Wednesday, April 15, 2020


I've decided to design a new headboard for my bed.

The one we have is about 23-24 years old and I'm ready for a new one.

The sort of thing I want is not something you can buy in a shop... it's a 'Steve job'.

So Steve, get ready... I'ma gunna send you some measurements and you can sit down and work on how to do it.  It is not going to be straight forward!

I'm really excited about it.  

Basically it's going to look like a barn door, with two swing open sections at the top that will act as 'shutters' over the window above the bed.  


The Doctor should be calling me at 8.30 this morning.  I hope it goes well and I can just pop in and pick up my prescription.
I've heard that you can only get your medications for a month at a time... that's fine, as long as they don't charge you for repeat prescriptions every month!  That would not exactly be fair, when usually you only pay once every three months.

Time will tell on that I suppose.

In this horribly stressful time, we are constantly being reminded to BE KIND.

Be kind to everyone, as we are all going through the same thing.  We all have concerns... be they financial, emotional, fears for our health, social isolation, and so on.

So ... I just want to remind people... BE KIND.
Your actions will reflect on YOU as a person... now and later.  


And on that note... I will lie here and wait for the Doc to ring me.


10.20 am:  Well the doctor called bang on time (10 outta 10 for that!).  As I'd never met him, it was a weird conversation.  But upshot is... my prescription is being faxed to the pharmacy, should be ready in a day or two?
I'm going in for a flu shot... they will ring me with a time.  I'm still not convinced I need one, but to shut up a certain person (THE OLD MOO)... I will have it.  *SIGH*  God help you if I then get the bloody flu!!!

What else?  It's damn cold today, my hands are freezing!  I've closed up the house, even the doors leading into the sunroom have been closed.
I'm super surprised how quickly the weather cooled down.

Time to find me blankie for my lounge chair!

But right now... Brylee is going to watch me prepare and cook a cake.  Cooking one on one about to happen.  lol

5.50pm:  and it's been a very quiet day here.
Stew has been working all day.

A cake got made.  It should last us a few days.
Brylee got to read out the recipe and work out how to follow it better.

I made another tree addition, to add tomorrow.


ABOVE:  It's got a little row of white pom poms... bought not made by me.

Late this afternoon Stew had to go into the office for more documents, so Brylee and I went for the drive.  More cars out and about today.

It's still cooler, with showers.  Totally autumn now.  There has been snow down in the South Island too.  Brrrrr.

Not sure what I'm doing for dinner tonight, possibly just left overs from last night.  I did make enough for two dinners.  It was a chicken/sausage/vegetable bake.  Very yum too.

I got the sweetest little hand written note in the letterbox this afternoon... once I've managed to decipher it... I'll show you.  Tomorrow.

***  YES ! ***

ABOVE:  I'm so happy right now... Reminding people to BE KIND had an excellent result today.

Now I can relax a bit easier, and my stress levels can drop a bit.

Well.. it's that time of the day again.  Off to relax for the evening and ... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I love your "BE KIND" reminder.

  2. How the baking lesson going that girl is so lucky

  3. Kiwionholidays3:19 PM

    Fab update again
    Hey that bed head with shutters for the window attached sounds rather neat
    Can’t wait to see the sketches or if we have to wait then the finished product,

    So love your enthusiasm and you guys drive , it’s very uplifting,,

    Hope the cake was as good as the one the other day, .?
    Brylee did great and remember it’s the inside taste that goes down well in the mind a dbody (smiles)

    Lovely sunny day again so alls good

    Cheers 🥂

  4. Loved the comments on kindness very apt in today's world.Not to forget,that there are those who cant stand anyone being happy, and delight in being nasty,and bloody minded.we can overcome it all by ignoring these sad people by being kind and keep smiling.Lovely fine day,and still doing out the wardrobes.THE OLD MOO.

  5. Don't forget to be kind to yourself too! 💕

  6. Good comment Mel, we sometimes forget ourselves,I'm cross because I can't get things done as easily as I could once,2 steps up the step ladder. And I've had it,heights are not my thing,and putting blankets on the top shelf isn't easy they've got heavier. Over the years.Im not a thirty year old any more,at times I feel like 130yrs.and half dead as well,so I guess being kind.To oneself is a good idea.THE OLD MOO.

  7. Anonymous6:07 PM

    #Lacy 💙

  8. It doesn't take too much to be kind. A gentle reminder to others does help.
    Be kind to yourself too Chris

  9. Kiwionholidays7:18 PM

    Love the blue hear do you mind if I copy it please ??

    Love the tree too

    Cheers 🥂

    1. Yes of course you can ... I got it off Google Images and just 'tweaked it' a bit.

  10. Im reading your blog on the big desk computer today and thank goodness. The photos show so much bigger and clearer...naturally. Your tree is magnifique!

  11. Kiwionholidays7:46 PM

    thanks so much Chris so pretty n cheerful


  12. Tree looks great. Stay safe.


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