Monday, August 10, 2020


 How thrilling.

I've got to do the grocery shopping today.

It's clearly the last thing I feel like doing.

I'd much rather be doing another painting on the now LEVEL painting table:

ABOVE:  The table was rather wobbly, but not any more. I've also done away with the plastic container under the painting.  Now I'm just going to use Puppy Pads.  Less chance of an uneven surface that way.

I put varnish on two paintings last night, so they will get their second coat sometime today.  I started them 3 weeks ago, so they will be finished in about a week from today.

The house is smelling rather ... funky right now.  We have something smelling really 'off' in the garage, but we have NO IDEA what it is, or where it is.  We are scratching our heads to be honest.

I am probably going to have a thorough look again today, to try and find the source of the smell.

Then there's the smell of paint and varnish on paintings in the Drying Room.  It's ... like walking into a workshop.

I hope it's a nice day so I can fling open all the doors and windows and air the house out when I get back from the grocery shopping.

In the meantime, I will turn on my Scentsy Wax Burners to at least try and mask some of the smells.

Oh the joys.


So.  I was lying in bed last night, pondering THE SMELL.

And it occurred to me that it only happened AFTER our fridge/freezer defrosted.

What happens when that happens usually?  The drip tray CAN fill up with rancid water eh?

So, when I got back from the grocery shopping, Lacy and I got everything out of that fridge/freezer, dragged it out and took the back off so we could check out the drip tray.


That was the smell!

Lacy almost vomitted.  When I sniffed... so did I.  Gross.

Thankfully just then ... Bex arrived.  So I set both girls the task of sorting it out, and asked them to clean the fridge/freezer as it was now empty.

ABOVE:  A good job done.  Thanks girls.

6 pm:  Ummmm... kinda fell asleep after lunch!  Had a two hour 'nap'.  Woke up just in time to close all the curtains and think about cooking dinner.

We are having Chicken Ravioli in a tomato based sauce, which is nice an easy.

The Old Moo is doing as well as can be expecting, considering her various ailments.  It sucks getting old.  Worse still during a Pandemic, and not having much family around to visit you.  Thank goodness she does have Ron, who dotes on her.  Oh and she's got some lovely ladies in her room, keeping her amused.

Right, it's 9 pm (almost) and it's time to wind down for the day.  

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Good luck with the smell search. We have had that happen and it goes away after a while. We think it might be a critter (mouse) that got into the attic or something and perished. In other words "dead mouse". Yuck! Your painting studio seems to be perfect and complete. Look how organized it is!

  2. Yes could be a dead critter... as long as it's not a musty smell which could indicate a leak. Hopefully it's not a sewer issue? That's wonderful of Steve to get you all sorted with a level working surface. He's a keeper that son of yours :)

  3. Good detective work!

  4. Kiwionholidays2:56 PM

    So glad you got the freezer thingy sorted

    Kudos to Lacy n Bex and their help.

    Love their energy n kindnesses at your home,,, and we also appreciate ours when those things come up out of the blue,,

    Hope Mum is close to going home though atm she is in a warmer place cos saw the weather in her neck of the woods is a tad cooler than they normally get

    Take care all of you there,,

    Cheers 🥂

  5. How smart you are to think of the freezer defrosting. Saved a lot of time looking. glad you have such good help. your pictures are really great. How is your mom doing?

  6. Excellent detective work on finding the cause of the odor. How nice to have all those helpers to get the work done. Sounds as though you had a busy weekend. Glad to hear Old Moo is doing OK. Wonderful to hear that she is in good company. Your studio is looking great.

  7. Anonymous4:33 AM

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  8. Oh yucky! I'm glad you found the smell!


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