Thursday, February 13, 2020


Hard to believe, but after months and months of hard work getting here to Hamilton, and settling into this new home... it's all done!


From now on it's just day to day stuff like normal.  Housework.  Yard work.  And sewing.

And that's what I am doing today.  Just sewing.

How amazing it that.
Today I am going to continue working on my order from Australia.  It's coming along nicely.

I also plan on popping down to Animates to get a new battery for one of the BARK COLLARS.

I know it's deemed 'cruel' to use them, but you don't have a Marley.
She is DREADFUL at the moment, barking and yapping constantly at ANYTHING that moves... day AND night.

She caused two little children to start screaming and crying a couple of nights ago, and they were just walking past the fence!

They couldn't even see her, but OMG, she made such a racket, she frightened the life out of them.

So... neither bark collar is working, so I shall get a new battery for one of them, and see if it works.  If not, I might just have to bite the bullet and buy a new collar.

Bear in mind, once the dog realises the collar works, they STOP BARKING!  So they only get one or two ZAPS before they stop.  It's not like they are electrocuted all day long!

So.. if you are inclined to have a go at me about it, go for it.  I won't be publishing any comments in that vein.  DELETE DELETE DELETE!

ABOVE:  This kid!  So like his father.  Two teeth down, so many to go.

And that's about it for now.  I'll pop back in later on.


11.40 am:  And OMG!  I got the new batteries, shaved the girls necks so they would WORK... and put the collars back on.

Bearing in mind they  have been wearing the collars on and off for months, but they didn't work.  And the dogs knew it.

I get home, and pretty quickly there's a knock on the door.  

Normally this would set them off immediately... but for some reason?  NOT A PEEP OUT OF THEM.

So, I open the door and it's a neighbour inviting me to a Neighbourhood Watch Meeting.
And Marley sees her at the door and starts to bark.  I hear the warning BEEP go off, so I look at Marley... and she get ZAPPED.

Her head goes down straight away, and she grumbles at a low level... knowing full well if she barks again she's gunna get zapped again at a higher level.

IT WORKS!   I really thought our bark collars were no longer working, even with new batteries.

But no, they work.  And my world is SILENT.  I even got to invite my neighbour inside without the girls going mental and barking constantly at her.

BLISS.  So happy.

Lacy is here visiting.  Not many leftovers today, how sad for her. lol

7.10 pm:  And I worked in the Sewing Studio all day, with a little break for a swim when I got too hot.
I'm very pleased with how much I got done today.
I might even finish this current project by tonight.

Griffin came home... and left again.  Brylee is at work this evening, so Stew and I went and tried out a local Idian Takeaway/Sit In place on Sandwich Road.

It was a solid 8/10, so not too bad.  Can't beat the Cambridge Hello India though.

We will try Little India in town next, we used to go there 20 years ago and liked it.  Might have changed in the past 20 years though.

I'm completely knackered ... worked all day, nice dinner... sleepy now.

I'm going to take a break, then water the 'lawn'.... no sign of grass yet.  It's too soon I presume.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I have a remote shock collar I use for training. I can sound a bell, vibrate or zap. I use it to teach dogs to stay in yard.

    And you are exactly right, it teaches them very very quickly.

    Current pup, it only took one light shock on each side of property to teach her.

    She is a dog that would have gotten hit, because she was going after trucks (delivery man gave her a treat, she thought all trucks carried them.). And she kept sneaking into neighbors yards and garages.

    Now if her ball rolls into street, she sits at curb until someone throws it back to her. And she stays in yard with no fence.

  2. No negative comment about the dogs... but, could you perhaps try more training (and use the collar in the meantime)? Dogs are very smart and our neighbours at our beach house have a similar dog that has been trained to not bark at passing strangers. Could you also make a division so the dog run is not near the front fence (so won't scare anyone going past?). Well done on getting all the yard word done, you must be so happy.

  3. That toothless monster needs to loose the sparkle in his eye he looks so cute

  4. Our German Shepherds were barkers. In our old house we had anonymous letters (not helpful) and the only thing that worked was the shock collars. We tried the citronella ones but realised quickly that our girl loved the smell so you can imagine how that worked out! We have moved now so barking isn't the problem it was but if our boy starts up in the middle of the night (possums) my husband puts the collar on him and he stops. The battery has been flat for years but he remembers!!

  5. I want to show my support of you using the bark collars. You're exactly right, once they know they can not get away with the bad behaviour of barking they stop. Perfect solution to a problem.

    How you've managed to get all the work done around your house still amazes me!!! When you've got a vision you just go for it!!! Now to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

  6. I bought one for my dog but it would go off if my other dog barked lol. Also when he shook his head. Maybe it wasn't tight enough?

  7. I hear ya on the barking. I never knew what barking was until I got this lunatic Collie! Bark collars don't work with him. Too much hair (he keeps barking and the hair gets burnt). And he doesn't seem to associate the barking with the shocks. I can see his leg twitch - but he still barks. So, I don't use it anymore. My previous dog was like yours. One zap and then peace!

  8. Ha ha your anonymous letters reminds me of the time I was gifted a helpful pamphlet on dogs and not annoying the neighbours. It was just left at my front door. Only problem being I don't have a dog, so it missed it's mark. Oh well they tried - not sure where their target dog lived LOL

  9. Hi, we sowed a summer lawn, didnt see a blade of grass until nearly winter, lol so persevere and keep the water up...

    Have a great Friday and weekend x

  10. Nothing like a barking dog(s) to drive one near up the wall. Good luck getting them to stop. Nice to hear you can finally just sit back and enjoy the new house. Hope the tooth fairy paid Dante a visit.