Tuesday, April 14, 2020


When we first cut down the magnolia tree by the pool... I had some misgivings.
It looked awful.  Naked and bare along that fence line.

ABOVE: BUT.... during the course of the day yesterday, we could see just how much MORE sunshine landed on the pool.
So much so that we have decided not to plant larger pittosporum trees at all, but go for trees/shubs that will grow to just above the fence line.

Something with flowers would be lovely, any ideas people?  

It's sad that the garden centers are closed right now... it would be so good if we can get plants in the ground NOW, instead of in several months.

Once I'm up and it's 'work hours',  I will have a go at contacting our local Doctor, even if it's just to get a repeat of my prescriptions.  Wish me luck.  Upping my Losec has certainly helped with the reflux btw, thank god.

Stew is back to work today, he's a bit ahead of the game as he worked for quite a few hours yesterday in his office.  So ... it's back to our new 'normal' today.  He's in the lounge/office,  and I'm pottering around the house.

I shall probably do some sewing after catching up on the housework that needs doing.  It's mostly washing, as we've had quite a bit of rain the past couple of days, so I've not bothered to do any.

There is also another addition ready for the tree, so will stitch that on it later.


Because it was cloudy this morning, with the odd shower, I decided to go for a walk.
Perfect weather for me.
Brylee and I walked to a little local lake:

ABOVE:  It was a lovely walk, except the bloody sun came out pretty quick, so I got all hot and bothered.

AND rather typically, as soon as we got home, it rained!  We are obviously going to get showers all day by the look of it.

Our walk was 4.5 kms long, so a nice distance, and mostly flat, no nasty hills.

ABOVE:  It's a very small lake.  Probably not good for much except ducks.

Starting to cool down now, so will probably get a skivvy on, and go sew till lunchtime.

Success!  I got through to the Medical Centre, and the Doctor is giving me a phone consultation at 8.30 tomorrow morning.

Think I'll take that in me bed.  lol  No point getting up and putting me face on even... cos he won't be able to see me.  Awesome.

Man has it gotten cold today! When it clouds over and rains... brrrr!  Weather forecast said it might even snow down south.  Stuff living down south is what I say!

ABOVE:  In between the showers, I managed to get another small addition on... it's got more tassels.

10.20 pm:  well the rest of my day was uneventful.  Can't even remember what I did, or didn't do!

Winding down for the day, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Those other trees could be trimmed quite easily to give more light too. The camellia you chopped down could also have just been lowered into a hedge size but a bit late now. They do make a mess though! I'm glad the losec is working.

  2. Good walk well done

  3. Kiwionholidays3:44 PM

    Fab you guys did such a long walk , Good on you both that’s no mean feat that’s for sure,

    Love that wee lake btw .so many hidden treasures around Hamilton ,
    We lived an hour away from there for years but getting over “the Kaimai “ ranges wasn’t as easy then lol as it is now ,,

    Love the long top you have on by the tree as well

    Take care
    Cheers 🥂

  4. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Wow I love that blue top. Gorgeous colour Chris. Surgeon seeing me at hosp thursday. Have to wrap myself up with scarf and gloves but I cant wait. Peace of mind if nothing else.

  5. Love the kiwi in the tree,it's looking realy pretty,how about a snail,caterpillar,butterfly or an owl.The tree. You cut down has white flowers about the size of a saucer,the petals are huge and do make a terrible mess.Had one in Whitianga they grow very big,cut ours out also.Talking to Dr.tomorrow,so don't forget ABOUT FLUE SHOT. Fine but cold THE OLD MOO.

  6. The tree is looking great!

  7. Kiwionholidays7:33 PM

    Had another quick look through the blog after dinner here,,,

    .fab busy day for you all in your different bubbles,
    Love the trees n flowers so kiwi gardens

    Cheers 🥂

  8. Go to bed woman u have early start in morning good luck

  9. Hope you had a restful night. Good luck with your call.


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