Sunday, August 09, 2020


 Today will go something like this:

1. Grandkids, feed them, entertain them.  Send them home.

2. Disinfect the house... cos one of the kids had a tummy bug.

3. Discuss with Steve installing more shelving in me Drying Room.

And maybe do some housework.  Or not.

Seriously, there is bugger all on the agenda.  Just a day to chill out.

I had a nice yak with The Old Moo last night, she was feeling a bit better yesterday.  I hope she has another good day today.

Right, not much else to do for now... will get up and do some more washing, get the grandkids sorted out for the day and check on my latest painting.  It was drying well and not running off the canvas last time I looked at it.

It's going to be awesome once I have more shelving!


ABOVE:  Two happy children, who I've fed and watered, and filled with sugar.  Cos that's what this Grandma does.

Don't they look happy?  And warm.  It's a cold morning here.  No frost, but still chilly. Looks like it will be a nice day out there.

Liam lost a front tooth yesterday, so the Tooth Fairy had to visit overnight.  THANK GOD she did not forget!  Pats on the back.

ABOVE:  We have the builder in the house.  He's already installed shelving in my Drying Room, now he's working on leveling my 'work table'.  Bex and the boys came over for a while too, but have now gone home.

ABOVE:  Steve installing the shelving.  It's really lovely, old rimu shelving that came out of a commercial shop.  I love it.
Weird how you can 'love' shelving!  lol  He's spent a good amount of time making sure each and every shelf is level too.
AND he's going to be making more shelves for it too, later on at some point.  
What's there is plenty to keep me going for now. 

4 pm:  Steve finished off the job, and went home.   Then Stew and I fluffed around in the garage for a while. 

ABOVE:  And there it is, a gorgeous new shelving unit.  Thanks so much Steve.
ABOVE: Steve also put another good sized shelf on the opposite side of the room.  
Now I just have to wait until all those painting are 100% dry before I can varnish them.

For someone who had bugger all to do today, I've sure been busy!
Those shelves were FILTHY, so I washed them down.  The water came out BLACK!
We have jigged a few things in the garage too... just adjusting a few things so we have more wiggle room.

Now?  I really am going to relax and do nothing for a while.

8.30 pm:  And it's been a lovely quiet evening.  I've just caught up on 'Liar', seems I missed it coming back on.  Looking forward to Episode 3 tonight.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Same sort of day planned here but I don't have the grandchildren factor lol still in bed it's bloody freezing. Tucked up with patient and electric blanket on 😄 gosh Steve is such a good son! George's Mum.

  2. Steven is a good grandson as well,he rang me yesterday, and we had a lovely chat.He rings me regularly,I think hes wonderful, also how helps his family. THE OLD MOO.

  3. The kids look cozy comfy and happy!

  4. To the Old Moo... I'm glad you are sounding a little better/happier today. Chris, your cup runneth over with grandkids these days! Lovely.

  5. Anonymous10:28 AM

    This grandma's heart is so happy for you to have your grandchildren so close now and they are able to spend the night. Enjoy!!

    Oh - yes, the painting you are doing is ART. Tell that person to stuff it. ;-)

    Ky Girl

  6. Nice to catch up with the Harvey family happenings my wifi has been shocking all week this is probably longest had connection all week long may it last

  7. Sounds like a perfect Sunday.
    *waves* to Old Moo. Glad you're sounding a bit more chipper. Hope you're home soon.

  8. Those shelves are really nice! Beautiful! As are the "edges" of the paintings

  9. Anonymous7:03 PM

    I love your shelf! Great job Steve!-Stella

  10. Kiwionholidays9:15 PM

    Love RIMU so 💯 tick ✔️ from us here .

    So kind of Steve n Bex to supply n fit

    Looks amazing
    The wee grandies look fab in the warm fluffies

    Happy Mum is on the mend and hope she is home soon

    Take care

    Cheers 🥂

  11. Those shelves are beautiful!

  12. That shelving unit is really pretty!


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