Friday, April 10, 2020


Well... it's Easter and we have absolutely NO CHOCOLATE in the house!

How the hell did that happen?

Simple.  We didn't feel like standing in a huge, long queue at the supermarket, just for easter eggs!

Like, it's not ESSENTIAL.  We don't have any little kids to give them to right now either.  *sadly*

It's crazy how people flood to the supermarket just because it's going to be CLOSED for ONE WHOLE DAY.  I just don't get it.

And don't get me started on 'holiday makers' trying to head off to their beach house/bach or where ever for Easter either!

ABOVE:  Apparently there have been 'a few' people who have been dumb enough to try and travel to the beach... only to be turned around at check points.

And those who did manage to get there without being turned around, ha ha! They will probably get caught trying to go home again on Monday, only to be told they now have to stay there.

Wonder how inconvenient that will be for them?

This lockdown is to stop the spread of this bloody virus... and save lives.  It's working here so far.

Why put others at risk by travelling?  It's so frustrating when almost everyone in our country is doing the right thing, yet there's some twats who think the rules don't apply to them. 

I was saying to Stew last night, it's like we are living in a weird Alien movie... where there's this threat 'out there'... we can't see it, hear it or smell it... but IT'S THERE.  And it's affecting the entire world. 

THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!  It's unnerving.  Almost unreal.

Certainly something to look back on one day and say "I lived through that time".  

It is certainly the biggest single world event that I have lived through, an event that has touched the lives of everyone I know.

On a lighter note, I watched some YouTube tutorials last night and decided to try this one:

 ABOVE:  It's in a foreign language, but it is such a good tutorial it didn't matter that I couldn't understand a word of it!  Check out the number of views!  Over 6 million. WOW.

ABOVE:  And yep, I did it!  It's a bit harder to see the pattern using multi coloured wool... but I did it!

In fact, it's a super easy stitch, one that would look lovely as a blanket I reckon.  NOT that I'm ever going to crochet a blanket again ... been there, done that.  In me 20's.  Made a whole heap for me kids.  Goodness knows where they all are now.

Today I think Stew is going to continue washing the windows.  I'm going to get some washing on and yeah, just potter around the house like I have been doing for WEEKS.... but feels like MONTHS!

I'm gunna drag Miss Lazy Bones (Brylee) out of bed too... she can vacum the house for me.


12.15 pm:  Another super slow start to the day.
So far have only got one big load of washing out on the line, and stitched today's addition on the tree.

ABOVE:  And that is the last of the gorgeous blue wool.  Shame that.  I do still have a good amount of wool though, so I shall keep going.

Stew and Brylee went out for a walk... crazy buggers.  It's stinking hot today !  Time to rattle Brylee's dags and get her on the end of a vacum cleaner.

I got in the Studio this afternoon.  I'd been feeling a bit down in the dumps today, but as soon as I sat down in front of my sewing machine my mood lifted.

Stew did a little job for me:

ABOVE:  I asked him to put a gate up between the Studio and the garage, so the dogs can't get in my studio.
This way, I can have the sliding door leading outside open, without worrying about the dogs getting out.

ABOVE:  It looks nice there.  I didn't want to put up ANY gates in the house at all... but this one is OK.
The girls can roam around in the house freely, which I love.  

Stew is cooking dinner tonight, we are having sausages, garlic minute steak,  mashed potatoes with cheese, mixed veges, cabbage and gravy.   I wanted baked beans with my meat and potato, but Stew said NO.  The shit.

Oh well... I will have Baked Beans tomorrow and toot all day.

I just watched a movie called 'LION'.  It was lovely, made me cry at the end.  Now... Coronation Street, then bed.


  1. I do hope people see sense and stay at home. You are so lucky in NZ. Here in North Wales UK we had another 41 deaths yesterday. We have been in lock down at home for 4 weeks now as we are both at risk. Tomorrow will see the couldn't care less brigade out as it is Easter. Take care and keep safe.

  2. LOL no chocolate! I can connect with that - son went to the supermarket yesterday, saw the queue and turned around and came home again. It was to be our normal weekly shop but it can wait a couple of days.
    I'm amazed how many people the Police are turning back at their roadblocks. How stupid are these people?
    It is a good day for pottering here too, sitting in the garden watching the plants grow LOL. Mxx

    1. I'm tempted to send Stew to the supermarket tomorrow for some 'Easter' treats. Not exactly essential, but if it boosts our moods... it's a good thing right? lol

  3. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Busy bees well done we're painting the house ohhh joy!! George's Mum.

    1. Painting... *sigh* Yep, just finished my studio walls... thank god nothing else needs painting. I really don't enjoy it at all. Have fun doing your's!

  4. Love love love your tree. .

  5. It's lovely to how much interest and joy your tree is bringing to your neighbourhood. Happy Easter!

  6. Just love your tree and your creativeness, it's looking absolutely stunning. My effort at street brightening each day is to put a different quilt on a quilt rack at the front door with soft toys (or the cat obliges some days and sits besides the toys). I have enough for a change each day to well past June lol. Doing my bit for Palmy.
    (Always read your blog but don't comment often - I'm a friend of Karen Jones, and I was with The Cloth Shop for their first 8 years) Best wishes for any new additions to the tree. Jennie Anderson

    1. Hello Jennie... lovely to hear from you. I remember The Cloth Shop, it was a gorgeous shop.

  7. Anonymous5:28 PM

    I hope they sting some of these idiots trying to get away. I'm getting sick of it too but I ain't going to risk getting sick.

  8. I watched Lion for the 2nd time and thought oh I am not going to cry like last time, until the end when he took his mum to India to meet his mum...balled my eyes out... PS I have also read the book.

  9. I always look at your end of day numbers with such relief, I hope they continue to stay that low - NZ certainly seems to have got on top of this quickly and early. Not so much the UK :(

  10. They closed all the beaches here too which is kind of sad. I think just as long as you are spread out it would be ok. Weird the ocean is off limits! Meanwhile you can be in the store with a bunch of people.

  11. If you're looking for a website that shows crochet stiches, etc. try I've made some gorgeous blankets from her website. Lovely tree!


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