Friday, April 24, 2020


Those teeny tiny little seedlings in my plant pots ARE the fern plants I had hoped would grow!  I know this cos one has a tiny fern frond now... and when I touch it, it shrinks away like the 'mother plant'.  I'm thrilled to bits.  I've only done it ONCE as I don't want to stress it out.  There is also a third seedling starting to sprout too.

If I nurture them carefully, and they grow I can give one to Dante and Archer, as they were with me when we saw the fern in the Domain.  

The thistle seeds still have not done a darn thing.  I'm not giving up on them yet.  

Something I'm super angry about right now:

ABOVE:  This is our lovely trolley.  The one that used to have the TV on it.
It's covered in gouges and scratches!!!

MARLEY... it's all down to Marley.
She shoves her toys under it then spends ages 'digging' them out again.

She 'self entertains' herself doing this.

I had NO IDEA she was causing ANY damage to the trolley!  None at all.

Now that I've moved it to between Stew and I, I noticed the damage.  I'm freakin' pissed off.

Now I have to find some way to stop her doing it.  *sigh*

She might be banned from having toys in the house, if she persists in shoving them under the trolley/coffee tables.

This is what I made yesterday:

ABOVE:  A three chicken table runner.  I put gumboots on the middle chicken... for fun. I will be making a few more, so I've got some for my next market, whenever that turns out to be.  Could be many months away.

I'm so lucky I did that big fabric shop at the beginning of the year, I'm not going to run out of fabric for a while.  *smiles*

So... I will be sewing again today.  And of course, sorting out whatever housework needs doing.  

And.. it's Friday, which means... NOTHING!  Every day is the same.



Whoops. Sorry Steve... my only excuse is... life ain't NORMAL right now.

Have a lovely, lovely day, ya know we love you. *smiles*

 ABOVE: So I'm out at the tree this morning... just finished stitching the latest additions on the tree, and this vehicle goes past.

I've seen it quite a few times, he must live just around the corner.

Anyway, he goes past, but stops about 6 houses down then slowly backs right back up... to my tree.  And he opens his window and says to me:

"Beautiful.  Your tree is beautiful.  I see it every day."

Of course I thank him and off he goes again!

I might have started this tree to bring a smile to 'someone's' face... but it's doing so much more than that!  It's making ME happy too.

ABOVE:  Today's additions are not that noticeable.  A small section up the top, a pink pom pom and around the other side anther little flower.

Right, time to grab something to eat, then off to sew.

6.30 pm:  And I did indeed sew all afternoon.  So lovely tucked away in my studio... watching all the people walking by.

I didn't get another Bird Runner finished today as I wasn't working on it as long as the  one I did yesterday.  I will finish it tomorrow.

Dinner tonight was macaroni cheese, with onion/tomato and sausage added to it.  Brylee cooked it with my coaching. 

It's time to sit and relax, watch some TV and get my poppies ready for putting out on the grass verge tomorrow morning.


  1. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Happy Birthday Big little Bro xx
    #Lacy 💙

  2. Love the funky chickens! Very cute. you should be ready for whenever you can have a stand at the open market again.

  3. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Happy Birthday to Steve. So glad your health is improving and you can look forward to catching up with your family one day soon.

    Love your chickens. And the tree of course. I read that other people have shared it so I'm going to too. You should be on news tv.

  4. Happy Birthday Steve. Great to hear that your health has been improving.

    Chris - I think it is so lovely that your tree is bringing so much joy to your neighbourhood. It's the little things that often bring the most joy. Are you planning to add a tribute to the ANZACs (eg. a poppy maybe) to the tree tomorrow for ANZAC day?

    1. Yes Paula, I shall make a couple of red poppies today and put them on the tree tomorrow.

    2. I can't wait to see them ... that is such a lovely thing to do!

  5. Happy Birthday to Steve.

    Your tree is becoming a local icon, good on you for making people smile.

  6. Yup your tree as bought joy to more than just your local neighborhood im sure im not the only blog reader that enjoys the daily additions. Happy birthday Steve.

  7. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Happy Birthday Steve!! George's Mum.

  8. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Happy birthday to Steve be a year to remember that’s for sure. Your tree has bought smiles to us all . The house is looking fabulous little changes here and there, come next summer my prediction relaxing by the pool! Blondie

  9. Happy Birthday Steve! Have a lovely weekend.


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