Saturday, April 25, 2020


It is ANZAC weekend.  A time to remember all who have lost their lives during wars in the past.

Because of Covid-19  shutting everything down, there were no poppy sales this week.

ABOVE:  So I made my own.

And I will put our little remembrance tribute out on the grass verge very early this morning.

ABOVE:  We all have layers... some are public and some are private.  Like an iceberg, most people's private layers are hidden from view, and only a few are privvy to them.  My inner circle just got smaller.  It happens. 

Moving on...

 ABOVE:  The fabric I ordered from Grandmother's Garden turned up by courier!  I had no idea they could send it during Level 4!
I love it... there's enough there for either 4 or 8 cot quilts, it will depend on how many sections I use per quilt.

ABOVE: OMG ... just OMG.  I asked him for a nice birthday photo!

Today I will probably flog Stew into doing a few odd  jobs around the place.  Though for the life of me I can't think WHAT right now!
Seriously, there is so few things we need to do now.

The 2nd Bird Runner will get finished today... then I have two more lined up to make, so I have plenty to do.


Well contrary to popular opinion... we CAN relax!  Which is pretty much what we have been doing.
I even had a nap after lunch.

I'm running the pool filter today, and added chlorine too.  Something I will have to do every 2 weeks over winter.

ABOVE:  Stew cut the TV shelf corners with the jigsaw and I painted the edge white.  Now it doesn't jut out so much and has nice curved corners.  Much safer.

And before you ask/wonder, YES, the TV is screwed to the shelf and the shelf is screwed to the wall.  So it's NOT going to fall off on anyone.

I had a lovely chat with me Mum (THE OLD MOO) today, just explaining latest family interactions.  She's beyond ANGRY, like we are.
But oh well.  Shit happens.   

Stew had just gone out to the chemist to pick up his prescription, then he's going to the supermarket for some things we ran out of.  Like ice cream.  lol
Nah in all seriousness, we did need a couple of things. 

I'm now back in my happy place, sewing.

***  Oh THE OLD MOO has ordered a cot quilt from me too! She just loves that new fabric.  ***

For the second day in a row, Stew came home empty handed from the supermarket.  Not because they were closed, but because the queue was far, far too long.  It's damn crazy. 

So, no damn ice cream.  Oh well... like I needed it.  I'm craving sweet things though.  We have nothing in the house that is sweet to eat.  I might have to  make a dessert.  Might be apple crumble.

7.15 pm:  Stew cooked Spag Bog for dinner, super yum.

I got this far with the 2nd Bird Runner today:

ABOVE:  I was sewing the eyes on and managed to stab my finger ... bled like a stuck pig.  Before I could help it, I got a drop of blood on the runner.
So I had to stop and immediately get it cleaned off... so now it's drying.
I'll get it finished tomorrow.

The rest of tonight is dedicated to relaxing again.

Stew has gone to the supermarket again... hoping there is no queue now?

And success!  There was NO queue at 7.30 pm.  So he got the things we needed.  And some ice cream.

I'm off to bed a bit earlier then usual tonight, there is NOTHING worth watching on the TV tonight.


  1. Anonymous7:55 AM

    We will remember them 💞 George's Mum.

  2. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Steve reminds me of my grandsons. When they were young and I wanted a photo I had to take a silly one for every 'nice' one lol. So glad hes feeling better lol.
    Why dont you both have a day off? Enjoy all the hard work you've done. 🌈

  3. Well Steve seems to have returned to a nice healthy state of Dick-ish-ness! He's looking good and silly!

  4. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Those panels are gorgeous! Would also make cute placemats or mug rugs too.. Nice to Steve looking better! 😊. AllyS Melbourne

  5. I can see you having a lot of fun with those panels.

    Love, love, love your poppy tribute to our ANZACs 🙂

  6. Oh ... and I too think that you and Stew should have a relaxing weekend. You both have worked so hard over recent months ... time now to relax and enjoy 🙂

    1. We all know they can’t keel still....always in the go doing something new. Keeps them young

  7. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Steve omg lmao

  8. Steven your an idiot,a loveable one, but crazy just the good your feeling better.Dont know how Bex can stay sane,with 2 boys like their father.We love them all they are real family,kind and respectful.THE OLD MOO.

    1. no one said I was sane. We have got through a month of lockdown now tho and no one is missing haha.I Hope Ron and yourself are doing well.

  9. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Were your shops open, hubby went with a list only to come back saying everything was closed. Hope you managed to get your shopping, Jo.

    1. Shops were open, but the queue to get in was too long for Stew to stand and wait.

  10. I made home made icecream the other day from a tin of evaporated milk (chilled) and icing sugar. It turned out great!! Next time I will try sweetener to see if it still works.

  11. Anonymous6:37 PM

    You should apply for priority delivery with Countdown. Because both you and Stew have diabetes you are classed as High Risk so will qualify to have your online groceries delivered.
    Sandie Bee

  12. I went and had to wait 45 mins to get in.... I wouldn't have bothered but husband wanted a beer... normally I go at 7am as they open for essential services 👍🏼

  13. Just love the bird runner

  14. We had the same problem at the supermarket. Tried on Friday afternoon and again Saturday early afternoon. Ended up going at 6pm and still had a 15 min wait for Simon to get in the door.

  15. The queue will be the new normal for a while to come. I miss the good old days. See Steve is feeling better. Keep well.


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