Thursday, April 23, 2020


I really enjoyed moving stuff yesterday!
Today I'm going to wander around and see what else might need re-arranging.

Might as well do it now while Stew's stuck working at home, right?

 ABOVE:  Placing the china cabinet here was a really bright idea!  It is not taking up space in the family room now.

I feel so lucky that we have these 'bonus' rooms in our new home.  I utterly LOVE this house.  I can't say it enough.

ABOVE:  I sat and looked at the TV there, and yeah, *sigh*... DID NOT LIKE IT AT ALL.  Too low.  Jutting out a bit much.
So I thought about it and then got Stew to do this:

ABOVE:  Huge improvement.  If that had been a solid wall, I would have mounted it on the wall.  But it's not, so it just got mounted on the 'shelf' instead.

Problem solved.

So, I talked to Lacy yesterday.  It's looking like a 'GO' for her coming home on Tuesday next week.  Griffin?  Uncertain at this point in time.

 ABOVE:  During lock down... families have been home schooling, baking, getting school supplies sent to them in the mail...

ABOVE:  Going to walks in the dark!  Getting fitter.  Crafting... Kelly has been doing heaps of Diamond Paintings and Bex has been needle felting.

Not sure what the rest of the family have been up to! Probably just chillin at home.  Mike is still going to work, as he's in an essential business.

UPDATE on Steve:  His health is much better, his steroid dose is down really low, so his immunity is not so suppressed now.
He's working on getting fitter, trying to build up his stamina and strength in readiness for returning to work.  He's eating much healthier too, which is having good 'spin offs' with other things.
There's still room for improvement in some aspects of his medical status, but he just has to give it time.

The very best thing though?  He has NO PAIN now.  So thankful for that.

And that's all I have for now... time to get up and start me day.


We had no condensation on any of our windows this morning.   We also did not have a fog... so until we do have  a fog, we won't know if the DVS stopped the condensation or it was just cos we didn't have a fog?

Question:  Can you have your windows and doors open while running your DVS, or would it defeat the purpose?   Or should you turn it off when you have the doors and windows open?

ABOVE: Today's tree addition is this rusty red piece, with pretty peppermint flowers.

10.30 am - 4.37 pm... I'm sewing.  Still am.
Will be stopping soon to cook dinner.

5.10 pm:  And I'm done for the day.  I made ONE thing.  It's a three bird runner, very similar to the one I made and gifted recently to Anna.

I will show it tomorrow, lol... so I've got something to put on TOMORROW!  *SMILES*

I'm cooking sausages, onion rings, fresh bread rolls and salad for dinner tonight. 
I had 'brunch' so am pretty hungry now.

Brunch seems to work better for me when I'm working.  I start the day with a decent meal, then I can work for 6-7 hours straight without feeling hungry.

Well...Coronation Street is only half an hour long now.  Booo.  It's been an quiet evening, as expected.
I have been craving desserts... but have resisted going and buying anything.   That feels good I suppose.  

Time to bugger off for the night.  I might go to bed early.


  1. I won't even pretend to know what needle felting is (even though I looked it up!) but those bears look amazing... you are very, very clever Bex. Lovely family photos of everyone too.

  2. We run our HRV all year round, windows and doors open or closed. I change settings though between winter and summer, both for temperature and for the fan (just whatever the manual recommends, years later I still look it up every 6 months lol).

  3. So glad Steve is feeling much better, it must be such a relief for all of you. I bet those boys are loving having him home so much.

  4. Both you and Bex are so talented! I love the bears Bex has made and your flowers. Ohh..... will you be making some poppy flowers to put on your tree for Monday?

  5. We run our HRV all year. Windows/doors open in the summer. I love not having any condensation on my windows!

  6. Love the bears colours r gorgeous how the fingers Bex i did couple little things few years ago my gave up the pain was beyond me bad enough having to prick for blood levls

  7. Kiwionholidays5:31 PM

    Some fab pics again today of the families and neat that Steve n Bex n boys n Keera and other grandie there doing fab things as projects etc
    Bex the bears are stunning
    You ones there are all so talented when it comes to happy hobbies etc

    So appreciate you sharing your blog with us while away ,,

  8. Thanks for the lovely comments about my bears. I have pricked my self a few times it only stings for a little bit other than that my hands are fine. My problem is running out of fiber haha.

    1. Anonymous4:46 AM

      I had a go once but my hands were so sore. I guess theres a knack in holding the needle. Your teddies are gorgeous. Kj

  9. Aren't you the crafty family. Great projects! The bears are very cute. Good to hear Steve is feeling better.

  10. I just found out about Diamond Painting and thought I might give it a go.


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