Tuesday, August 04, 2020


Yesterday afternoon I had a visit from a dear friend from Cambridge.

Pip is an FBG girlfriend, and now a personal friend.

It was just lovely to see her.  She's been through a rough time so far this year.  Health issues.  And she's building a new home and that is stressing her out too.  I think she enjoyed just sitting and yakking.

She brought over a thing for Bex:

ABOVE:  This is the 'thing' for Bex.   Any idea what it is?  
I do know what it is obviously.

Today my little shop is open.  It's been incredibly quiet lately.  I'm hoping it picks up closer to Spring and Christmas!
Otherwise I will just have to go do more markets.

I'm not going to be sewing today.  I'm going to make a couple of paintings.  Then finish cleaning the next two that are ready, then varnish them.

I can do all that in the garage, and keep an eye on the shop at the same time.

So that's my day sorted.  Lacy said she was coming over today for left overs. Poor Lacy.
We have none !

And Bex is coming over to do some housework, so I will have company for a while, which will be nice.

ABOVE:  Been listening to these two for a couple of weeks.  I love their singing.  Mother and Son.  

Yep, it's a wool carder.  I'm sure Bex will use it at some point.

I did a painting.
It's not a wave.

ABOVE:  It's a riot of colour!  Maybe too much colour?
It's now 'clean up' time.  I've made quite a mess today.

1.40 pm:  Well... Lacy called in, and then went and bought me a pie for me lunch.  Bit of a turn around... she fed me!  
And now... I'm relaxing inside after closing me shop.
No visitors today... but that was good cos I got to spend 3 hours making that painting.

I'm itching to make another one, but as I don't have enough level shelving for more right now, I need to hold off.

I've been thinking about what to call this painting.  I will be doing more in this 'theme'... so what do you all think of this:

'Kaleidoscope.  A joyful riot of colour' ... #1

Is it too much?

ABOVE:  I 'tweaked' Kaleidoscope' a bit.  Parts of it were bugging me.  
I need to leave it alone now, or I'll totally bugger it up.

I thought I had buggered it up, but I keep going back to look at it, and it's still lovely.  Thank god.  The photo does NOT do it justice.

It's all a learning curve, and I'm still figuring out what works, and what doesn't.
My next one will be BETTER.

*** so tired ***
The company that monitors the alarms at Stew's business premises rang him at 4.53 am this morning!  Seems a door was left open and had set off the alarm.
So he had to go in and turn off the alarms.  OMG can you imagine what it feels like when the phone goes at that time of the day?
Yeah.  NOT NICE.
BUT ANYWAY... we are both knackered now... cos you never go back to sleep properly after waking up at that time.

So, as soon as Coronation Street is finished I'm off to bed.


  1. I think it's normal for your shop to have a flurry of activity when you first opened. People want to check it out. So, now that they have, they will probably just come in when looking for a particular thing. I am guessing that gadget is a sheep wool carder. Like to comb the wool so it can be spun into yarn. THats my guess.

  2. Like Dogstar said ^, it's a drum carder, very handy for getting your fleece ready for spinning or for felting.
    Many business are quiet atm, the winter weather makes staying insde much easier than venturing out - it will pick up again.

  3. Is it a giant wool comb / carder?

  4. my guess would be a wool carder so Bex can start making her own yarn..

  5. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Rat Bast**** 😂 🤣
    #Lacy 💙

  6. Do you still have that big bag of wool?

    Maybe you could hang "something new" near the door when you've made something to entice people to come in and shop?

  7. A carder for sheep's wool? Love Mother and Son, thanks for that Chris.

  8. Never heard of mother and son but love that track so will try and find them on spotify. Thank you :)

  9. Never too much color for me. Love the painting.

  10. Love the painting! its not too much at all-it looks great!

  11. Love the colour but feel the painting needs a focus.

  12. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Its beautiful! So colourful! Kaleidoscope is a perfect name

  13. That painting is fun as heck! I like Kaleidoscope and "Color Riot" or Joyful Riot of Color. Clever.

  14. The second one is much better. The blue draws the eye.

    1. Aww thanks. I wanted to get rid of the red/blue blob and the yellow below it, so am happy I managed to do that. Tomorrow I am going to do something similar, but certainly not the same, and will less colours too. I'm really looking forward to that.

  15. Love it Chrus. You gave a great eye as the tweaking made it look amazing

  16. I like your kaleidoscope paintings. My guess is a machine to make wool into strings. We too get phone calls from the alarm company in the middle of the night. It's heart stopping. Rest well.


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