Sunday, April 12, 2020


How the hell do you know what day it is, when there is NOTHING to differentiate between them?

Stew is home every day, there is no routine.  Some days I wake up and I have absolutely no idea what day it is.

And does it even matter right now?  

Not really.  

Yes, Stew does 'go' to work ... but he's home too.  So weird.

Today is Sunday.  Easter Sunday.  Are the supermarkets even open?  I dunno, but I think so?
I want to go and get a few things we are running out of... and some Losec for my heartburn/reflux.

If I do go out and find the supermarket is open, I'm taking a fold up stool to sit on!  I hear the queues are INSANELY LONG, in some places it's taking 2 hours to get in the shop!!!

IN fact, I doubt I will stay in a queue that long, nothing is worth waiting that long for.  Well... except loo paper!  lol

ABOVE:  Steve, Bex and the kids got out yesterday.  They have a really large park near their house, so can go and kick a ball around.  Steve is getting his fitness back slowly, and has regained his lost weight too.

NO PAIN... and 'things' are working like normal for the first time in years!  So good, thank god for medication that is working.

ABOVE: Two bags full of wool got dropped off at our front door yesterday afternoon!  

How lovely.  I think I know who gave it to me, and I will be walking up to her house after Lockdown with some baking to thank her.  I think her name is Jean, and she lives a few minutes up the road from me.
She told me a week ago she was going to find her wool and give it to me for the tree.  *smiles*

Now ... today?  Supermarket/chemist first up.
- Then more sewing.  
- Another addition on the tree.  
- Watch Stew finish cleaning the last windows, which happen to be in my studio.

He's done all the other ones!  What a man. 

Now I have to come up with something else for him to do.   Hmmmm....


11.03 am:  And we had a lovely bag of feijoas dropped on our driveway this morning from our daughter Kelly.  Stood well away from her and had a yak.  They are doing good... getting a few local bike rides in to keep the kids exercised.

 ABOVE:  Today's tree addition.  Spent way too long out there yakking with neighbours and passers by.  But as I took me little step ladder, I got to sit and chat instead of stand.  *smiles*
I've got a bloody sore back today... combination of sitting sewing for ages yesterday, and our shitty bed.  

Seriously considering getting a new bed once this lock down is over.
ABOVE:  I smile every time I see how well this succulent is growing... it started as a tiny little cutting about 3 years ago.

ABOVE:  When you have no idea what a plant is... never even seen it before, it's lovely to see it's flowers coming out.  This one seems to be a creeping plant of some sort.  

I haven't been to the supermarket yet, but will go shortly.

Home from the supermarket and chemist.  NO QUEUES anywhere!
Straight into the supermarket, and ...

 ABOVE:  There was no shortage of ANYTHING... but flour was only available in 20 kg bags.  I also found baking powder and baking soda.  Awesome.
Everyone was kind and courteous today, no problems at all.

ABOVE:  I ummm... managed to rectify the 'NO CHOCOLATE' situation too.  *smiles*

After the supermarket, I drove down to The Base, as there's a huge Chemist Warehouse there.

Upon arriving, I was met with a road block at the carpark entry ... and was asked where I was going and had my number plate taken down.

Then at the Chemist I was met at the door and asked questions pertaining to my health, and had my temperature taken, before being allowed in the shop.

They had the Losec I needed, so I grabbed it and left.

The roads were deserted today, bar just a few cars.  Impressed.
There were HEAPS of people out walking and cycling though.  I've never seen so many people on the footpaths.

Time for lunch, and NO, it won't be chocolate! lol

ABOVE:  Trust Steve to make Easter Egg Hunting a lesson in reading!  Can you read clue number 4?
If you can't, it says:  "Egg number 4 is hard to track, it's hidden somewhere you clean your sack"  ... OMG  Steve!

So, we did some gardening this afternoon.  More on that tomorrow.

I made lamb burgers for dinner.  They were HUGE and the dogs got quite a bit of mine for their dinner.

I have been making more pom poms this evening.  Time to bugger off for the day.  Catch you tomorrow.


