Friday, August 07, 2020


Mum (The Old Moo) saw all the lovely comments you girls left yesterday, she was so chuffed she showed the ladies/nurses around her. 

As for how she's doing.... nothing happened yesterday.
Mum's in a holding pattern until the doctors can do biopsy's of the trouble spots.
They were going to do one yesterday, but had to put it off at the 11th hour due to an emergency, which bumped Mum down the list.. and then right off it.

So frustrating.  All the delays mean she's left waiting, dragging out the anxiety of not knowing what's 'wrong'.  And she's getting weaker of course, not being able to be active at all.  And worse, when she gets anxious, she vomits.  Lots of that happening.  Poor thing.

There is NOTHING we can do about it though, it is just how it is right now.
A grossly overworked, understaffed hospital, trying to do it's best for everyone.

I think it's the same everywhere.

So... moving on, trying to be positive.
I'm going to do a couple of smallish paintings this morning, before heading into town to meet up with Stew for some business, then lunch.

After that I am going to scout around and look for another set of shelves for The Drying Room.

ABOVE:  Full.  I want a set of shelves that will go to the right of the existing shelves, but it needs to be wider to accommodate larger canvas's.  Hopefully I find something.


Just heard from our son Steve.  He's got left over shelving from his Auckland home.  So yaaa!  I don't have to buy any after all.
He better be bringing  it around and setting it up like... YESTERDAY!  
Just joking Steve, you know me.  I always want it yesterday.

I'm about to start sorting out positions for the next canvas to dry on.  The single most important thing is that it's LEVEL.

Did I show you my little level?  

ABOVE:  it's rather cute.  And all mine.  I don't have to fossick  in the garage for Stew's big ones now.
And see those ice block sticks?  I have to use them to level up the paintings once they are done.
You only have to see all the paint run off the side of a painting ONCE to never want that to happen again!

Right... on with it...

12.40 pm:  And as can happen, I've changed my afternoon plans.
I really wanted to meet up with Stew too.
But I simply can't leave the painting I just did right now.
Because my painting table is NOT level, I have to constantly monitor the painting and it's run off... and make adjustments with the ice block sticks.
It's doing my head in actually.

I am going to ask Steve to work out how to make the table level so I don't have this happening after every single painting I do.

So I'm staying home and having baked beans on toast for me lunch.
How thrilling.

ABOVE: This was the 'before' photo of Kaleidoscope #3.
I'll show you how it ended up later, once it's settled down.

1.25 pm:  FINALLY.... 2 hours after I finished that painting, I've got it level and can relax a bit!
Now... the waiting game begins.
I've got about 10? paintings drying, and two almost ready for cleaning and varnishing.
Drying takes a full 3 weeks, so I'll be twiddling me thumbs till then.

2 pm:  Oh, I forgot to mention Lacy.  She arrived just as I was starting this painting, so she did the video and photographs for me.
I'm not putting the video on, it's just for my own reference.

ABOVE:  There is Kaleidoscope #3.  
Just so ya know... you cannot see the amazing detail from the photo!  Seriously.  It's amazing in real life.

11.35 pm:  It's been a quiet evening, just hanging out, watching TV and eating chinese takeaways for dinner.

Yakked to The Old Moo tonight.  Nothing will be happening with her re: Scans etc till early next week now.  Annoying.  


  1. Maybe look at people’s online for sale listing. I see garage type storage shelves for sale (here) regularly.

  2. Hope your Mum aka The Old Moo has a better day today.
    So sad that she has to wait but we all know emergencies come first. Let’s hope today is the day they do her biopsy.
    Old Moo hope you have a better day 😊

  3. My most grateful thanks to you all for your best wishes.THE OLD MOO.

    1. Anonymous12:28 PM

      You keep your pecker up young lady get well soon 😊 George's Mum.

  4. I hope your Mum gets her tests soon and knows what is happening.

  5. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Nice photography Miss Lacy 😊
    #Lacy 💙

  6. First - Hello to Old Moo!

    Second - I use shelves like the ones in your photo to hold all of my worry stones bins. I bought two sets of shelves and made them into one. Instead of 5 shelves it has 10. You can Double your storage space (without taking up floor / wall space) if you are only putting paintings on and don't need extra height.

  7. Great to see The Old Moo popping in.
    Love your latest painting. Think it's my favourite so far.

  8. Great to see you posting Old Moo ... I was just thinking of you earlier and wondered how you are doing today.

    Chris ... you may not like this idea, but having just seen the news and recommendations that people have face masks ready in case we go back to level 2 at some point, I went looking for the homemade rewashable type on Trade Me etc ... and couldn't find any. Have you thought of producing some for your wee shop? I'm sure given the current focus on them you would find people buy them. Just a thought anyway! (from someone who wishes she could sew!!)

    Love your latest painting ... very colourful!

  9. Hey Chris - there is an enormous need here at the moment for face masks... I'm busy making them for all the family. I'm sure if you put a sign out the front saying you've got masks for sale you'll get people in the door! One company got online orders for 15,000 last night!

    1. What pattern are you using? I am not keen on making masks, as I am worried that if someone gets covid while wearing a mask I made, the buck stops with me. But I might make some, just not sure yet if I want to go there.

    2. Hey Chris. You could always put a disclaimer of some sort on the mask - that as with any mask, you cannot make guarantees that it will be 100% effective.

    3. Oh and here's an article with some guidance for homemade masks .... and refers to adding a filter layer ...

    4. There are loads of patterns on Youtube. I'll find some that I like and email you. Don't worry about someone getting covid, the Health Dept has given guidelines and if you look at Lovista or Anna Stratton, you'll see they are just cotton. I use an inner layer of a kind of innerfacing you buy from Spotlight. It's kind of a thinner version of those fabric shopping bags you get. It's easy to breath through and gives a good inner layer. Elastic is not so easy to find though!!

    5. Even commercially made patterned masks on the net have warnings - e.g. one I just saw had "Our masks are not medically certified. They are not certified to prevent or cure any disease. Use at your own discretion."

  10. Hopefully things will get back on track with the Old Moo. Do hurry up and get better. Sounds as though you had a super busy day. Have a good weekend. Keep well.

  11. The interfacing we use here in masks is Pellon 911.

    I do not top stitch, do not want to puncture the lining.

    So each mask has two layers of fabric and two layers of interfacing.

    I personally rarely use elastic. Ears get sore and much harder to fit. I cut T-shirts into 1.25” strips and make ties.

    I use 18 gauge copper wire zigzag sewn into the top inside seam allowance. We turn the ends under into a loop to keep them in place and prevent poking.

    I will find pattern and send link to you. I make five sizes.


    I added one inch in length for a longer man’s version too.


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