Saturday, August 08, 2020


 Well... there's a few things on our list to do this weekend.

I'm going to get Stew to put another shelf up on the wall in the drying room... instead of having a 'photo' wall for patchwork things.

I noticed some big metal loop thingees in the garage yesterday, obviously put there by previous owners.

I reckon I can put curtain wire from one loop to the other, end to end of the garage, and use that to hang things off to photograph.

That will give me the space in the drying room for another shelf on the wall for drying paintings.

Steve is busy today, so won't be over with the other shelving till tomorrow.

So that gives us time to do the shelf on the wall.

I WAS thinking of perhaps making some fabric masks, just for us.  But Stew brought home a lot of masks for us to use yesterday, so I'm not going to now.

As for making them for sale?  Yeah, I'm not sold on that idea at all. There's going to be a glut of masks on the market, now that the Health Department has recommended everyone has them IN CASE we need to wear them.  I am sure there will be plenty of sewers out there who will jump on that particular band wagon.

I don't want to be one of them!  That would take all the love out of my sewing to be honest.  I sew because I love being creative 'that way', not just to churn out products for profit.  

I just like my sewing to pay for itself, and give me enough cash to continue doing what I love.  End of Story.

Same with the paintings too... if it becomes a 'job'... I ain't gunna do it!

Life at this point (for me) is about doing things that I love.  Being with people who I love, and who love me.   OK. OK... they just need to like me really. 


My little shop is open today... so I'm home till mid afternoon.

Stew has a few things to get out and about, darned if I can remember what they are. One is a new light/light fitting for the pantry... it died.

Typical.  Like all the lighting in this house.  We've had to replace it all.  I keep wondering what's next to cark it?

This house isn't even that old (is 23 old for a house?).  I think we were just a bit spoiled with our Cambridge home, and our Auckland home before that.  They were both relatively new when we bought them. (3-4 yrs old)

It's just as well we do LOVE this home!  We still feel it's perfect for us.

OK... enough blithering, I will get up and get on with the day.

Catch ya later.



I was reading/looking on Facebook last night at a post a person had put up ... it was an acrylic pour tutorial.

And I started reading the comments.  And I was really surprised to read that most of them were horrible, critical and downright rude.


If it had only been a couple of randoms saying that, I wouldn't have even been bothered by it.

But it was lots of people saying the same thing.  

"IT'S NOT ART.... anyone can throw paint on a canvas and call it ART !"

That really upset me.  I've watched HUNDREDS of hours of tutorials, I'm really GOOD with colour and have dabbled in 'art' for years.

Be it pottery or painting.  

True, I'm not an artist, I can't paint a landscape or portrait to save myself... but this IS another form of art surely?

ABOVE:  YES, I just threw the paint on!  But it was thought about, planned and executed with KNOWLEDGE of how it would come out.

I have not watched hundreds of hours of tutorials for NOTHING!

ABOVE:  Kaleidoscope #4.  I think it's gorgeous.  I was aiming for more brights in this one, and slightly less blue.  That worked.

What is your opinion on Acrylic Pour Paintings???  Are they ART?  Or just rubbish?   I want your honest opinion please. 

3.50 pm:  Stew and I went out for lunch.  And a quick stop at Spotlight.  For mask stuff.  YES... I decided to make ONE mask to see how it went, what it cost etc.

Even if I only make them for family, I think I can do that.  Maybe ???... orders from friends too.  We will see.

It was certainly not hard to do.  I bought pipe cleaners so the top can be fitted to ya nose, and elastic.  I was AMAZED there was any left in the shop to be honest.

Anyway... I digress... I just know you are dying to see the mask I made eh?  


ABOVE:  Stew was a willing model.  Note how high it goes on the nose?  I probably need to tweak that a bit... but I'll tell ya this.  If you put your glasses on TOP of the mask, you don't get fogged up glasses.

That's good.  This one was a 'Medium Adults' size, it fitted me too... so I'd say it's the standard size.

OH and these masks are made using two thicknesses of tight weave, 100% cotton fabric, and an ironed on interfacing in the middle.  Totally washable.

