Tuesday, February 04, 2020


Well... today Lacy is coming around.
Primarily to check out me fridge for leftovers... LOL... just joking.

She's going to groom the dogs, get the knots outta their ears etc, then MAYBE take them for a walk if it's not too hot.

My plans are to take Griffin to the local WINZ office to get an appointment. 
Until he gets a job, he needs some financial assistance.
And as he's not done that yet ... I'm going to get him there one way or another.

Once that's done, I am going to get back to my sewing.

ABOVE:  I should get this finished today.  A Wall hanging ... which will be Aussy bound in March.

Last night we tried something different.  Who else has always slept on the same side of the bed?
Stew and I have, him on the left, me on the right ... for 30+ years.

In this new home, there is a window above Stew's side of the bed, but not mine.

As I like being cooler (THANKS hot flushes), I suggested to Stew that we switch sides, so I was under the window.

So now I'm on the left and he's on the right.  The bed felt really weird last night!  But I'm giving it a few nights trial, before making it a permanent shift or not.

And yes, I sleep with a fan on me all night long too!  Even in Winter.

OLD MOO:  If ya don't already have a fan I can use in March, ya better go get me one!  I can't sleep without one.

I have card night in Cambridge tonight, so that's something to look forward to.  I'm thinking of making a club sandwich in my Tupperware Jel Ring as my contribution to supper.  I've not made one in forever.



So, things are getting done.

I've taken Griffin to WINZ to get an appointment.  It's not till the end of the month, but at least it's a start.

I've booked him in to see a Dentist tomorrow for his broken tooth that's hurting him all the time.  Hopefully he comes home in time for the appointment!

I've made the club sandwich for tonight.  Shit it's a messy thing to make.

I've got the pool sorted for the day.

NO DEAD FISH again today!  Fingers crossed I am no longer killing them. 

MY FOOT IS TWITCHING something rotten... so I will bugger off and do some sewing. That should settle me down.  

ANON thinks I look like this actress off Sylvania Waters (Aussy show from years ago) :

ABOVE:  WELL?  What do you think?  Do I?

Yes... Lacy did come around and groom the dogs and take them for a walk.  Thanks Lacy.  Love that you follow through with promises and I can rely on you.  And if you can't make it, you let me know.  ♥

I just chased a man up the street!
Yep I did.
He was delivering pamphlets... and I stood and watched him put a double up into my letterbox, DELIBERATELY.

So, because he's done it every time he delivers them, I decided enough was enough.  And I took them out of my letterbox and stormed up the street till I caught up with him and shoved the 'extra' ones right back at him.

And told him to take it back and don't give me two of everything, cos I didn't even want the first one!   

He just shrugged and carried on delivering two of everything to each letterbox. 

I watched him when he came down the other side of our street... he kept looking over at our house and shaking his friggin head at me.  What a tosser.

I hope I'm out there next time he comes by, I'm gunna stand over my letterbox and eyeball the bastard.  I'd like to see him give me two of everything again!

And now, I better get me face on and change me clothes, in readiness for going to Card Night.

Card night was such fun tonight!  Just 5 of us, and the banter was awesome.  Great to let me hair down, I needed that.

Home now and thank god, it's cooling down finally.

Off to bed soon... so catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Wow so your like Aunti Lori, she also sleeps with a fan every night..

  2. Anonymous8:43 AM

    My other half uses an Artic Air just to get to sleep they're pretty good and not too expensive. George's Mum.

  3. Anonymous8:44 AM

    haha leftovers lol 😂
    #Lacy 💙

  4. Too funny. We used to sleep on opposite sides before we moved into our house 27 years ago!

  5. Anonymous9:37 AM

    For years I couldn't work out who you remind me off until last night! Do you remember that show Sylvania waters? It was an Australian reality show filmed in the early 1990s. You look so much like the Mum Noeleen. You both have the same eyes and face. I would put money on it you 2 are related somewhere. The whole series is on YouTube.

    1. Sorry, I can't see any resemblance at all! Certainly not related either.

  6. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Is Griffin 18 yet because if not I don't think he is eligible for job seeker allowance while he is living at home. Perhaps better to phone and ask WINZ before you waste time in a long queue.

    1. We have an appointment for the end of the month. He might not be here by then! Who knows? lol Teenagers are notorious for coming and going.

  7. Anonymous12:54 PM

    No I don’t think you look like Noelene just your eyes alone make you stand out and look so much nicer, , but how would you like to make a reality show, Jo.

    1. A reality show? Ha ha ha... and we would call it "Days of My Life"? Nah, it would be too boring.

  8. Anonymous2:28 PM

    .... and Lacy has walked dogs and brushed dogs..... but not touched any leftovers.....🤣😂
    #Lacy 💙 😂

  9. Yay for no dead fish! Love the cow place mats. I've slept on the right hand side for 27 years LOL let me know how you go getting used to it :-)

  10. A reality show on your life would be far from boring,if the whole family was included.Quite dramatic actually, we could even have a murder or two,and someone getting drunk and drowning in the fish pond,the ideas are endless,think we will forget about that idea.no you don't look any thing like her.THE OLD MOO.

    1. Anonymous3:56 PM

      lol yea I think a reality show of 'The Harvey's' would blow 'The Kardashians' out of the waster... 🤣🤣
      Hi OLD MOO hope you ar both doing well xx
      #Lacy 💙

  11. Anonymous3:53 PM

    oh gosh ok Ma lol wasn't looking for a shout out lol but appreciated lol 😂
    #Lacy 💙

  12. Ring the delivery distributor because he gets paid for number of flyers he is given to feliver so if he giving everyone twice the amount it is fraud...id wait a aeek though cause if u ring tomorrow he will know who rung lol and might egg ya house or summit, might be a earner for Griffen haha

  13. I've had a 'no junk mail' notice on my letterbox for years now. I hate junk mail and don't miss it one little bit!

  14. yay..no dead fish.

    Sounds like the letterbox deliverer is doing a shonky and being lazy while at it!!!

  15. Oh yes please do a demo on how to put together that tupperware container jello mold club sandwich! I have NEVER seen this done with one and my mom had one of those containers for YEARS. Now I will have to find me one too!!! LOL - I have slept with a fan directly on me (and an ceiling fan going too right over me) since I was in my teens - 1st it was used as 'white noise' all those years and then, in my late 30s I had my 1st hot flashes and then it was for that reason and since 1980s I have lived in WARM (read hot) climates so then it was because it was ALWAYS too danged hot! LoL that letter carrier sounds like an idiot!


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