Monday, April 13, 2020


Yesterday afternoon... we decided to do some gardening.
Mostly pruning two trees by the pool.

I say 'prune'....

ABOVE:  In reality we pruned one, and kinda chopped the other one down!

ABOVE:  Start to almost finished.  Stew's arms ran outta steam, so the stump will have to wait for another day.
We will get 3 pittosporums for the fence line once the garden center is open again.  

ABOVE:  My favourite flower in the garden right now.  One plant, but many shades of pink.  So pretty.

Now today?  I have no set plans.  Might sew.  Might knit or crochet more for the tree.  
Stew is going to do some office work as there isn't too much to be done around here.
Well there is the weeding... but I don't think he wants to do that today.  Fair enough... it can wait till next weekend.

I tried making an online appointment with our new doctors.  Impossible, the website said 'NO APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE'  for the rest of the year!  Pffffft.  Clearly I will have to ring them tomorrow and sort that out.

I really need to be seen now.  My heartburn/acid reflux has suddenly become a big problem.  I would only ever be troubled by it if I overate at night.  Now?  All day, even on an empty stomach.  So frustrating.
The Losec I bought hasn't got it under control either.  *sigh*

And YES OLD MOO:  I will talk to them about a flu shot, even though I've NEVER had the damn flu.  You pushy old tart. (said EVER so lovingly of course!)


10 am:  And we have had lots of rain overnight and this morning!  It's wonderful.

I've decided to coach Brylee through baking a Feijoa Cake.  My philosophy has always been, if you can read, you can cook.

But maybe not in some cases.  So, let's teach the little tart to cook!

She WILL be leaving home sometime this year... so she really does need to learn.  Ya can't live on tinned spaghetti alone!

11.45 am: Well... the baking is still at the 'cream the butter and sugar together' stage.  We might have a cake by tonight?  lol

And while she got her ingredients together, I made a KIWI:

ABOVE:  One KIWI in the tree.  And that's all it's getting today.  I wonder if anyone will notice him?

12 midday:  and the cake is in the oven.  WHAT A MISSION that was.  She took two years of Food Technology, and had NO BLOODY IDEA how to bake a cake!  WTF?  Like.... no idea how to read a recipe, measure quantities, the steps involved... NOTHING.  

So... we are going to do LOTS and LOTS of baking and making stews and so on, until she gets it!

My reflux:  I used to take one Losec every 2nd evening.  Have done for probably 25 years.
Today I decided to take one this morning, and so far (touch wood), I have not had any discomfort.
I will take another one tonight like normal... and then see what the Doctor says I should do, if I can talk to a Doctor tomorrow.

I probably need to take one morning and night from now on.  Not too sure why it's gotten so bad lately?
My diet has not changed at all.

ABOVE:  And one Feijoa Cake done.  And while it may not be that pretty, it tastes just lovely.

I ended up having a nana nap this afternoon, just so tired.  I wake up almost every hour overnight with either a hot flush or just being uncomfortable now. So frustrating.

But it can't be changed, so better not bitch about it.

Dinner tonight was a hit 'n' miss affair.  Chicken rissole thingees, baked beans/spaghetti, tomatoes, cheese and garlic bread.  Was OK.

There's bugger all on the TV, so spent time on the computer yakking with Stew's brother in the South Island, which was really nice.

Stew has quite a large family in the South Island, but sadly we don't connect very often.  Stew was adopted, and the South Island family is his biological family.

Well... it's that time of the day again... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous7:40 AM

    If you eliminate dairy from you diet you will find your heartburn/reflux will magically go away.
    Hope you feel better soon. Love that pretty pink flowering bush. So pretty!

  2. I don't know about with you guys but over here our online booking systems for GP doctors has been suspended. They are speaking to everyone via phone, and then seeing only the smallest number possible in person - everyone who possibly can be is being diagnosed via phone or video call. Hope you can get the heartburn sorted!

  3. The doctor probably just doesn't do online appointments but you can ring and get a time to go in. Some places they check you in your car first. I got my flu jab last week (cos I work for Police) and my arm swelled and was sore for ages. But good to be able to get it. House and gardens looking amazing by the way!!πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜

  4. I got an email from my doctor saying that nearly all consultations are now either via phone or online video chat. You will need to phone them to organise this I suspect. I have constant reflux, every single day but if I take one omeprezole (Losec) in the morning, I am now good all day with zero reflux. If I forget then by evening I suffer badly. I do know for sure that sweet foods, flour, carbs generally, make me 100% worse even with my pill. Besides high blood sugar this is the main reason I need to eat well. I'm not succeeding all the time... home isolation gives me too much time to think of yummy food to make! I am trying though to keep it low sugar and low carb. I use almond and coconut flour for baking and naturals sweetener instead of sugar.

