Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Because I've been feeling a bit off colour the past few days, I've just been sitting and crocheting mostly.

I'm now well ahead of the game when it comes to additions ready for the tree:

ABOVE: In fact I've got about 6 pieces ready!
The one on the right was a right bitch to do as half the wool I used was a bobbly, stringy ball from my neighbour.  I added it to a vibrant pink I had to make it nice and thick.
Then I stayed up until 1 am making the flowers to go with it.

The only good thing about staying up that late is I actually go to sleep fast!

And I tend to not toss and turn so much cos I'm really tired.

Today I am determined to NOT sit on me bum all day, but get moving a bit more.  I really have been very lazy the past couple of days!

Just not been feeling good.  Hot flushes have ramped right back up again, the acid reflux is chronic and I'm just feeling bloody ikkk. 

Clearly something is out of kilter.  Just not sure what.  Maybe it's just down to being out of sync, life not being 'normal'?

I dunno.  

If it's a cool day (ain't looked outside yet), but if it is overcast I might just go for a walk.  That will be a good start to the day.


ABOVE:  One of the biggest decisions of my day.. what ladder to use today?  Lol
I invariably need one to add stuff to the tree now.

 ABOVE:  A bit of a gathering there today while I was out there.  There was a couple on bikes who had just moved off... they come by and take a photo to send to their family in Kent and Jakarta!

ABOVE:  I added the green/yellow section and a new pom pom today.

I am now going to do a grocery shop.  Getting low on a few things.

I'm annoyed.
I went grocery shopping.

And it was '$5 WEEK', which means some things are CHEAPER.

Yeah right.

I've been shopping at Pak n Save for 40 + years.

So today 420 gm can of Watties Spaghetti were on sale... 3 for $5.  And I was like wtf?

Those cans are NORMALLY $1.49 a can.
So I stood there and tried to take a photo, but one of the employees of Pak n Save saw me and immediately stood in front of the sign so I couldn't. 

Stupid man, I went back later. 

So... Normal price            :  $1.49 a can
Today ($5 for 3) equals   :   $1.67 a can
Individual can today        :   $1.79 a can

NOW get this:

ABOVE:  On their website, you can buy a 'plastic wrapped three pack' of 420 gm cans of spaghetti for ... $4.29!  Making each can $1.43 !

So please, if you are going to Pak n Save... DON'T buy their $5 a week specials, cos they most likely ARE NOT a saving at all.

OH and when I actually asked a supervisor at check out why they had upped the NORMAL price from $1.49 to $1.79... she just walked away!


Wasn't that fun to know?  Yep.  You're welcome.

10.45 pm:  Well it was a quiet afternoon and evening, I cooked butter chicken for dinner.  It was a sauce mix I'd not used before and it was just so-so.
Still can't find anything to beat the Indian place in Cambridge.  *sniff*   I miss their Butter Chicken.

I wonder if we can drive there once we are in Level 3?

Time to sign off for the day... our Covid -19 count only went up by 5 today!  And 1 new death sadly.


  1. I like the little flowers on the funky pink background.

  2. Do you monitor your blood sugar? Maybe test a few times to see how that relates to how you are feeling? I wonder how life will be when the kids come back to live... it will be a full house :)

  3. Stuff those OLD sox of Stewart's and make them into critters to hang on the tree.Looking good and making a lot of people happy.THE OLD MOO.

  4. Tree is so fabulous!

  5. I've seen that "trick" before COVID-19... I always run the maths through my head when I see those $5 week specials it's bloody criminal as lots of people can't do the mental arithmetic but if they just did the Math on their phone I too "know the usual price". The supervisor should have been more polite and acknowledged your question but don't forget they are paid minimum wage and working as an essential working being exposed to potential COVID + people It is the Big Fat cat that gets the cream is the one setting prices. You'd be better of sharing your findings on their Facebook page so others see it. They will probably delete your comment but you could keep re-posting just to annoy them if you can be bothered.

  6. I normally shop at my local New World, but if I want a big shop we travel to the closest Pak n Sav - that is until a few months ago when I purchased 2 cans of baby formula for my grandchild - now by pure mistake because they both had blue lids I got one newborn and one correct one - well upon packing the car I noticed the mistake - took it back to the shop in under 5 mins and they refused to change it - said it could have been tampered with. Now dont get me wrong I understand there reasoning, but within 5 mins....so long story short, ended up giving it away on Facebook neighborly, and will never shop at P & S again, bugger the specials!!!!

    1. That bloody well sucks! Like you look like someone who would 'tamper' with baby formula!!! Twats. I'm damn tempted to change supermarkets too... Pak N Save Mill Street is pretty shady, and I don't just mean the shop itself. I have an aversion to shopping with people who turn up in their pyjamas/shirtless/and just generally shady! It might cost me an added ? $10 a shop, but it might just be worth it.

  7. Hope you feel better. The tree is getting full! Looking good!

  8. Id email pak n save and share your pictures sadly i cant shop there ashburton onoy has countdown but i ring them if prices r wrong or stock faulty

  9. Kiwionholidays4:14 PM

    Lovely bright happy post sent the last long too soon n lost it 😢
    Have a great afternoon and loving the tree etc ,

  10. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Countdown online shopping is the best!

  11. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Pak n save is to feral for me lol so many people in their pjays, screaming kids everywhere and feral families having a family group conference in the middle of the aisles! Countdown or New World are the best hands down.

  12. Anonymous5:24 PM

    I used to be a Countdown stalwart then decided to do a Pak n Save comparison. Turned out PNS was well cheaper on the essential items. I flip flop between the 2 stores we have for meat mostly. You have to weigh up the short term against the other crap they portray ie "specials". Tree is amazeballs hope everyone is safe and well. George's Mum.

  13. Just to clarify about the baby formula, it is one item that can't be returned to a shop. No supermarket or chemist will refund it. It's a safety issue in case it has been tampered with (like the 1080 treat a couple of years ago or needles in it or poisons etc).

  14. Lynda I recognized their reasoning, however I choose to not shop there, not just because of that, but also for their attitude and customer relations. Still 5 minutes was hardly enough time to tamper with it, can we be assured it hasn't been tampered with by a rogue staff member. My local shop said given the circumstances and that I hadn't left the car park, they would have exchanged. Still it went to a needy family so I am happy about that.

    1. I totally agree about not shopping there and your reasons. I was just giving a reason for not refunding. I'm glad you could give it to someone who needed it. I have to admit I would have been pretty angry!!

  15. I usually look at the 100g comparable thing: ie how much each product costs per 100g. It's written on every price label here now. I'm teaching Guy, 14, to do it too. That way their "special" are made obvious that they are not good deals, as you found, because even though it looks cheaper ie: orange juice, you might be getting 1/2 the amount, if that makes sense!! lolololol xxxxx

  16. Those baked beans sound like price gouging to me - you should perhaps report them?
    Hope you are soon feeling better and more like your normal happy self again. Take care, Mxx

  17. Groceries stores are marking up everything here, it's beyond annoying. Probably get worse as time goes on everyday it's a new shortage of something blah blah blah. Another stunning day at the tree. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

  18. Caroline UK3:15 AM

    Now up to date after reading from October 2006 since Christmas. House moves, health, children, grandchildren. There have been some changes!


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