Saturday, February 01, 2020


Well... today Stew is going to work on tidying up around the pool... putting pavers from the new fence down to the pool gate and a few other things.

Meanwhile, I will get the housework done.  Washing out, bit of dusting, bla bla bla.

Then I can 'supervise' Stew outside!  lol

4 years ago when we were looking for a home here in Hamilton (but ended up in Cambridge), I drove past a home that was clearly a 'leaky' home.  It looked really sad.

And I just noticed it again... cos it's just down the road (not on our road).  

ABOVE:  Now it looks ten times worse!  This house looks like it's still occupied too.  OMG ... it must be so damp in there.  Poor bastards.
I can't believe it's still standing actually.  It has big cracks in the walls!
THIS is why so many people won't buy a plaster home, and why it took us so long to sell our's up in Auckland.

Lesson learnt though.  Brick and tile every time from now on!  NOT that I want to move again.  I'm so happy here.

Griffin is moving home today.  Let's hope that goes well and he sorts his life out.

And on that note, I'm off to get some washing on.


We went out and bought a couple of plants for the big gap over by the pool.
Now Stew is putting some succulents we already had in those two pots by the BBQ table.
Then he's going to move the fruit trees and boronia, so we can put the trailer back by the new fence, instead of in front of the Studio.

And it's another scorching hot day.  I can't bear to be outside.

12.36:  Got the trailer moved.  Got plants/pots sorted out.  All down to Stew.
I just feel sick if I go outside for too long.

ABOVE:  Potting.  Getting little jobs done.

Ages ago I was given a bike to use by my Uncle.  I used it a few times, then Brylee used it for ages to get to school and work.
Then it got no use once she got a car. ... of course!

So, today I decided to put a 'FREE' sign on it and put it out on our grass verge.

And within 10 minutes... this happened:

ABOVE:  I watched a car drive by, swing around, out jumped the boy and off went the bike!  Yes!  Paying it Forward.

Nice feeling.

I cooked a pork stir fry for dinner.  It was revolting!  No marinade or flavour in it... first ikkk meal in quite a while.  The only nice part was the onion rings I baked in the oven.

I doubt much else will happen this evening... so I'm signing off early.
Catch ya tomorrow.  
I will be blogging ... even when hardly anyone pops in to say 'Hi'.


  1. Young men eventually come around and "grow up"...I"m sure you know that. Love and support is sometimes all we can offer so they can organize their heads and lives :)

    He is lucky to have you and Stew.

  2. Anonymous11:03 AM


    Your new home is looking great,with all the work you have all done. Do you miss your old home at all? I think having a smaller block is great, we have a bigger house but a smaller block now and I love it too.


    1. No Peta, we don't miss the Cambridge home at all. Stew may have heaps of work around the section RIGHT NOW, but once it's all done he will have half an hour to mow the lawns and minimal weeding/edging to do. So he's going to be very happy once we are at that point. Right now though, the poor bugger has heaps to do.

  3. Nice one with the bike :) It seems everyone does that over here at Matarangi - we just got a bike for Cole and another for Charlie. I like the pay it forward idea !!

  4. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Lynda where did your blog go?
    Sorry to hijack your comments section Chris!

    1. I moved it for privacy from certain people - email me for new address - email is on my profile.

  5. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Hi Chris!
    Where I am in Oz is still 40 degrees at 6.30 on the evening! It’s just been too bloody hot to type!!!!🥵

  6. Dont know if u will get this comment but my internet is being an arse so only got phone data havnt commented cause b4 Xmas phone comments weren't happening still check your happening daily though. House is looking incredible well done guys

  7. Hi,welcome home Griffin,a dud dinner tonight,but I guess she can only get better.I know how much you like your food.And good luck to your mum.THE OLD MOO.

  8. Hi Chris. I love seeing all your transformations. Your house is looking so pulled together and very neat.
    I had to google the Fahrenheit equivalent to your’s stinking hot!


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