Tuesday, April 28, 2020


I had a couple of emails overnight asking how to make slashed hearts.

So here goes:

ABOVE: Start by having three different sized paper hearts as your patterns.

ABOVE:  Now, using different fabrics, applique a medium heart on top of a large heart, then a small heart on top of the medium heart.  Make several like this, so you have lots of options for the next steps.

 ABOVE:  Next, using a ruler and a rotary cutter (or scissors if ya don't have a rotary cutter), cut each heart in half, right down the middle.

 ABOVE: And now, mix the halves up, so they coordinate nicely.

 ABOVE:  With right sides together, stitch the two halves together.  Open and press the seam.

ABOVE:  You will now have a slashed heart.  Last step, applique the heart onto your backing fabric.

ABOVE:  And this is the first lay out with the slashed hearts added.  Once I've stitched everything down, I will add borders, quilt it and add the binding.  edit:(the top heart is not working for me, so I will be replacing it later on)

I expect the stitching down to take a few days, provided I don't get distracted by some other project.

LOL... which is highly likely.  I am enjoying mixing up my projects.

Stew is back to work today.

Lacy is NOT due home today after all.  She will probably come back tomorrow.

And that's all I have for now.  Catch ya later on in the day.


Stayed in bed till 9 today.  Just no rush to get up is there?
Stew is working, but even he doesn't have to hurry in the mornings now.

I've topped up the pool this morning, it was a bit low.  Then I went and put the next addition on the tree:

ABOVE:  You can hardly tell it's there, it's a 'natural green' section.  I'm using some of the wool my neighbour's gave me.  I still have quite a bit of my own too... so I doubt I will run out.

Oh there's a new pale blue pom pom too.

It's a lovely day out there... not cold at all.

On a side note...

I've GAINED 1 kilo since lockdown started.  Not bad considering all the home baking we've been eating!

I will not complain about the lack of comments today... NO REALLY.  I'm sure you are all so busy, and today's blog is a bit ho-hum after all.

An elderly couple on our street just lost their daughter (61) from cancer.  Sadly, it's their second daughter to die this way.  So as you can't have big funeral gatherings at level 3, most of the neighbours are going to line the street at 4.30 pm this afternoon, as they leave for the funeral.  Just a show of support.

Stew and I will be joining, even though we don't personally know them.  It's a nice thing to do.  And Stew can get off his butt for a little while.  *smiles*  Actually, so can I.

I've been sewing all day. 

***  SQUEALS *** ....

I just ordered our first TAKEAWAY meal in over 5 weeks!  BURGER FUEL Burgers, and chips, and thickshakes.  OMG I can't wait.

I hadn't actually planned on doing that today, but then as I was about to start something for dinner I remembered we can order and pick up a takeaway.   Whoop! Whoop!

So I rang and ordered dinner at 5 pm, for a pick up at 6 pm.

 ABOVE:  Stew and Brylee went down at 5.50 pm and stood and waited... and waited... with the other 40+ people standing waiting... and his name was finally called at 6.45 pm.
So... they were overrun with orders, but we were still happy to have our first takeaway meal in over a month.

ABOVE:  Burger, fries and a thickshake.  I feel kinda sick... so full!

I don't think we will be doing that again for a few weeks.  It was nice, but I'd forgotten just how expensive takeaways are!  

Signing off for the day now... just going to blob out in front of the TV now.  


  1. Love the look of your quilt. It's gorgeous!!

  2. Thankyou for the tutorial. I found ghatcreally interesting and might even try one. I agree too heart out of balance with rest of the quilt colour wise. Beautiful quilt Chris.

  3. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Good on you Chris. That's awesome. 1 kg! I'll be very happy if that's all I put on. Lol kj

  4. Kiwionholidays3:49 PM

    Grr lost my last long message
    Awesome post n pics is the shortened version lol

  5. Kiwionholidays3:51 PM

    Ps 1 kg is minimal really
    I blame my age, stage n wage nowadays

    Loving the blog and catchups

    Cheers 🥂

  6. I like the hearts. I make something similar out of clay. I call them puzzle hearts. Basically, I cut a heart into a few pieces and paint each piece different colors/patterns and so on. The neighborly gesture will be so nice for the fa,ily going to the funeral. Very kind!

  7. I blame lumberjack cake on my weight increase! It started a baking frenzy.
    A lovely idea to line the streets for the funeral. We are all in this together after all.

  8. Kiwionholidays5:16 PM

    Wow takeaways galore lol

    Enjoy every mouthful,
    You guys have worked hard for it ,,

  9. lololol can you believe as soon as I saw that orange heart at the top of the quilt I thought "ooohh that won't last!!!"

  10. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Love those hearts... must try them! Lovely gesture for your neighbour x
    Ally S Melb

  11. Lovely looking quilt. The takeaway looks yummy. Keep well.


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