Sunday, April 19, 2020


I'm sure almost everyone is feeling the same... there is no difference between the days anymore.

And as there's only so much housework, home maintenance and craft shit you want to do... life is really starting to get boring.

I might have to teach Brylee how to play cards.  God help me.  That might be a mission.

Stew doesn't like playing cards, which is a bugger cos it would be something we can do as a little group.  *sigh.

ABOVE: Yesterday I made 3 new tree additions, so... add them to the two I already had and I've got the next 5 days sorted out.  So no rush to make more today. 

Which means... I really don't have anything much to do today.  Fold some washing?  Do some sewing?  
Let's wait and see.


 ABOVE:  Finally know.. .YES, it IS a Mandarin tree out the back.  Very happy about that... we like mandarins.

ABOVE:  I hunted out the games.  Might try teaching Brylee Yahtzee  ... hope there's some dice in that box.  Then maybe I will teach her Skip Bo. 
As for what I like to play?  500.  Scum. And a few others I don't even know the name of!  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  Today's addition is a cute little critter in a pocket.  He's stitched on REALLY GOOD, so hopefully he stays there.

ABOVE:  I am super surprised that the tree has not suffered any vandalism!  I really did expect someone to come along and wreck it for me.
So relieved it's still perfectly fine.

Isn't that critter cute?  I've got another one ready to go on in a day or two.

 ABOVE:  Stew, Brylee and I did some gardening this morning.  It was perfect weather to be out there.

 ABOVE:  While out the front... I can't get over how many people stop and admire/take photos of the tree!
We were only out the front for about 15 minutes, and we had around 6 groups stop to chat/take photos etc.  

SO many people out and about on foot and cycles.  Really lovely  to see.

 ABOVE:  OH... there was this bloke who is taking photos of unusual/pretty letterboxes on his daily walks too.
He loves our letterbox.

 ABOVE:  KAREN... this is the orange shrub out in the front garden.  I have no idea what it is!  

ABOVE:  Stew chopped down the last section of that Camellia tree over by the pool.  Good job done.

At Level 3 we might be able to order and pay for some new plants online, and just pick them up from the nursery at an allocated time.


MEL:  ha ha ha!  We had a late lunch!  Then I sat down and crochet'd a new section for the tree, then I was tired after gardening/potting around the yard/and so on, so I had a nap!  For like... 2 hours!!!

Yep... a long nap which means, I will be late to bed tonight.

Stew is cooking dinner.  Beef patties, roast veges, bacon sauce and cauliflower cheese.  He's such a good cook.  I didn't even teach him either, he came to me with those skills... among others *wink wink*.  lol

I doubt I will be doing much this evening... except watching mindless TV.  Or playing some game with Brylee.


  1. Some good 2 player card games I play with my hubby are Gin Rummy and Cribbage. We also just "stole" my moms old Backgammon game. That has been fun, easy, and brainless. What games do you like?

  2. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Have sent you an email Chris -Anna (Aka Stella-Anna)

  3. Very cute little critter.

  4. That is such a pretty white top you're wearing in that photo. Your tree is so cool... you need to put it on something like the TV programme Seven Sharp when they do their lockdown boredom buster clips.

  5. Kiwionholidays11:47 AM

    Ditto to what Mel said
    That top looks amazing on you ,
    Fab that colour n all on you

    Looks like a neat sunny day there too,
    The tree 🌲 is looking awesome n the wee critter supercool

    and Went for a walk with our wee shared pup before and there were heaps of people out walking to the beach etc all keeping their distance and enjoying the lovely weather too,

    Doing a big linen cupboard clean out tomorrow ready for new shelving and new high gloss doors etc to match the kitchen ones , only problem is with all the retro shops closed , so nowhere to pass the good stuff on to,
    Downsizing lots of things that are still good but not used any more

    Hope your Mum n all the others of your extendeds are going good and enjoying the cooler weather,


  6. I love the mask on the critter... yes that top suits you too!!

  7. That shrub is Nandina 'Heavenly Bamboo'.

  8. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Yes Lynda is right..Nandina it is a dwarf husband was a horticulturist in his earlier career... knows is so lovely everyone is enjoying your tree.


  9. OK -- that critter is seriously the cutest thing I've everrrrrrr seen!!! xxxxx

  10. You're obviously having a long lunch today!! 🤣 (7pm and no further updates!)

  11. I was going to say that the shrub is Nandina, there are lots of varieties, it is my favorite bush - I have more than 10 in my gardens, and I transplanted them from our house which was wrecked by the earthquake to our new home and they have survived. I love them especially in autumn when they blow in the wind and the colours are stunning.
    Your tree looks awesome, you certainly keeping the neighbours/walkers entertained.

  12. The tree is SO MUCH FUN!


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