Saturday, April 11, 2020


Good Morning...  I'm gunna do some sewing today. Get in my 'Happy Place' and be productive.

Because there is probably no likelihood of doing any markets for a few months, I wasn't sure what I could work on in the Studio at the moment.

Then Stew suggested I work on something for ME/US.  Excellent idea.

I have dragged this UFO out of it's box:

ABOVE:  I really like this half finished quilt top.  I think I'll make it a single bed size quilt... or maybe a queen.  We will see I suppose.

While I'm doing that, I think Stew is going to wash windows?  He didn't do any yesterday, he was (in his own words) 'Just a Lazy F#*k'!

I don't think he will get away with it again today though. 

On that note....


ROBYN:  A UFO in 'Patchwork' terms stands for:
Un Finished Project.

Other terms used are Work In Progress (WIP), and Project Half Done (PHD).   Those are the only three I know of, there may be more.

I've added the latest additions on the tree:

ABOVE: Two small additions today.
It's a gorgeous day out there, but I'm a bit cold so have on long tights and a lightweight winter jumper.
No doubt by lunchtime I will be changing into summer clothes again.

So changeable right now.  True Autumn weather.

Stew and Brylee are off for a walk shortly... I can't go... I'd get too hot.

If you are not allowed to go outside your local neighbourhood area for exercise, WHY THE FUCK are people jumping on their bikes and going for huge bike rides???  Makes me so mad.

ABOVE:  I got sick of joining little squares together, so took a break from them and did this.  A bird table topper... I used to make them as coasters, but as coasters don't actually sell that well... I will make it into a table runner.


OMG it's the pits at the moment.
I will have to try and get some Losec from the chemist tomorrow.

In fact, it's probably time I visited the Doctor here in Hamilton.  I'm overdue for a diabetes blood test, and my medications are all running down.  Yeah, think I will try and get an appointment on Tuesday.  I've not been to the 'new' medical centre here yet.  I hope they are good.

Time to sign off for the day... I'm ready to just sit and blob out.


  1. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Morning what does UFO stand for? Back to painting ohhh happy happy joy joy!! George's Mum.

    1. Unfinished object
      Quilters term
      (We all have them)

    2. I shall answer that on the blog.

    3. Anonymous12:50 PM

      I thought something along those lines I have heaps of unfinished projects like the bloody painting sigh!

  2. Have you considered jumping on the Handmade Mask Bandwagon? You could donate some, or sell on Etsy or somewhere similar.

    1. NO not at all. If you don't use the 'correct' inner filter it is pointless and potentially harmful. And I do not want to get bogged down with making and then trying to gift/sell them, even if I was allowed to? There's pretty strict protocols in place for who can sell stuff online here in New Zealand during this Pandemic.

    2. Ya, me neither. I am making "ear savers" though. But they are acrylic and easy to sterilize and don't have all the criteria that masks do!

  3. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Hi, Long time reader here. In this time of isolation reading my favourite blogs keeps me somewhat sane, so thank you for writing daily. Two questions for you - 1. do you use any particular batting, inside material for your quilts. I have a lot of material left over from making clothes and am going to attempt a quilt. 2. Do you read any other blogs, and do you have your favourties?

    1. On bed quilts I use a polyester batting. On cot quilts I use pure cotton batting. I used to read over a hundred blogs most days, but nowdays I only read a few, and then only maybe once a month! I'm not a good blog reader at all.

    2. Another long time quilter here.
      Batting topic

      I personally prefer 100% cotton batting where the stitching can be 8” apart. My quilts are quilted by a long arm quilter. The stitching is closer than 8”. But that is the type I like, very durable

      Each package of batting states how far apart the quilting can be. Some batting is so densely/solidly woven that quilting can be 8” apart. Other batting requires the quilting be no more than 1.5-2” apart. That is a lot of quilting.

      If you are making baby quilts, I often use double nap flannel as batting.

    3. I love blue and brown together. Very cute.

      Easter chocolate. No bunnies here either. We found two bags of dark chocolate in pantry left from Christmas. It is the kind we melt and mix for bark. The only thing we have to mix it with at present is peanuts.

  4. Anonymous5:05 PM

    PIGS projects in grocery snacks! Love the colours in that quilt and your table runner. So cool. Kj

  5. Just popping a "hello" here to let you know I too like to read what you're up to while in lockdown. I was teaching online right up until Thursday. Now our students have started their holidays which go through to the 28th April. I am going to be so bored. Sure I could do house work, declutter etc. etc. but I've not got the urge to do any of that yet.... I'll wait for the urge to hit me. :-)

  6. loving the tree!! To be honest, we have taken the kids cycling once since this all started, and we plan to do it again tomorrow. The weather is lovely: sunny but not hot. Anyhoo, they both JUST NEED EXERCISE. Their school work is online and their leisure time is online. They are on their screens 14 hours a day, but that will change now it's school holidays for two weeks. What I will do with them I simply don't know. It was hard enough when everything was open and they could have playdates etc. Zooming around on a bike path I don't think will infect anyone with the rona, and I know we don't have it. We haven't been out in over 4 weeks!!!!!

    1. I highly doubt you are going on bike rides that take you out into the country and on main highways ... and not over 25 kms long! That's what some people are doing here. Enjoy your time out with the boys... so glad I don't have to entertain young kids. YOU WILL SURVIVE! lol

  7. Love the kiwi! I hope you feel better. I have some generic Zantac I take when my stomach is bothering me, seems to help.


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