    You will probably need an endoscopy to see if you have a hiatus hernia (as I do). I have been told I need to be on omeprezole all of my life as the damage to my oesophagus from reflux would be too dangerous. I suspect you might be the same.

  5. Anonymous10:36 AM

    It will take a few days for the Losec to totally kick in... will be good to see the DR..a pharmacist could advise you what you could take with Losec in the meantime


  6. My mum nana Brown,used to take baking soda in a little milk for heartburn,could try that.dont forget that FLUE shot.THE OLD MOO.

  7. Anonymous11:28 AM

    I tried to get into the Dr to get my stitches out after eyelid surgery but he told me to let them dissolve because he cant see me. Said he prefers to take them out earlier but5 weeks now and they are still in and getting sore!!

    1. Karen go to the hospital before they get infected! If your doctor refuses to take them out... GO TO THE HOSPITAL.

    2. Anonymous8:45 PM

      I was talking to the surgeon who rang me but he said I cant go to the hospital. Outpatient appts are all cancelled. Im putting antibiotic cream on again. He told me to stop. I'll try my gp again but theyd rather talk over the phone too.

    3. Karen, can you send a photo? Or is it more the pain than it looking problematic? I am worried, lockdown is fair enough but there needs to be a back up plan!

  8. I don't know about up there, but down here in Christchurch most GPs have closed off their online booking system at present, as they prefer to have people ring them so they can triage how they manage their patients - whether it be a straight "repeat script", phone or skype consult, or whether they need to see the patient in person. They are trying to use alternative means to help patients rather than face to face at present to minimise their risk of COVID-19. I hope you manage to get to speak to your new GP soon.

  9. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Had our six monthly check up for repeat prescriptions over the phone last week by our GP. He asked how we were and I said "fine" and he said the prescription will be in the chemist next door. Obviously couldn't have the usual blood pressure check. Also had the flu jab sitting in our car with the nurse coming out of the surgery in full PPE gear. It is a bit like a ghost town round here at the moment. Audrey

  10. I have started having heartburn every day for about 5-6 months and had an appointment with my doctor maybe two weeks ago? He put me on Nexium, which is very similar to Losec but a different variant of PPI and it has cut out the heartburn, but I still am having chest pain, so to be careful he is sending me for a stress echo test - ultrasound and ECG before and after a stint on a treadmill.

    Both GP appointments have been over the phone, but you haven't met your doctor in person before, I wonder if that makes them less keen to see you in person or more so? Or indifferent?

    But the stress echo test, obviously I will have to go to a clinic appointment for that, and it was deemed not urgent, but not to put it off.

    My experience with the phone appointments was good, once I got over the weirdness of sitting at my desk while talking to my doctor!

    Good luck sorting it out. Hugs x

  11. Anonymous2:24 PM

    My doctor had me double my reflux tablets morning and evening until it settled down, now I take 1 tablet morning and evening and boy can I tell if I’ve forgotten because I get amongst other symptom terrible nausea.This worked for me not saying it would for you. Jo

  12. I LOVE the kiwi addition! So very cool.

  13. The kiwi in your tree looks so cute πŸ˜ƒ

  14. Kiwionholidays4:42 PM

    Same as Mel gibb re the kiwi
    Fab pics again
    Cheers πŸ₯‚

  15. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Sorry for not checking in been flat stick. Tree is adorable. Go Brylee congratulations! Ohhh don't forget the flu shot Chris. THE OLD MOO you're cool. George's Mum.

  16. Barbara8:31 PM

    Probably not what you want to hear but I'll throw it in! I had reflux for years, at one point so bad
    that I ended up in the emergency room with what I thought were chest pains. I lost weight and it almost
    completely disappeared.

    1. I've been various weights over the years, sometimes even down to a 'normal' weight, and have still had heartburn/acid reflux. But yes, maybe losing some weight would help. But with my track record on losing weight... might be a lost cause. :[

  17. Seems like your Easter weekend was busy. Send some of that sunny weather this way please. We only had a couple of hours of sun on Sunday. Did a bit of tree trimming, leaf raking and of course housework. Did absolutely nothing for Easter. Keep safe.

  18. I was thinking this morning how so many people will probably be sick with other things that could have been prevented because no one is getting mammograms and regular screenings. Weird world we are living in. Like what do I do if I break my glasses?

  19. I love the bird in the tree. That is such a great idea. You could make any number of critters along that line. Insects, butterflies, frogs! OMG what fun!


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