Sunday, August 16, 2020


 Well... today I will be posting off my first mask order.  It is also the biggest one, so it's good to get it done.

ABOVE:  Sharon, this lot will be in the post to you today.

I expect to have the next 20 (two orders) done in the next few days too.

And that will only leave me with three small orders ... then I will be done and can make a few for family.

Today? Well first and foremost... A SLEEP IN.  For sure.  It is literally the only day of the week that I actually do sleep in.

Then I will do some housework and see what Stew is up to.  I'm hoping he will do a little weed pulling!  He  hates it, but some bugger has to do it. 


After the housework, I'm gunna get a net and scoop some of the sludge out of the pond.  It's looking really green and ikky.  I know the fish are perfectly happy in there, but I'd like to see them a bit easier!  Right now it's like pea soup.  I was going to get some pond water clearer, but the guy at Animates said don't do it... I will just kill the fish!  So, I listened to  him.

I talked to the Old Moo last night and it is sounding like she might get to go home tomorrow some time.  She  is looking forward to that, even though she is a bit concerned about how she's gunna make Ron a cuppa tea when she doesn't have the strength to lift the jug!

I told her to just fill it a third then it won't be heavy.  I think she's getting ahead of herself though... I'm sure Ron will be the one making the cuppa's for a while yet.

Right, it's time to roll over and try to catch a few more Zzzz's before I should get up and start the day.

Frosty out there this morning... I'm not too keen on getting up right now!


11.30 am:  And the masks are on their way.... the pond has been cleared of debris and the pump is on to give it an aeration.  Now I am making some lunch before heading into the sewing room to ... make masks.

I've got 20 left to do, then I'm done.

We ran into a friend at The Base, she sells kids clothes at markets.  She is working on masks too... only she's doing it BIG TIME!  Sounds like she has thousands to make!  Bugger that.  Though, she has a team of sewers working for her, not just her.

I'm glad I've not taken any more orders, I want to do my best to get over to Australia in the next few weeks to see The OLD MOO.

Sorry I'm not a good blogger at the moment.  Just lots to do around here, masks, and cat napping!

So tired.  Making lists of things I have to do, get done bla bla bla.

We had a visit from one of my cousins this afternoon too.  She is the daughter of The OLD MOO'S brother.  Old Moo has 5 brothers and 4 sisters... we have a very large family!  I have 27 cousins on my mum's side of the family!  And then there's 2nd cousins too.  I dread to think how many of them I have.

So anyway, seeing Hillary was just lovely, and her little girl too.

I've not had dinner tonight.  I had.... (shut your eyes OLD MOO).... lollies and chips. 

Yeah.  Not good.  But I was craving sweets.  Call it comfort eating OK?

I will do better tomorrow I promise.

I'm now going to be glued to the TV, watching the final of Liar.  Riveting stuff.


  1. Thank you so much your an angel and a great friend x enjoy your day

  2. Well done Chris! I'm sure you'll be happy if you never see another mask. We went to get our click and collect grocery order yesterday and most people had masks on that we saw. Hopefully this will all be over sooner rather than later and we can get back to normal in Auckland.

    1. Click and Collect! That's the best term ever! We just say curbside pick up which is boring and not a CATCHY PHRASE at all!

    2. I suppose you don't want to send any masks my way? If postage doesn't kill me, I would take a few! I will wait.... Thinking of Christmas Presents!

  3. Great batch of masks! Love all the colors/patterns.
    Old Moo will be happy to be home!

  4. Your masks look great ... the colours are awesome. I was talking to my brother in Auckland last night and he and his flatmate haven't been able to find disposable masks locally, so he has been travelling to work by bus each day without any protection. He's a bit of a worry - especially when he's got a history of respiratory problems (a month in hospital in the last 18 months). Going to go out today and try and find some face masks that I can courier to him from down here. Wish me luck :)

    1. Paula I have five disposable masks plus two washable and can make more if you like. The washables look like the disposables but I can make some plain black ones too. Where does your brother live in Auckland?

    2. Bandanna? Scarf? Chunk of fabric with rubber bands on the ends? My husband wears a bandanna gangster style when he forgets his "real mask". He always has one with him.

  5. My aunt has a fish pond. Her little water fall is always stopping up. I worry about her fish but they seem to do okay~

  6. What is the procedure for you to go and return from Australia. Do you have to quarantine in either direction?

  7. Anonymous4:11 PM

    I'm sorry about your mums health. Entering into Australia is very difficult at the moment and you may not get granted an exemption to travel. You may also have to pay for quarantine costs both in Australia and in New Zealand.

  8. Even if you get an exemption to come to Australia I think you will have to pay $3000 to quarantine for 3 weeks.

    1. INCORRECT. I will be applying for an exemption from quarantine, which is usually for TWO WEEKS, on compassionate grounds.

    2. Good luck Chris. I hope you get your exemption.

  9. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Grandma is such an amazing and strong woman, she doesnt deserve to go through this. She will beat this and come out stronger ❤❤ shes a bit cute in this photo, looks so happy and full of energy

    Love from Brylee

  10. This link has a heap of questions and answers about exemption from quarantine in NSW -
    Good luck xxx I hope you get the exemption!
    cranky x

  11. Hope u can get over to see ya ma Chris

  12. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Genuine question - given you want to visit your unwell (terminally unwell?) mother - would it not be sensible and safer to do the quarantine? (more expensive and inconvenient I know) given you will be visitng someone who is immuno-compromised.

    1. REALLY? Like really? Do you not think we would be tested for Covid-19 BEFORE we even leave New Zealand? Are you a fucking idiot or what? Don't you think we will do everything we can to make sure my Mum is safe?

    2. Anonymous8:58 PM

      I wasnt trying to be rude. I would be concerned about catching covid on your travels/through airports etc on the way to your mum. It is clear you want your mum healthy and well. It was a genuine quesiton

    3. Masks. Hand sanitiser. Social Distancing, private travel once in Aussy etc. I think we have it covered. Sorry if I came across as crabby, but I'm tired and crabby and stressed out.


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