  1. Yes Supermarkets are open today but don't forget that dairies and smaller places like that are also open if you don't need to buy a lot. There is no way on earth that I'd be queueing for a supermarket at the moment. Our local has a text system where you text a number, wait in your car and then go when your number is texted back to you. I've been doing click and collect - I've not shopped for weeks now. I find there are slots for click and collect a week out at a time so I figure out what I'll need then.

  2. Love the yarn donation! That's great!

  3. Kiwionholidays11:55 AM

    As usual lotsa colourful happy pics .
    Neat that Kelly came round with feijoas ,,,,,,so jealous ,,smiles .

    Would love to go for a bike ride again but probs be a bit wobbly,,

    Tree is fab and neat colours nice kind neighbours dropping wool off.
    Lovely to have a new garden too will be amazing what pops up each season

    Nice to see your Mums comment on the blog the other day ,,

    Such a neat way to keep up

    Thanks for sharing yours Chris with us who aren’t in home country at the mo but lots of ours still are there so in different stages of lockdown but all good

    Take care

  4. Love the tree,so nice of someone to drop off more wool.Good to see Steven out with the kids.My day starts with a coffee in bed about 6 30am I read the blog then all the news,fires near you app,then just before getting up I read the blog again to see what everyone's up I'm washing a lovely cloudless day, but a cold wind.Then back to doing out wardrobes,and photos.Lovely to keep in touch with all our FRIENDS THE OLD MOO.

  5. Happy Easter to you and yours

    1. Thanks Jen. Right back at ya chick.

  6. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Hi the plant is a Bergenia....I know what you mean about days all rolling into


    1. Thanks Peta! It's a lovely plant, but needs lots of watering over summer. I'm glad I did water it though... would have been sad to lose it.

  7. My plant identifier says it might be Pig Squeak, species of Elephant Ear, also known as Purple Bergenia, California Nutmeg, Chinese Bergenia.

    1. Wow, it goes by many names then! Thanks for that info chick.

  8. I know you didn't want to spend money at the moment but a bed is a necessity not a luxury. If you stuff your back up now you can face years of misery as you get older. Go and get that new bed, woman!! We bought a koala mattress a few years ago. Comes home delivered in a box, much cheaper than the store bought ones and has a 120 night return policy. Not sure if can get them in NZ but I'm sure you'd have something similar. Best mattress we've ever had and we've used it on different bases.

  9. Anonymous3:26 PM

    The tree is just a delight. Steve you're a great Dad and Bex is a great Mum well done. Wool and Feijoa donations are awesome! It's great to see people care. Very warm day here around 23 degrees not a cloud in the sky kinda like the universe is trying to heal. George's Mum.

  10. OMG...loving that chocolate stash of yours...those peanut slabs are my all time favourites .....

    Happy Easter to you and yours x

  11. Anonymous5:37 PM

    We had the same plant, our Mother, a keen gardener said it was a Chatham Island Lily and we were lucky because she has never had any success growing them. It was in a partial shade, it multiplied over the years. Required little maintenance, just cut off the flowers after they dried out. The flowers get a longer stem and the leaves much larger. Heather.

  12. Only Steve would include such a clue for an Easter hunt! 🤣

  13. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Complete clueless here - is your awesome tree decoration done by knitting or crochet? I've been thinking about learning whatever it is so I can decorate our street tree :-) Liz

    1. I've used both methods. Crochet is quicker! Go to You Tube and check out some tutorials... there's heaps of really good ones on there.

    2. Anonymous3:03 PM

      Thank you! I will do so, and see what supplies I have around the house! Liz

  14. Hello on Easter Morning!
    I am so happy to hear that Steve is recovering and getting his sassiness back (Easter Egg hunt - haha).
    I was looking at your Coronavirus Update. The USA has had more than 20,000 deaths. But my state Minnesota has roughly the same number of cases as New Zealand (1427) but we have had FAR more deaths (64)! I wonder why it is so much more fatal than New Zealand??!! I know that almost NOBODY is able to get tested - so maybe it is because our confirmed cases are already at deaths door before they can even get a test. IDK. That's kind of strange! I think I would rather be in New Zealand right now!

  15. baaahhahaha Steve so funny!


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