Monday, April 20, 2020


Stew always dresses in grotty old clothes when he's working in the garden.
Fair enough, I do too.

Anyway, I noticed the socks he pulled on yesterday had his name stitched on them.
I asked him just how old those socks were?

ABOVE:  And he informed me that they were 'about' 39 years old!!!  His Mum put the name tags on them for when he wore them to Outward Bound when he was 20 yrs old!


Even older?  The grey school socks he wore to Fairfield College as a freakin' teenager.  He still has them.  They have places on them where his Mum DARNED them!  

Who darns socks now days?  I bet virtually no one!

By the way, Stew's full name is DEREK STEWART HARVEY... hence the D S Harvey on the socks.

ABOVE:  My seeds?  The thistles have done NOTHING, and the fern seeds have so far produced two tiny little seedlings.  
Fingers crossed more germinate soon.  

Stew is back to work today.
I plan on doing some sewing.
Brylee can fold the washing, there's quite a pile of it!

At 4 pm today our Government is going to announce if/when we will move down to Level 3.  I hope it's soon so Lacy and Griffin can come home.

I think most of us will carry on as we have been though, staying home and staying safe.


ABOVE:  6.30 this morning. Yep, a typical Waikato fog.  I was tempted to go for a walk, but decided I wasn't feeling energetic enough.
It would have been awesome though, cos now the sun is out and it's much warmer.

ABOVE:  I was out nice and early this morning putting the 2nd critter on the tree.
Timed it perfectly as an old friend was walking by (Hilary), so we got to have a good chat and catch up.

Now... Stew's had to go into his office as his computer refuses to connect to our internet.  He may have to buy a cable somehow,  OR he will end up having to actually GO TO WORK at the office to keep things up and running. 

I'm feeling less than ideal today.  Had the shakes quite badly until I ate something... and now just feel yuk.  Headache too, which is so annoying.  So, sewing can wait till later. 

And just as I was about to go and lie down with some panadol on board... there's a knock at me front door.

And it's Mary from across the road... dropping this off:

ABOVE:  Wool for the tree!  So of course, I go out and we have a good long chat on the footpath.  *smiles*

Mary and Ian are just the most lovely neighbours.  Ian told me my tree is getting shared via Facebook and so on, all over New Zealand!  AND... the people who originally owned our home (before the people we bought it off), had been told about what we've done to their old home, and they did a drive by before lockdown to see!

And they are also keeping abreast of the tree's transformation via photos sent to them.  

Too funny.   

I only started yarn bombing the tree to make 'someone' smile!

It's now almost lunchtime, Stew and Brylee should be home soon.  We are having left overs from last night for lunch.  Stew cooked far too much.

I better get something out for this evening's dinner... something easy I think, considering lunch will be fairly substantial.

Just 30 minutes to go until we hear the latest news from our Government.  I have this feeling they will extend the Level 4 Lockdown for another 2 - 4 weeks.
But I hope not.

So after lunch today I tried a new crochet stitch, no idea what it's called cos I just followed a You Tube tutorial, and it's in another language so I just watch it over and over again until I get it.  

ABOVE: This isn't quite all the pattern, I just took from the tutorial parts I wanted to use.

This wool is from my neighbour... nice to have some green!

7.20 pm:  Well, one more week at Level 4.  Then down to Level 3, which means L & G can come home and join our bubble.
And for us, not much else will change.
Stew will continue to work from home. 
We will still have to stay home and stay safe.

Not many shops will open... but some takeaway places will be able to open for delivery or drive through.  

So... slow steps towards a new normal one day in the future.

I burnt dinner tonight.  Charcoal is good for ya gut right?  Roughage.  Yeah.

Not much else going on here... Monday night TV sucks.  Might watch something on Netflix.


  1. Those socks must be fantastic quality, no sock lasts that long these days!!

  2. Mum still darns sox some times the darning is more than the sock but hey they stiĺ got bit of wear in them yet...albeit as uncomfortable as hell to walk on. Lol

  3. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Wow. What socks would last 39 years these days. Hes a legend that Stew. Awesome shoes and vintage socks lol.

  4. Well this Canadian has to check on the tree every day as well as always reading your blog. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Hey there hopefully Stew doesn't have to work from the office fingers crossed. One hour to go before we find out what the boogie is! George's Mum.

  6. Haha, you will become famous for your tree :-)

  7. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Surely Stews socks could be tree ornaments lol tree is looking fabulous... Blondie

  8. Very cool about your tree going viral. Would be awsome if it featured on the news. That new crochet stitch looks like a bean or bead stitch love seeing the tree everyday. Also love your little critters. Xx

  9. Kiwionholidays7:37 PM

    Fab as usual lost last two messages,,

  10. Your tree is looking super. Keep on having fun. Be safe.

  11. Isn't it amazing how some OLD stuff lasts forever but the new stuff we buy doesn't last at all. Shows the quality of the ingredients!


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