Thursday, April 09, 2020


Ok... first up for today, I have my knitting efforts from yesterday:

ABOVE: Any idea what they are?  I know, I'm a bit mean.
I will show you later, once they are on the tree.  *smiles*

Once that is done, I  have another job to do.
Brylee and I are going to move all of Lacy's 'stuff' out of my studio.

ABOVE: All her stuff is piled in my studio.  I simply can't work in there while it's like this, it's doing my head in.
So, it's all going in the garage until she comes back from Whangarei, and then MOVES OUT.  lol

She can use the garage as her 'room' till she finds somewhere else to live.

Doing this means that if Griffin wants to move home after the lock down, we will have the room for him too.

Once I've got my Studio all tidied up I'm going to work on some of my UFO's.  I don't have that many, but it will give me something to do while we are still stuck at home constantly.


11.15 am:  Bit of a slow start this morning, but once I got started...

ABOVE:  This got done.

Now I just have to tidy up my Studio and the spare bedroom.

Oh and YES VICKIE!  Bunting it is.  *smiles*  I will have to wait for Stew to take his lunch break so he can help me put it up on the tree.

MEL:  That's a gorgeous idea, but obviously we can't do that in this Covid-19 lockdown.  Shame though.

2.25 pm:  And the tree additions are up...

 ABOVE: Two additions today, the little blue/white strip, and THE BUNTING!

ABOVE:  Stew's included cos he hung them up for me.  He's enjoying the tree too I might add.  *smiles*

It's super blustery today, and we've had the odd shower too.  Much, much cooler today I must say.  Not sure I like it!

Yep, there I go, bitching about the cold.  LOL

This afternoon Stew needed to go into work for important documents, so I went along for the drive.
We drove directly into his building's underground carpark, went up the lift to his office and then home again.
It was neat to get out of the house, even just for a little while.
I was surprised how many cars were on the roads today.  It was quite busy!
Our infection numbers are coming down dramatically, but if the traffic out there this afternoon is anything to go by... it might not last.

I spent the rest of the afternoon knitting and crocheting, making a couple more additions for the tree. 

Stew got us dinner tonight.  Home made hot dogs and wedges.  

We are not eating that well right now I must say.  Eating too much and too often.

Boredom obviously... and being cooped up inside to much.  
I just don't feel like doing much *sigh*.

Time to sign off for the day.  

Stew is off 'work' for the next 4 days, EASTER of course.  Another 'Staycation' for everyone.

The police are setting up road blocks to catch people who are trying to sneak off to their beach homes for the holiday. 
I hope not too many do try it, it's not worth it really.



    Looks like somebody stole your tree decor and made themselves a stylish outfit!

  2. Can you recommend a good movie on Netflix? I don't usually watch murder mysteries but am open to a great suggestions!!!

    1. I just rewatched all the Agatha Christie’s on Amazon Prime and Brit Box. Might be some on Netflix.

      My all time favorite movie is Hunt for Red October.

  3. I think they are going to form little pockets so you can put easter eggs in them for kids on an Easter egg hunt. I know completely against all Level 4 lockdown rules with "touching" etc but if we were not in lockdown that would have been so cool if you were a neighbourhood kid and discovered a Easter egg on the "magic tree".

  4. Brylee u need move qicker than that when mum has that camera out nice set up for lacy

  5. Tree needs fairy lights for night veiw thus h7ge moon isnt gonna last long...loving the bunting

  6. Kiwionholidays3:59 PM

    Don’t you use your garage for the cars 🚘
    Bit behind the 8 ball atm but if that’s lacys wee den it’s awesome ,,

    Love the blog and the colourful updates
    Loved your mum’s post about finding the safety pins etc they had SO many uses

    Cheers 🥂

  7. The tree is even more awesome. You have great ideas.
    Isn't is it wonderful to be able to bitch about the cold!!

  8. I love the new addition. Reminds me of Prayer Flags. Really cute!

  9. Chris that tree just gets better and betterand I'm sure is bringing alot of joy to the neighbourhood in this weird time. Well done you. lacy will be all set up when she returns-hope she appreciates your effort. Happy Easter.

  10. I love the bunting! Haha... just when you thought you had a garage to put your car in :) Looks good though, I'm sure Lacy will be fine in there.

  11. I love the tree so much, wonderful to see each days new addition!

  12. Tree looks great. Have a lovely long weekend.


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