Friday, April 03, 2020


OK... what's the haps today?
I'm starting to struggle to come up with blog fodder!

Being stuck at home sure isn't conducive with finding stuff to blog about.  *sigh*

But I will try.

Today I'm going to see what I can do with this area of our section:

 ABOVE:  This area is on the south/east side of the house... by the wood shed and the tin shed.
It's kinda a 'dead' area.  We are just storing stuff here right now.

I'm going to have a go at making it a nicer area today.

Just not too sure what to do yet.

 ABOVE:  A bee on the mint plant.  

ABOVE:  Some colour in the garden.  I'm so happy I planted some flowers.  I love the way they brighten up the garden. 
And that fruit tree is slowly colouring up... still don't know what the fruit is though.  I really hope it's a mandarin.

We didn't end up having a picnic yesterday, it was just too hot outside.  Maybe today we will?

And now... I'm going to get up and start my day.


12.35 pm:  And I've finally finished the back shed area.
Brylee helped me move bricks then she ran outta energy and whimped off to her room.

I kept going until it was done.

ABOVE:  I'm sure you will agree OLD MOO, it looks way better than how it was before I tittivated it.  When I came inside and looked at the clock it was actually 2.5 hours I had spent out there!  Time goes fast when ya busy.

Stew had to go into work again this morning, and he managed to find me an old camera to connect to my computer, so now I can have better video chats with family and friends.

ABOVE:  See, it just sits on top of my screen.  I was very surprised when I realised I didn't have a camera on my computer!
But then, I was used to an ALL IN ONE computer, so had no idea there was no camera till I tried to have a video call with a ZOOM group!

Ended up having to use me phone... which was OK.  But it is nice to now have one on me computer.

 ABOVE:  nice to see the boys, and have a conversation with them.  
Steve is doing well... he still has some pain, but it's not too bad.  He had blood tests today, so hopefully they all come back OK.

The biggest thing to keep an eye on is his inflammation levels, if they go up... it's not good.  So praying they are going down not up.

It's nearly Stew's lunchtime... so I shall bugger off and sort out some lunch.

4.30 pm:  And... after lunch I sat down and crochet'd a bunch of hearts.

ABOVE: And then I reaslised something.  If you are not allowed to touch people outside your bubble, and you're not allowed to pass baking over the fence to your neighbour, etc etc... how could I put the hearts out for children to take?

It would be breaching the restrictions, and perhaps putting someone at risk?  NOT that I have Covid-19 of course!  But I imagined some cop turning up on my door telling me I was breaking the friggin law by handing out woolen hearts.  *sigh*

So now... I have lots of hearts for the tree. 

 ABOVE:  I only put a smallish new addition on the tree today.

I've now got a damn headache and feel quite ill... so I'm gunna have a lie down for a while.
Stew is in his office having Friday afternoon drinkies with his work mates.  Online of course.

I suppose he will be late 'home'. *snort*

So after toiling in the garden for ages this morning, I walked inside and immediately thought "Owww, let's have takeaways tonight, I don't feel like cooking".  

And then remembered.  NOTHING is open.  Not a bloody thing.

So Stew had to go to the supermarket this afternoon, and he brought home stuff to cook a 'takeaway' dinner for us.

ABOVE:  Chips, battered snapper and chicken nuggests.  The fish was very dry, as I knew it would be.  I never buy processed fish from a supermarket.  Stewie wasn't to know.  The nuggets were delicious.

And that's a wrap of the day.  Gunna bugger off to bed now.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I think now, mare than ever, is a really good time to be blogging. The days can just run together. I am even thinking of starting a "diary" so I can look back on what I did each day throughout this. So, even if the blog is boring... (in your opinion) I think it's more important than ever! Plus, I love the bumble bee and even the little "fix-ups" that you do. I am sure that corner will be darling in no time!

  2. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Morning Chris people have mentioned when lining up at the supermarket to start Line Dancing or start a sing-a-long haha. Does anyone have ideas for songs?? George's Mum.

  3. I am very hopeful for you that your borders will stay closed and you will be able to get back to normal life within your country.

    So you may not need masks. But if you do, this has very good resources.

    The fitted ones are best because they “seal” around the face better.

  4. I hope your citrus tree is a Mandarin, kind of looks like it might be. What if you made a couple of hearts for kids to take away and start their own tree? Might discourage them from yanking on yours? Maybe 😁

  5. OMG that's am amazing idea!!! A basket full of 'takeaway hearts'. Love it.

  6. What a lovely idea Kiwi kid ,that might keep her busy for a the blog,keeps us all connected,and care for each other.Love the bee photo and the flowers.Nothing wrong with your corner,a pot plant or two might do it.Best wishes to all.THE OLD MOO

  7. What a difference corner looks lovely,like the recliner,only problem for me would be getting off it.THE OLD MOO.

  8. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Chris you could see face masks from scrap material and sell them $5 Face mask comment Blondie

  9. Kiwionholidays1:54 PM

    Fab to keep up with your blog
    Thanks for sharing with us all Chris
    Love the area you just revamped ..your energy is amazing

    Lovely news with the new setup keeping up even the way we are all doing atm is fab

    Cheers 🥂

  10. Glad u can keep in touch with family on computer hey xx

  11. Oh that's funny.... did stew make it home after drinks? At least he wasn't driving 😂

  12. Looks like you had a busy day in isolation and such lovely weather. Good to hear the family is doing well. Hope you feel better. Keep well.

  13. Looks like Australia are about to go into stage 4 to fight this horrible devastating virus, what is different from when you were in stage 3.


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