Wednesday, April 08, 2020


First up for the day is for us to hang a new addition on the tree.
I was told my tree was on a local Facebook page last night, so I popped over to take a look.
Yep, there was my tree:

 ABOVE:  I checked out the comments last night, and said thanks to everyone for their lovely words.

We certainly chose a really lovely neighbourhood to move into!  When we decided to move from Cambridge to Hamilton, the one area we wanted to be in THE MOST was North Hamilton.  And...We are exactly where we wanted to be.

 ABOVE:  The pom poms for today.  I have to stand up on the freakin' ladder again!   Stew has NO BLOODY IDEA how to sew the piece on the tree!  
I asked him to help tie a knot around a pom pom last night... OMG it was like watching a two year old try to tie it's own shoelaces.  Hopeless.

Lucky for me he is very handy at other things. *smiles*   Love you Darling.

ABOVE:  I captured this sunset a couple of nights ago and forgot to share it.  Isn't it just gorgeous!  The only blight on my view is the tv aerials *sigh*.  Ya can't have everything though ... on a whole we are loving our new home.

It is supposed to rain this afternoon... fingers crossed it actually DOES!  I will hold off watering everything... in case the forecast is actually correct.

Right, I better get outta bed and hang those pom poms, so those who walk/cycle/drive by today get to see a new addition.


ABOVE: Up bright and early to get that new addition on.  LOTS of walker and runners first thing in the morning!

 VELCRO:  Well I did think that was an excellent idea, but most of the time I knit/crochet the additions on guesswork, not precise lengths.  So velcro might not work in that case scenario.

I felt quite 'safe' up on the ladder today as Stew was holding on to it, and me bum when NECESSARY.  Somehow I don't think it was necessary at all... but oh well.  He's a bloke.

I finished all the painting this morning too... just in time really, as it is looking like rain might be coming later on?

Now what to do?  Lunch, followed by some crochet I think.

Stew is super busy at work... he's on the phone constantly today!  I'm so glad he went back to work instead of continuing our 'holiday'.  

SO looking forward to having that holiday... even though it probably won't be for months now.

8.15 pm:  I have been knitting all afternoon!  And watching Netflix on me computer.  Murder Mystery movies.  Love it.

I used left over chicken and bacon from last night and made a potato top pie for our dinner.
It was really YUM.

Now... It's wind down time... we had have constant drizzle and rain since mid morning, it's been wonderful.  
I hope it lasts till tomorrow as predicted.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Love your bubbles and pom poms.

  2. Could you use velcro to secure the higher up pieces? It would be easier than sewing up high. It's lovely that you are bringing smiles to the neighbourhood.

  3. You r famous the idea of velcro or tying to the tree you climbing up there on top of ladder OMG girl we don't want you an ACC statistic...where Lacy when ya need her she would swing from branch to branch lol

  4. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Love the fence. What a great idea. And I love your lumberjack cake. I've baked it twice now. Second time a bit less sugar and it was perfect.
    (Having to comment as anonymous cos the hubby did something to the settings on my computer and I can't log in to blogger to comment but I'm Caroline aka SparklingMerlot!)

  5. Love the bubbles and the tree Chris - brilliant! Thank you for bringing lots of smiles to lots of faces during these difficult days ☺

  6. Still doing cupboards,wardrobes, and drawers.Found so far,2safety pins type we used on cloth nappies,my youngest child would have been 58 years old.A bit that goes in a drill in my embroidery drawer,and a card of hair clips that I haven't used in about 40 years.Roll on the tidy up, who knows what's next.Alls well keep safe.THE OLD MOO.

  7. Anonymous3:13 PM

    You go girl what you and Stew the bum holder are doing is awesome!! George's Mum.

  8. I am sure Stew did a sterling job of holding you bum - but did it really take an hour to hang that stuff on the tree or were you just having too much fun hahahaha

  9. Kiwionholidays8:39 PM

    What a lovely day you have had there as we have had here,
    Lovely to read your mums neat email

    Loved the safety pin , sometimes I wish we still had those and she is nearly. Generation ahead of us..
    They had so Many uses ,

    Want to do a a revamp too now the hot weather is over but retro shops closed so can’t donate
    Wardrobe will have to wait 😢

  10. Love how lush your neighborhood is. The fence is certainly cute. The tree is looking wonderful.


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