Just to be clear, I am not going to 'mass produce' these.  I'm not going to be left holding dozens of them,  if the population is told they are NOT compulsory!  Imagine that!  Hours put in, and they are never needed.  No thanks.

I'm taking a  break now.    

We have Emily and Liam arriving in the next hour, they are having a sleep over with us.  I hope they are quiet! I've got a bit of a headache.

ABOVE:  Well this little chap was easy to look after this evening!  He arrived, lay down and went to sleep within half an hour.  Emily is quiet too... she's arrived with a tummy bug.

Neither have any clothes either, just what they have on!  Whoops, bit of a muddle up there,  parents of said children?

So, they will probably have to sleep in their school uniform tops tonight.

All going well... they will be picked up tomorrow morning before Steve comes around.  He can't risk catching a tummy bug with his medical issues.

It's time to sign off ... ring me Mum for a chat then... bed.  There is bugger all on TV tonight.


  1. Anonymous7:27 AM

    You don't blither chick we love hearing your opinions and knowledge about things 😀 if you do decide to make any face masks I would buy a few I wish I had time myself to make some. The paintings are really neat you're so talented! George's Mum.

  2. That's fine about not making masks! As you say others will start making them and I'm sure lots of shops will start to stock them. That's strange about your lights - my daughter's home is about the same age and they also have trouble with bulbs blowing. Our place is nearly the same age as yours and we have no issues.

  3. I wasn't going to make masks but everyone kept asking so I just gave in. People keep coming back for more. I've decided it takes the place of all the craft shows I would usually do so it's still good side money. I just take a break every so often and make something else.

  4. I hear what you are saying about masks. But.....You could make some for family. And no matter how many people are making them there will still be a need for more. Wearing them daily (at least here in US) people will need more than one. School kids will need more than 1 per day if they get snotty, spit drenched and so on. So you could be busy simply making them for friends and family. Maybe just a few in the shop - but not go crazy with online stores and the like. I had my handmade masks in January but didn't start wearing them until March. And now it is mandatory in public places. My good friend has to wear a mask at work all day - she changes it midday. They get ick!

  5. I am sure many are making masks. I have made more than 300 and the only way I can do that is that I give them away. If people insist on paying I ask them to make a donation to the homeless or a food bank.

    1. Wow Marjorie, that is brilliant! I can get quite a few masks out of a small bit of fabric and there is loads of cheap fabric suitable. I'm also going to be giving them away to my daughter's friends and children etc. My daughter also wants me to make them for the local school but not sure about that yet!

  6. My word its art. I love what you are doing. I too couldn't believe the messages that people were leaving, I don't know what people get out of it. It says a lot about them when they leave such horrible comments. Keep up the good work, I love everything you make.

  7. Anonymous10:47 AM

    #1 Rule Ma..... dont worry what other people say or think....if it makes you happy then it can't be bad
    #Lacy 💙

    1. Anonymous2:59 PM

      Well done, Lacy, it doesn't matter what you call something that makes you happy, art is only a description after all. You are hurting no-one which is more than you call say for all the trolls out there, so often they bring down someone's happiness to make themselves feel better about themselves even if they won't admit it. BTW, I love all the colours and your art takes imagination and that makes it art. Audrey

  8. I studied Art and I think what you are doing is Art and I love it. I would love to buy one but I live too far away. If you love it then it is art. Keep doing it.

  9. This is the definition of art that I found. 'The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power'. I think that describes your work to a T. I wish I had your talent. I would like to see the critics 'throw paint on a canvas' and see what they come up with. I think I can safely say that it wouldn't be in any league close to your work! Don't give them another thought.

  10. Of course it's art! Anything created to be visual is art. Art is incredibly subjective as we all know. I can imagine a really big one on the wall of a corporate office or similar. I hate all the nay sayers online these days with their nasty comments.

  11. Chris, there are many forms of art, clay, paint, chalk, fabric or a variety of mediums, and just as many people that prefer one over the other category of art. I like most of the paintings you have done, the last one on this post is really lovely. Would I buy one of them, no I dont think I would, as I prefer landscapes. Some of the paintings I have seen the galleries which are from famous artist, I would not give you two cents for them, they make absolutely no sense to me. If you love what you do and it makes you happy, do it. That's what it is all about.

