Thursday, February 27, 2020


Last night I spent a good hour or so cutting out a few more Coin Purses:

ABOVE:  These will be the last ones for now.  I think I will have a good selection to take to market once these are done.

It will probably take me 2-3 days to sew this lot up.  


ABOVE:  Stew got home from work last night and jumped in the pool.
THAT is what I had hoped he would do (more often), it's an awesome way to cool down after a hot day in the office.

As for me, I get in most afternoons, when I'm about ready to expire from the heat and humidity.

When we go to Australia next month, if I find it too hot I think I will move down to the beach! 
It's just 20 sleeps till we leave for Aussy now.  
We are really looking forward to having a relaxing break away.


MICHELLE:  We are just going to be based in Coffs Harbour this time, not tripping around much at all.
We will be spending 2-3 days in Brisbane to visit family there too, but that's it basically.
While we would love to do a big trip all over Australia one day, it won't be this time.

10.47 am:  Late start in the studio this morning.  I had a few things to do around the yard.  Primarily fixing a temporary fence so the power meter person could read the meter without running into the dogs, or the dogs escaping.  Such a pain in the bum.

I think we need to think about putting up or making something that's easier for me to work around...  and Coco proof.

4 pm:  Apart from a 20 minute break for lunch, I've been sewing since 11 am.

And I've done well!

ABOVE:  I've sewn 7 zippered coin purses.

 ABOVE:  I love this one, it's funky and different. edit:  SOLD.

 ABOVE:  And I hope this kiwiana one is popular, I got two of them done today.  edit:  The OLD MOO has claimed this one!  *smiles*

ABOVE: These ones will no doubt appeal to girls who like pretty things.

I had to stop at 4 pm cos my head is pounding.  And I just feel a bit sick.  It's very hot in the studio today.

OLD MOO:  The cot quilts will take me a couple of days each... so no worries finishing them.
As for the grasses... they are ones that only grow 30-60 cm high and wide.  NOT big ones.  And if they do get too big, I will chop them down to size.  *smiles*

I'm so happy right now. Stew has finally gone to 'after work drinks' with some of his old mates from Hamilton.  And shortly I'm off to a Neighbourhood Watch meeting in our street.

We are finally settling in here properly on all fronts.

What a neat evening!  So nice to meet other people in our street.  And Stew had a fab time with his mates down at the local pub too.

Time to sign off for the night, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Hi Chris, when you come to Australia are you planning on staying at your mums the whole time or will you be trying to see as much of our wonderful country as possible? How long are you here for? Michelle from Oz.

  2. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Oh Chris when are you in Brisbane!

    1. Probably 25/26/27 March, flying out on the evening of the 27th.

  3. Our meter is, unfortunately, behind a closed and locked gate so they have to knock on our door and the kids let them behind the gate. If we knew exactly when they were coming we could leave the gate unlocked for them but you just never know! It's a rental property so we can't move the gates either.

  4. 29deg. Today but very will need to get your skates on to get those2 cot quilts done before you come over.Front entrance looks lovely,chain around pot looks right,and when the grasses grow they will filter the blue pots a little and they won't stand out so much.More natural looking.THE OLD MOO.

  5. Loving those purses :-)

  6. I can't tell how big the coin purses are. They look much bigger to me. Are they big enough to hold like, a few pill bottles?

    1. They are 8 and a half inches X 6 inches. They would certainly fit a couple of pill bottles, or a big bunch of keys, ya phone and some money and card. IN saying that, I can make them any size!

  7. Love all the purses you have been making. Your a busy lady and your kitchen cupboards looks really good. I also have my containers in tubs So much easier to control lol.

  8. I love the coin purses. Well done.

  9. Y9ur coin purses look fantastic Chris, love the kiwiana one.

  10. you're selling all your bags as fast as you can make them lol


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