Friday, February 14, 2020


So, who celebrates Valentines Day?

Or are ya like me and think it's just an excuse for retailers to try and squeeze a buck outta ya?

We don't usually bother doing/giving anything for Valentines Day.

But... I saw something recently that I thought would be a lovely little gift for Stewie, so I got it.

It's NOT necessarily a VD gift, but I will be giving it to him today.  Cos I can.  *smiles*

When ya read this Stew, you DON'T have to get me a thing OK?  I have everything I ever wanted already.

Today I will be starting on another project ... for my Australian Order.  Once this one is done, I will have finished it!

I won't be showing these projects on the blog until they have been received by the lady who commissioned them ... which won't be till mid March.

ABOVE:  I will never tire of this view, and it can only get better with grass.

Here's a question for you:

ABOVE:  WHY does this make me smile???

And on that note... I'm off to start me day.


ABOVE:  so this is what I gave Stew this morning.  It's just a little dream catcher.  I've already hung it in the sunroom.  

And now... back to me sewing.

I got the 3rd of 4 projects finished this morning, of my Australian Order.  I've decided to take a break for a day or two from the sewing studio now.

I like to tidy up my studio between projects, so I got the vacum out and cleaned it up.

Which lead to a couple of hours housework!  As happens.  Snowball effect eh?

LOL... the thread spool?  When I ran out of thread while living in Cambridge, it would take an hour long round trip to come into Hamilton to get more.

NOW it only takes me 16 minutes!   THAT is what makes me smile.
Yeah, I know about the 'secret' compartment at the end of the spool.  *smiles*

I went to WW at midday.  Gained 1 kilo, which is not at all surprising considering how much I've been eating!  But, it's not a huge gain, and with any luck (and resisting temptations), I can lose some this coming week.

BEX... NO MORE CHOCOLATE!   Don't bring it into the house, then it can't call me from the bloody fridge.  It's LOUD.

ABOVE:  There's a sneak peek at project number 3.  

Dinner tonight was a sausage and potato bake.  Very nice too.
It's been a quiet evening, spent just watching the TV and not much else.  Note:  Not seen or heard from Griffin today.  Funny, I thought he  had moved home?  He's spent one night here in almost 2 weeks.

Time to sign off for the day.


  1. Its make you smile, cause you get to go to spotlight and get more??.

  2. Lovely wee pressie Chris. Just read your post from Wednesday about your grass. We used Tui Superstrike lawn seed and had grass growing within 5 days (hence the superstrike name) it was well worth it as we only had a month or so to the event that required the area to be grassed which was bigger than the area you are grassing. (what a mouthful that was :-)) Love your new home, glad you are happy there. Hugs x

  3. Love the dream catcher. The perfect VD gift, thoughtful, personal and not over the top!

  4. Hi Chris, love the wee gift for Stu :-) just going back to the comment about grass on Wednesday, we sewed a large area of lawn with Tui Superstrike as we had to have lawn in 6 weeks for an event. We had grass up within 5 days (no exaggeration) and full lawn by a month that needed mowing (we didn't until just before we needed it looking nice). We wont use any other lawn seed now. Love your new home, hope to see it oneday in the future. Hugs and special thoughts always x

  5. Fantail is gorgeous

  6. You have discovered the secret compartment in the Gutterman thread spool. I just learned of it. I have been using the thread for 45 years.

  7. What is the secret compartment in the cotton reel for,I to have used this for years. Love the little gift for Stewart. THE OLD MOO.

  8. You won at thread chicken.

  9. I have a friend that will be doing an anti- Valentines Radio Show tomorrow. It's called the Dark Side of Love. It's all "bad" love songs. It's on tomorrow. You can listen to it online at . She does it every year! It's a hit! It's on from 7pm-10 pm Central Time February 14.

  10. That might be around 2pm Saturday for you! The gal that does the show is fun and goofy!

  11. Loving the giraffes

  12. I've been sewing for years and years and DIDN'T know about that needle holder storage in the cotton reel!

  13. Time to change that room into more sewing storage haha


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