  12. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Of course it is art and they are beautiful! Your wave series are my favorite. People are so wild when they comment. Keep doing what you love! :) ~Nicole in CA

  13. I have a girl friend who paints. She belongs to a small painting club. They have a relationship with a small restaurant that exhibits their work a few times a year. He sells their things for them during the exhibition.

    I think your paintings would lend themselves very well to be displayed as a collection in a public space. A restaurant, library, business, etc.

    I would hang the like ones together. Waves on one wall, abstracts on another, etc.

  14. Me again. You are an artist. Look at what you create in fabric. Your amazing eye at decorating. Hugs.

  15. Jackson Pollock "Blue Poles". The Australian government paid a motza for it back in the day. It's abstract art. As is yours. Sure anyone can throw paint on a canvas but I can assure you that getting the colours right and the balance right takes talent. And experience. Negative nellies are keyboard trolls who love to pull others down.
    We have been in our house for just on 3 years (after two brand new houses). This one is about 30 years old and I swear it hates me. Everything that could need replacing has been!! Including the roof. Just as well I love living here.

    1. I was just thinking BLUE POLES! LOL!

  16. they are ART and you are an ARTIST. Full stop. Anything that a person enjoys looking at and that is pleasing to the eye is "art". I actually love the "before" art as well. There is a huge talent in colour choice and placement -- no question.

  17. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Pro Hart and Jackson Pollock threw paint around and that was expensive art! Omg number 4 is my favourite! It's beautiful!

  18. Yes it is art,I love floral art,I also do tapestry,and EMBROIDERY.THE OLD MOO nothing happens in hospital in the week ends I'm just Sleeping most of the Time

  19. I really like the paintings and they seem enjoyable for you to do. So keep doing it. As far as having dozens of masks that are never to be used - that's the best scenario possible! If that happens a year from now you can be damn happy to be living where you do!

  20. Ohhhh Chris can I get 10 masks please xx paid of course and pretty florals 5 sets of 2 different colours pinks blues greens oranges paua ? one set per day I hope that makes sense if possible..
    I know I’m gonna need them re work if cheap enough I would like 10, 2 per day and so I’m only wear 1 set of 2 per Day per week if that makes sense if you not keen I won’t be at all offended.

  21. I love your paintings and I consider it art . Keep doing it! Love the newest one!

  22. Oh and if we don’t need them it doesn’t matter I will send some to my mum and sister in Aussie x

    1. I have sent you a PM over Messenger.

  23. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I'm not a fan of your pictures sorry but I can appreciate the time you take making them.
    I think because they do them at my children's primary school is why I'm not a fan as I associate them with what young kids do.
    No offense intended.

  24. I knew you'd be able to make a good mask! I find that I have tweaked the patterns to suit me and have reduced the hight of the nose part. I have some wire that I use in the nose part but pipe cleaners sound great. I have no trouble finding the thicker elastic but the really narrow stuff is gone everywhere. They really are so easy to make once you get going. Was the interface you used really thin? I just a non-fusible really thin type but make sure it's well stitched in for washing purposes. I also topstitch down that middle seam to make sure everything stays in place when washed.

  25. I love the Acrylic Pour paintings you do! They are art. I hate people who make rude comments whether it's on-line or in person, because it does a lot of damage. Every craft project that I ever try to do, I'll get all excited about it, and someone,either my husband or someone else will say it's childish looking or a waste of time or dumb. And I love to craft, but I hardly do it now. Since my mother died, I have this beautiful craft room with all kinds of her amazing stuff to work with, but it just sits there. I really do miss crafting.
    Anyway, your kaleidoscope paintings are the best!! All of them. They make me smile when I look at them. I think that makes you an artist!!

