MOO) before she sat down to a nice dinner cooked by Ron.  Sausages and veges was on her plate.

Now... I'm gunna relax and wait for Coronation Street to start.  An hour to go. 😕


  1. Old Moo looks lovely 💙. Omg two weeks alone secretly sounds amazing! I've been a bit jealous of some people working from home cos it's all pretty normal for me going to work each day 😏. Keep well 👍🏼

  2. Old Moo you look so good and happy to be home! Blue is your color-you look awesome!

  3. That's a lovely photo of your Mum... nice to see you smile Old Moo and wow, what a beautiful place you live! Chris, I certainly hop you'll get your diet coke but don't assume there will be a bath. Many places don't have baths now. Regarding laundry, we've done two week cruises and never used a laundry. We washed tops and undies in the bathroom no problem but I'm sure they will have an arrangement for doing laundry. I do like he idea of no cooking for two weeks but they don't come into your room to clean. It will be interesting following along with you when you get to Australia.

    1. Im not assuming. If there is no bath I will use them when I get to my Mumn's home.

  4. Anonymous9:07 AM

    From everything I've read your laundry is done for you but they advise bringing at least one week's clothing - which I am sure you will do anyway. Perhaps, as Lynda suggests, wash your undies and other small items in the bathroom. Also agree with Lynda regarding a bath, very few hotels or motels have baths these days so perhaps some nice shower gel would be better. If you think how fast time flies, you will look back on your fortnight and think how quickly it went. Do you have to quarantine again for 14 days when you get back? Audrey

    1. Yes I have to quarantine here on my return.

    2. Anonymous9:38 AM

      Poor you!! Will you have to pay $3000 in both places or can you get an exemption. I am sure your Mum is worth every penny though. Audrey

    3. I don't know and I don't care! If I have to pay, so be it. As you say, it will be worth it.

  5. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Eventually got all your previous posts read, loved all the family stuff (I'm the eldest of 6) and your house moves (gosh you do work hard to get everything looking lovely !) Sorry to read about your Mum's illness but sounds like she is a trooper, hope all goes well, she will be so excited to see you. We lost my mum last year to brain cancer but following surgery and treatment she enjoyed a good few more years and even visited New Zealand again - the treatments now are amazing. Safe travels to Australia. I'll keep reading as I enjoy your blog. Jane G in Scotland.

  6. Wow! This is a monumental journey. A month worth of Quarantines! wow wow wow.

    Old Moo ! You look fab! And your home looks like it should be a vacation destination!

    1. It IS a vacation destination... MINE! lol

  7. Your mum looks wonderful. Have a great day.

  8. Oohhhh OLD MOO looks absolutely gorgeous!!!! Looking amazing!! .... Coffs Harbour is gorgeous. I went there on holidays as a child and we've taken our kids there a few times. xxxxxxx

  9. Rooms usually have an iron so don't take that

  10. Beautiful photo of your Mum Chris, she looks great. Can you cut the hexies before you go? Less fabric weight to carry that way.

  11. Lovely pic of your mum xx

    Try to pack light so keep craft and projects to smaller items that can be transported. Your hotel will have an iron so you won't need yours. Buy small boxed jigsaws if you can. I wouldn't even take the laptop. Better off buying a small tablet. You can play games and do jigsaws and colouring and emails etc plus download books, on those. Far easier!

  12. Old Moo, you look wonderful. I can see where Chris gets her looks and love of the colour blue.
    I would take a smaller jigsaw puzzle. That way you can leave it at the motel if you finish it. Unless Old Moo likes jigsaws I can't see you doing one there. You will be too busy yacking!!

  13. Your Mum looks great. I would go with the smaller jigsaws too.

  14. I have no idea about shipping fees, does it make sense to ship a box of things to do and extra clothes for your mom’s house? And then pack what you need for quarantine? And plan to leave things (like puzzles and books) there?

  15. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Oh Granny what a lovely photo of you 😊 I shall be stealing that off Mum's blog (for myself only)
    #Lacy 💙

  16. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Superb photo and what an amazing property they both have WOW is all I can say 😀 I was wondering if you can cook for yourself in quarantine?? Obviously purchase the food online you can fill up the pantry with goodies 😉 George's Mum.

    1. OMG! Are you fooking crazy? Why would I wanna cook? I've been cooking dinners for a family for over 40 years! Fook that, I'm taking a holiday from cooking. lol

    2. Anonymous5:11 PM

      Yes I am crazy 😜 but it was something that popped into me head am sure you will pass the time of day with the things you already have 👍

  17. Ah - Fook clothes! Just go to a discount store of some sort and get leggings and t-shirts while there. You can sleep and live in those clothes, and bring FUN stuff in your suitcases! But - if quarantined.... I guess you need SOMETHING to wear. Sigh,.

  18. Are the vegetarians harassing you again?

  19. What a lovely photo of your Mum ... and I love the outlook from their property. Looks like such an idyllic place to live. I have fond memories of spending a couple of days in Coffs Harbour many years ago. I think the place we stayed at was called Nautilus on the Beach. The Big Banana plantation was quite fun to visit too.

  20. Anonymous9:19 PM

    God I remember cutting out hexagonal card shapes for my grandmother years ago when I was a child. She always handbasted. I can picture her basket filled with all her fabric and card now.
    I hope your trip to Australia goes well and your mum is feeling better.

    Take an iPad with Netflix for isolation and watch all the shows you have wanted to catch up on and buy lots of light reading books at the airport. It sounds bliss.

  21. Anonymous10:33 PM

    When I do my hexis I cut the fabric into squares Hexies with 1 inch sides I cut a 21/2 inch square. Tubi is another app that I use on the iPad that is free but has movies and tv series not current ones but I have seen some of Bonanza and currently watching Midsummer Murders. It could be worth a look

  22. Lovely photo of the Old Moo! Looks like you got your travel activities sorted away. Hope the weather warms up.

  23. Barbara Anne5:43 AM

    Hi Chris,

    I've sent a link to a blogger's post about their experiences during the two week quarantine in AU following their stay in the US. I thought you'd be interested to read someone's first hand experience and she's a quilter, too.

    I certainly hope your mum does well. She's looking good in the recent photo.

    Be good to you, take care, and stay safe.

  24. I just read that entire QUARANTINE blog that Barbara posted a link to. I am surprised the government pays for it instead of the travelers! But, I guess it is way cheaper than treating Covid patients. I hope your food is as good as theirs. Food seems to be the highlight of the day. They were not even allowed to step foot in the halls! Yikes!

    1. Christine, the government no longer pays for it, the traveller has to. $3,000 for 14 days.

    2. Holy crap that's a lot of money

  25. Beautiful picture of your mom!


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