Wednesday, April 22, 2020


It's been so nice wandering around in our garden ... it's just so pretty right now.

ABOVE:  I'm so happy with how this new garden is looking, everything is growing.  I expect it to fill out pretty fast.

ABOVE:  All the cuttings I shoved in pots in this area?  All growing!  None died on me.  Shit I have no idea when I got a green thumb.  Weird.

ABOVE: So much colour at the moment!  And I still love our weta.

ABOVE: I finally hung something off this little hanger.  It's right outside my sewing studio.  

Today?  Meh.  Dunno.  Housework.  Addition on the tree. Maybe sewing.  Maybe blobbing out!
Seriously ... every day is the SAME.  I wanna go SHOPPING!!!   I miss wandering the shops.  


Fabric!  OMG I miss browsing fabric.

In fact (whoops!) ... I did buy some a couple of nights ago.  Online.  But they won't post it out until we are down a couple of levels.
It's super cute.

 ABOVE:  See?  So, so cute.  I am going to use it to make 2-3 cot quilts.  

The petrol stations have all dropped their petrol prices.  Like HEAPS.  And can we take advantage of the cheap prices?

NOPE... cos we can't go driving around willy nilly can we?  

ABOVE:  So TRUE.  And so frustrating, cos as soon as we are allowed to travel again, you can bet ya bottom dollar those bastards will up the price again, even though they will have no justification to do so.  *sigh*

I've got too much time on my hands obviously... getting all hot and bothered over shit I can do nothing about.  

I  will bugger off and find something to do that cheers me up.  Or ... I might roll over and have another hour in bed.  *smiles*


ABOVE:  Well after not finding the HRV 'box' that has the filters in it, Stew went up into the roof above the garage.  And it's there.

So, at some point he will have to crawl in there and sort out the filters.  Either replace or clean... not sure yet.  I will do a You Tube search to find out.

You Tube is WONDERFUL for getting information about just about anything!

It is bloody COLD this morning!  Like I might even turn on a heat pump, it's that cold.  I wonder if the HRV system will warm the house up a bit?

11.45 am:  And I'm happy to say I found something to do.
I moved stuff.  Like everyone who knows me, knows I do.

I felt the family room was cluttered.  So I did this:

 ABOVE:  I took the china cabinet out of that corner.
And switched the large 'trolley' for the small one, to put the TV on.

 ABOVE:  I feel like it's lightened up the room a bit.   If we have visitors in those chairs, I will just put my computer over in the corner by my chair... to be polite.  lol  

ABOVE: That's where I put the china cabinet.  I haven't put everything back in it ... yet.  Felt like a break.  And I'm starving.

ABOVE:  Today's tree addition.  Tomorrow's might have flowers.

This afternoon I put everything back in the china cabinet, pottered around the house doing some tittivating ... as ya do.

I cooked corn fritters for dinner.  They were really yum, a nice change from the norm. I put spring onion, red onion and some grated cheese in them.  Brylee hates corn fritters, so she had spaghetti, her 'go to' when she doesn't like what's for dinner.

Stew just did a little job for me... something to do with the 'tittivating' this afternoon.  *smiles*

I will show you what... tomorrow.

Time to sign off and relax for the remainder of the evening.


  1. And to add to the cheap petrol price at the moment I have 21c discount from my Countdown card... and can't use it because our tanks are full! Hopefully it won't expire too soon. I laughed a that funny you put up.

    1. I got an email other day said discounts were going to carry over...which i was pleased about cause ive accumulated 90cents on my card

  2. If you read up about the global oil supply you will see that the global suppliers are having to PAY the companies to take it as there is nowhere for them to store it. Yep, they are not selling the oil they are paying for the fuel companies to take it off their hands. But the bit that REALLY surprised me is that about $1 of every litre we buy is in fact taxes that goes to the government not the petrol company. I was so surprised that we pay THAT MUCH tax on each litre!!! It will go up when we all start driving again as the storage issue will dissipate but try not to get angry about it, its just economics. I am also SO FRIGGIN BORED.... Can't wait to start the online teaching again.... these holidays have been like a prison sentence. I should add that private schools stuck to the original holiday dates which is why we are on holiday now as we kept teaching when we first went into lockdown which made the first two weeks of lockdown fly by for me.

  3. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Your HRV fan will be in the ceiling space. This is where the filter will be.

  4. The HRV will take the moisture out of the air depending on how it is balanced. It should keep the house warmer. We have had them for 25+ years, finally replaced the first one two years ago. It is important to keep the filters cleaned once a year. I've never bought a filter for them but yours could be made differently.
    Love those fabrics.

  5. Fuel is so cheap, it's price is negative. That means if you can store it, they'll pay you to take it!

  6. Our petrol prices are down here too, but much the same, we can only go shopping or to the Dr so don't need much petrol!! Your garden is looking lovely Chris.

  7. Love me some fog. Wish we got more here.

  8. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Tree looks fabulous!🥰-Anna

  9. Just wonder if the sunlight in the sunroom would warp your beautiful cabinet ?? Im sure Steve would answer that.

  10. Wow! The tree is almost all covered. I thought I saw one little bit of a branch that was bare. You will need wings to finish the rest of it. Either that, or start another tree!

  11. Good to declutter that family area but no to putting it in the sunroom! It looks odd there - is there nowhere in the lounge? Dining area? anywhere?

  12. Your garden is looking beautiful Chris

  13. Damn barrel was below zero at one point this week and the buggers up the price on us. Like you the price has gone down but we've got no where to go. Hold you get the condensation sorted out. Tree is looking good.

  14. You might have to start on another tree soon, that one is getting filled up!


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