    1. Awww Laura... you get back into that craft room and make some amazing projects. I am sure they are not dumb or a waste of time, particularly if YOU love doing it! F*#k what anyone else says Chick... GET IN THERE and do what you love. I know it hurts when people criticise what you do, because I am very sensitive to that too... but at the end of the day, I love what I am doing, and that is all that matters. ♥

  26. If I was to do the paintings you could tell it’s not for everyone and you absolutely need talent. I just can’t do that stuff, my husband and daughters have that talent and make amazing stuff like you, Jo

  27. I realize you are different circumstances. You don’t actually need them at this time.

    I have been making them for people who need them. I have daughters who have been working this whole time. They wear one mask all morning, switch to clean every day after lunch. Switch to clean if they are going anywhere else.

    They need to be washed in a zip washer bag that has stays in it to hold shape, like a little round box. They are like washing an underwire bra, over and over.

    Masks have to be washed every time you wear them. (Pipe cleaners are not washable long term). Need to use 18 gauge copper wire (with ends looped under) so they are really washable IF you are in situation where you are washing them long term. I use 4” finished for adult sizes.

    Not fogging glasses means they are sealing and they work. The nose is high for a reason.

    To check size - have to be able to yawn, laugh, talk with them staying in place. If they pop off chin or nose, too small. Most people I see are in too small of mask.

    Cannot top stitch if you actually need them to work/be safe. Air goes thru needle holes. Yes, have to stitch on edge of side to hold elastic or ties or headband and to close them. Do not stitch all the way around.

    Interfacing goes on both pieces of fabric, four layers total.

  28. Kimmama Pack of 3 Delicate Bra Washing Bag - High Permeability Sandwich Fabric Lingerie Laundry Bag- Underwear Bag for Bras, Socks, Panty, Undershirt

    Those are the washing bags I get on Amazon (US)

  29. Kiwionholidays8:56 PM

    Listen to your heart 💓 n not negative comments on the social

    It’s an art n you share it so that’s all we all need ,,,encouragement not discouragement,,

    Hiya out there to your lovely Mum too ,,

    Beautiful rainbow 🌈 in that area today CH
    So looked lovely and Iam sure she can see out The hospital window ,and enjoy those Wee happy things

    Cheers 🥂

  30. Also, sometimes have to adjust where on side elastic or ties are sewn, sometimes I sew in corner on top but 3/4” up from bottom to avoid gapping at sides. If they gap, they do not work.

    I have made a lot of masks. Hundreds. I find mine fit people who cannot get a seal with the one size fits all masks.

    I have made for kids and adults. I only do ties for kids to get proper fit.

    I have made a lot for people with longer chins or fuller faces. Those people need a large or a large/long (where I add an inch to length). Average size Men usually need large. Girls with no extra weight usually need medium. I have just had a couple adult women (who were very tiny) who needed a small.

    There are 3-4 tests to be sure they seal, not fogging glasses is one. I can’t remember others, look online. My neighbor tested mine in March.

  31. I make my lining and outer layers out of two different fabrics so can tell right side from wrong. Lining is great opportunity to use up odd fabrics.

    I make lining slightly smaller by cutting a little off bottom and using a slightly wider seam allowance on center seam. This helps snug it up and avoid feeling like you need to top stitch.

    I back stitch where I add elastic or ties or headband.

  32. Do not use pins during construction. Have to keep the interfacing from having any extra holes in it. No pins, no top stitch. If the interfacing is punctured, no seal.

  33. I love your mask. Am jealous of your sewing talent. I'm trying to hand sew a big mask for hubbies face. Pathetic effort!
    You also have talent for painting. I love the colour combos.
    Hope your Mum is feeling better

  34. I think your pictures are amazing, very beautiful. I think it's probably a lot harder than throwing paint on a canvas. Hope your mom is in good spirits.

  35. I think art is very personal. What one person finds lovely another person won't like at at. So basically if you enjoy doing your painting, keep doing it. For you. Not for uncultured swines who have no appreciation for anything colourful :)

    I can do landscape oil painting reasonably well. But not as well as others. Some people like my art. Some don't. Who cares? I do it for me. Well, I'd like to... never seem to have the time any more!!

  36. Art, just like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder! Each to their own I say and personally some of the acrylic pour paintings I like, some I don't, just like everything in life.

  37. Well that's how we started off here, don't wear masks, oh maybe some people should wear masks, now masks required everywhere!


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