Sunday, February 02, 2020


So.... I have been trying for the past 6 weeks to make the pond 'fresher' and cleaner for the fish.

I thought all was going well.

Then this:

ABOVE:  yeah.  Seems I am either killing the fish with kindness, or something else is happening.

I'm gutted. 

ABOVE: Stew got these hung on the fence late yesterday.
I've been dying to see the birdhouse on the fence.  And the Life Preserver looks neat on there too.

Today we will be carrying on with working around the section... which will possibly involve getting a load of stones.  That will depend on how much Stew gets done with the pavers.

If it's another stinking hot day, it might not happen.  He can only work out in the sun for so long before he has to come inside.  

Griffin isn't home this weekend... well he came home yesterday, dropped off his stuff and left again.  So... Stew is on his own out there. 

Brylee is working again today... so just the two of us home.


1.44 pm:  OMG yes, it's stinkin' hot out there.
And Stew is working his guts out ...

ABOVE:  He's doing an awesome job!  We won't be getting the stones today, there's just too much else to get done first.

Meanwhile, I'm hiding inside out of the heat.  Sewing.  Working on an order from Australia.  Hoping to have at least half of it ready to take with me when we go over in March.  It will save on postage if I mail it from there instead of here.

Well... looks/sounds like I am killing the fish with kindness.
I'm gunna start neglecting them, not feeding them so often, not having the waterfall on, and not topping up the water unless it gets really low.

Let's see if that stops the buggers dying on me!

I am no fan of steak, but I had bought some recently as it was quite cheap.  I usually kill it, and turn it into rubber.

But tonight I put it in a bloody hot pan, and stopped cooking it when it was still quite raw inside.  And I was rather nice!   I even ate some, and I don't even like steak.

And that's the end of a very productive day!
Stew did an amazing job and got heaps done.

All going well he might have the pool area finished by Saturday night!  Cos far out, he reminded me this afternoon that next sunday is Market Day in Cambridge.  I hadn't realised it was so soon after the Church Market.

And that's me for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Its a stinking hot day here too way to hot for outside chores for me but plenty inside to do

  2. Do you treat the water before you top up the pond? Could be chemicals the fish don't like. Also if it's been really hot that could affect them too. Maybe take a sample of water to a pet shop and get them to test it. From bitter experience it's easier to kill the bastards with kindness than neglect!

  3. What sparklingmerlot said. Your kindness will be killing them. I'm sure you'll find an old retired man on the outskirts of Hamilton that has all your answers. Not animates or a pet shop in town. Those places just want to sell you stuff. My grandad who unfortunately has passed away so I can't ask him for tips for you bred 1000's of them. I remember he rarely fed his gold fish because they were outside ponds where the little sandflies etc were the goldfishes food. He didn't use tap water but I know you don't have an option at the moment with no rain. I'm sure I was out Tamahere a few weeks back and saw a place that sold goldfish. I reckon they might give you some solid advice, not those animate type places. They have the bridge for shade so despite the heat at the moment they can get out of direct sunlight. Fingers crossed no more pass away.

  4. Anonymous2:42 PM

    wholy Sh*t dad you've done an amazing job, hope your in the pool now 😊
    #Lacy 💙

  5. 41deg, here cant do anything.THE OLD MOO.

  6. Wow Stew has done an amzing job, and in this heat. Chris when i bought this house Iinherited an outdoor goldfish pond that is juat a hard plastic shape set in the ground and I think they had been totally neglected. It had about 4 big goldfish in it, then they had babies and then the older died, then more babies and a couple more dead. IAt the moment I have 5 in the pond. They do not have flowing water, get fed maybe once a week, water gets changed maybe every 6 weeks they have some water lillies in the pond but that is it. How they survive who knows but they do. Thrive on neglect obviously!!!! Good luck

  7. Your pool area is looking amazing ... well done! Re the fish, my great-aunt had a fish pond at her place for years and I remember that whenever water was added, it was put in a bucket first and let to stand for a few hours before adding to the pond. Same with when the pond was cleaned, she'd fill a bucket with water, let it stand for a few hours, then transfer the fish to it while she cleaned the pond out. We'd fill the pond, leave the water to stand a few hours, then transfer the fish back. I wonder if the fresh water straight from the hose/tap is part of the problem. She was adament that we should never put the fish straight into water that had just come from the tap/hose ... not sure if it was one of her theories or something more to it.


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