Saturday, February 29, 2020


We are starting to really enjoy our weekends now.
All the major jobs are done around here, just a few little things left to do.

Mostly like hanging up the house name, minor tweaks in the garden, tidying up some left over timber down the side of the house and so on.

As for me right now, I've got 4 more KIWIANA coin purses to finish:

ABOVE:  I should get them done today.

ABOVE:  My stash for market.  As long as I don't sell any more via the blog or Facebook!  lol
Not that I mind of course... a sale is a sale.  And I do plan on making more of course.

ABOVE:  A funny to leave you with for now...


ABOVE: I've got him working....

ABOVE:  And with the name up... I declare the front of the house DONE.  Totally made it ours.



We went out...

And it's now 3 pm and we are home again.  We had a lovely little trip to Tirau.
Didn't find what we were looking for (something to hang out the front by the studio), but did find these:

ABOVE: Two very sweet jugs, which were end of lines, so bloody cheap.

After looking through a few shops, we had lunch at our favourite Tirau eatery, the The Cabbage Tree Cafe.

ABOVE: OMG... too much food!  I had the Lamb burger, in the foreground.  It had so much meat, sprinkled all around it.  I really struggled to eat it, and in fact didn't finish it at all.

We had to bring a container full of wedges home.  Stew's gunna have them for dinner.

Me?  Doubt I will eat again today after that lot.

ABOVE:  How cute is this public rest room!

Time to curl up and just relax for the rest of the day.  I'm not even going to try sewing right now, I'd probably fall asleep.

And .... it's 7 pm and Stew just mowed our new lawn!  We decided it was just TOO LONG to leave it for another week.  I will show you how it went... tomorrow.

Signing off early today... I'm tired and just want to relax for the evening now.  
And it has been a really lazy day!  Just what I needed.


  1. I love that Kiwiana fabric. Are you going to make some with cross shoulder straps? You could use cord or a narrow fabric strap. I think that would be great for walkers. I was looking on Youtube... OMG, so many different little bags you can make.

  2. Your house is absolutely gorgeous. Lynda has a very good idea making a cross shoulder strap for some of your purses. Very handy when you are shopping or when you want your hands free.

  3. wow....the difference between the 2 pics is guys have definitely made it yours!!!

  4. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Haha Tirau the front of the house looks fantastic Blondie

  5. Anonymous1:50 PM

    oh oh oh pick me lol I no I no lol your somewhere in the North Island 😊
    #Lacy 💙

  6. Love the front of your house.


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