Thursday, April 02, 2020


I have bemoaned the state of the carpet in our new home a few times.
It IS about 22 years old of course, but OMG it is so dirty!

I got some of our upholstery cleaner out  yesterday, and had a go at spot cleaning some of the worst places.

And I was THRILLED to see the grotty spots come off!  There was a really big bunch of spots in the doorway between the lounge and family room... I was sure they were/had been there forever.

But no... they came off super quick.  So we are definitely going to hire a rug doctor as soon as we can ... like post lockdown, and clean as much of the carpet as we can.

Kinda excited cos really, this carpet is filthy!  It makes me feel dirty just sitting on it.

I am also appalled that the previous owners did nothing to clean the carpet ... even just a little bit!  

Stew and I had a conversation last night about how we are just ONE WEEK into FOUR weeks of staying at home. (that's the bare minimum btw)

And it's starting to feel really restrictive, we can't go anywhere and it feels so wrong.

So ... we are going to have picnics and meals 'OUT'.  On our own property.

We can have a picnic or dinner:

- At the BBQ table
- By the pond
- Under the trees by our new lawn
- Around by the sheds
- Under the grapevine
- By the studio
- On the driveway  (and smile at people passing by)
- In the sunroom...

Hell ... we have heaps of options!

I'm going to get out our 'market' chairs and a small trestle table so we are all ready to 'go on a picnic'. *smiles*

1 pm today... hmmmm ... where shall we go?

ABOVE:  Interesting.  Particularly the advised  '2 meters distance' between everyone when out walking/cycling, shopping or visiting the chemist/doctor.

It's a real joke.  When you are at the supermarket, going up and down the aisles, there is no way you can maintain a 2 meter distance from everyone else!  Hell, the aisles are only about 2.5 - 3 meters wide.  And there's plenty of people who clearly don't give a shit if they walk right into you, or stand right beside you.  I got really angry at a few people yesterday! 

Same with footpaths, you have to walk off the path to avoid getting too close to people, and sometimes that's just not possible.

So yeah, it's a bit of a joke.

So I'm going to do my best to not go out again unless absolutely necessary.

Today Brylee and I are going to wash the studio walls (external) in readiness for painting.  I might even get to do some of the edges with a paint brush?
No time like now to get on with it while it's still fine, and likely to dry quickly.

I suppose I better go tell Brylee!  Oh and make her get outta bed too... before 10 am for the first time in over a week. *smiles*


Talking with Stew on his morning tea break, and it would appear we have a window/wall washing brush set that you can clip to ya hose to clean said walls/windows.

So I'm going to leave it up to him to do on the weekend.  I got outta bed this morning in pain... damn back is killing me.

So I took some painkillers and wandered around watering the front garden and pots instead of cleaning studio walls.  *sigh*

Then I checked on our older neighbour next door who is deaf, got her mobile phone number so we can text each other, and now.... I'm finally sitting down to check out emails, messages and so on.

Thankfully my back has eased up and I can actually move without pain again.  Yaaaa for painkillers!

ABOVE: While it's NICE that people are enjoying my tree, I wish like hell they wouldn't TOUCH IT!
Yesterday I watched a girl stroking it... today?
Some mother holding her kid up so she could play with the hearts.  Only she was yanking them and I almost yelled at her to stop.  Grrrrr.

I didn't expect this.  I made it clear I was watching by engaging them in conversation... until the mother put the kid down again.

*sigh*   Now I'm tempted to put up a sign asking people NOT TO TOUCH.  What do you think?  
I might be inviting some twat to then destroy it out of spite though.

Dinner tonight was a sweet and sour chicken stir fry, with just a few noodles added to it.
Cos I had two packets of pre-cooked Udon noodles that I thought I really should use.
It was really yum:

ABOVE: Left to right: Stew's, Mine and Brylee's.  Love these dishes.

And now... it's going to be a quiet evening, watching Coronation Street later on, then bed.


  1. I turn my back to people like that. Ignorant gits.

  2. I love the idea of "meals out" on your own property - looking forward to seeing the photos.

  3. Thankfully my daughter wears a face mask when she goes to the supermarket! Yesterday someone coughed in front of her and she said she was so grateful that she had that mask on. I've made heaps of masks - all of hers are pink :) I've used non-woven fabric for the filter (two layers) and poplin to make them. I'm now making some lovely aqua colour ones for me. I agree though, it's really hard to stay at home ALL of the time but at least we can still get out for walks. Maybe you and Stew could take a wander around the neighbourhood? It doesn't have to be a full on walk... it's really enjoyable to see what's going on :)

  4. Ours is turning into 3 months. 3 weeks or so down. Some stores here are limiting how many people can go in at a time which helps with the distancing.

  5. Do any of your supermarkets have a shampooer you can hire? Woolies does here. You can hire it and give your carpets a really good shampoo. Cheaper than getting the professionals in.

    1. Yes we can hire a 'Rug Doctor' .. it cost around $45 for half a day. We will have to wait now until after the lockdown to get it though.

  6. Anonymous1:45 PM

    You could meet up for all sorts behind the garden shed. Would brighten your day!

  7. Just back from supermarket one out one in system one chap i think decided to have his lunch break at the freezer i wanted to get my broad beans out im sure i stood back waiting for him to move on for 2 days...otherwize all went pretty smoothly. The bulk of my order was on click and collect so just a few things thought of since saturday when placed order...still forgot stamps bugger

  8. Thanks for checking on your neighbor and setting up a way to communicate. Cool!

  9. Love the picnic idea. Might have to try that here very shortly :)

  10. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Is there a tree on your property that is suitable to yarn bomb? That way people can still appreciate it but as it’s on your property won’t come near it!

    1. Sadly not one that can be seen from the street.

    2. Anonymous8:36 PM

      I guess you would have done it that way already if you could have!😀
      Should have thought of that before I commented!

  11. I am wondering if you can make a cute sign that says something about the tree being patriotic and in quarantine. You could make a face with a medical mask and put on it somehow. Multiple people touching yarn (while you are all
    in quarantine) would really bother me too.

  12. I say.... Let them touch the tree. All of these people are bored to tears and if your little tree makes them happy, and some wee girl wants to touch a heart........ Yay. In the outdoor sunshine, I hardly think the virus will stay on the yarn. Just be cautious when you add new bits and don't worry about the rest. Other people can worry about whatever they touch. But your tree should just bring joy. And it is doing that exact thing!

  13. as a mother of a 9 year old, I know it's v v v hard to have them home all day, every day, endlessly. Even though it's super annoying to have kids grab the decoration, I wouldn't bother saying anything.... they probably won't harm it, and it's a small thing the parents can do to amuse the kids as there is only so much even the most enthusiastic parents can do inside lolololol

  14. You wrap a tree, you are encouraging anyone to engage with it any way they want! You put up a sign someone will cut it off.

  15. Enjoy your garden outtings. Lucky you, still far to cold to do that here. Snow is almost gone. If only the sun would hang out a bit longer that a couple of hours. Keep well. Glad to hear your tree is bringing joy into the neighborhood.

  16. Anonymous4:37 AM

    I know you worked hard on it but it surely brightened their day! Maybe make a few tiny stuffed animals and clip them to the tree so kids can take them instead of touching the knitting? We're still in lockdown in CA and the Gov says for another month and a half now. Maybe you can post some online knitting videos so I can learn how to finally knit :)
    XOXO Nicole from CA


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