Thursday, February 06, 2020



It's a public holiday here today.  So Stew is home.
And while it may be a holiday, sadly Stew will be 'working'.
On the section again.

We are going down to Mitre 10 first thing this morning to buy the pavers to put inside the pool area (just a few), and a few other bits 'n' bobs.
We will probably get the stones too, though they are at a different retailer.

I want to get out the other side of the property and do some weeding!  Yep.  The weeds are going nuts out there.

After bitching about how bad it was when we moved in, I'm now feeling a bit guilty cos it's looking horrible again.

So, hopefully I will have a hand out there.  Lacy said she will come over later on today.  She can gimme a hand!

And Griffin may arrive home in time to give Stew a hand.  Time will tell.


ABOVE:  the PENTATONIX concert is in 10 days!!!!

SQUEALS!  I'm starting to get very excited.  I've only ever been to one concert, and that was about 37 years ago!

I can't thank Nicole enough for our tickets.  We have our day all organised.  Lacy is coming with us so she can babysit Dante and Archer. We are taking Steve and Bex with us as a 'Thank You' for all they have done to help us with our move and settling into our new home.

Sorry Lacy... I will have to find another way to thank you.  OH hold on... LEFTOVERS!  Yeah.  That should do it.  *smiles*

Right.... I'm off to start the day.


If you are interested in having a go at making the Tupperware Jel Ring Club Sandwiches, here are the instructions:

ABOVE: you need a jelly mould that has three components... mine is a Tupperware one and it's just fabulous for this.

 ABOVE: put the bottom piece on to the mould bit....

ABOVE:  cut the crusts off about two loaves of bread, butter them and (with the buttered side facing upwards) line the bottom of the jelly mould, overlapping the bread.

ABOVE:  put the first layer of filling in, in this case it was egg/cheese mixed together...

ABOVE: then put the second layer of bread on, again with the buttered sides upwards.

ABOVE: then put the second layer of filling in (ham here, but you can use any meat or fish)...
and then add another layer of buttered bread...

ABOVE: then put a third layer of filling in... (mine was lettuce, cheese and some mayonnaise...

 ABOVE: it is going to get a bit full, but don't worry ... you can just squish it all down as you go....

  ABOVE:  finally put the last layer of bread on, this time with the buttered side FACING DOWN.
Trim any excess bread from around the edges with a knife... put the seal on while pressing down firmly.  Place in the fridge for at least 2 hours to allow it to 'set' a bit.

 ABOVE:  take the seal off and turn it upside down on a plate.... then pull the 'bottom bit' and mould off ...

ABOVE: cut into segments, using the mould lines as a guide....

ABOVE: and there you have them, perfect little club sandwiches! 
You can jazz these up by placing bits of parsley or chives on the outside of the bread as you build up the layers....or use white bread and wholemeal bread.

I love using this method of making club sandwiches.  You can prepare it and then if you are taking it on a picnic or whatever you can just chuck the whole thing in the car without worrying about the sandwiches falling apart.... you just need a knife and plate when you want to cut them up and eat them! 

You can also use the jelly mould to make amazing desserts using sponge/cake and fruit layered ... devine!  You are only limited by your imagination.

(This was copied and pasted from my blog post way back in April, 2011!  LOL)  

Well... it's 11 am and we have our new pavers, and the stones.  Awesome.
Lacy has arrived, but probably won't be much use cos she's sleep deprived.  I will not say why she's sleep deprived, just use ya imagination.  She had a 'friend' visit last night... all night.

So yeah.  She's gunna be useless.
And it's just Stew and Me here working.

ABOVE:  Sure didn't take him long to choose the pavers.

ANON:  I shall not publish your comment as it really is not your business.
BUT I will say this:

NOT all disabilities are physically obvious. 
I have been guilty of judging people in the same way... but have learnt this lesson and no longer judge so harshly.

Right, back to the bloody weeding.

ABOVE:  look at that!  Lacy and I got this entire area weeded and tidied up, and found a new home for the kayaks too!  And all in under 2 hours.
Now I just have to persuade Stew to knock off soon, before he kills himself.  

2 pm:  And I've been hauling stones from the trailer to the pool area in small buckets.  But after 4-5 loads, I'm done!
It's just far too hot and far too physical for me.

Now I'm going to take a break.  Been working outside for almost 4 hours, that's enough for me.

And that was bullshit.  I went out and did some more.  lol
Stew is STILL going... and it's now 4 pm.  I'm sure he's going to stop very shortly though, the trailer is almost empty.  He's determined to get all the stones out today.  *sigh*

5 pm and it's done.  We have put all today's stones around the pool.  We shall be getting more on Saturday to finish it off.  But for today... we are done.  Exhausted.

I have a nice wee video of the 'almost' finished pool area, but I'm going to save it for tomorrow.  There's quite enough on today's post as it is.

7.50 pm:  just had dinner. Chicken steaks, salad and spuds.  It was lovely.
I'm so  happy with how much we got done today outside.  Luckily, while it was hot, it was also overcast a lot, so not as bad as it could have been.
And now it's cooling down nicely. 
I'm going to have a quiet evening ... Coronation Street is on, so after that it will be bedtime.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous9:46 AM

    It's divine not devine. Sorry had to point it out!

  2. No need for gym today Stew...your family are very tolerant of your camera Chris lol

  3. I continue to be impressed with all you are doing to make your new home your own.

  4. Kiwionholidays1:56 PM

    Not sure what I am doing with new iPad system but still reading and enjoying all you guys combined hard work
    Looks stunning

  5. Anonymous2:27 PM

    oh lier lier pant on fire Ma, you told me the plan with the dam stones, if I'd of known your to were gona blinken keep working and do them today I wouldn't of blinken left.....🤬
    #Lacy 💙

  6. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Please take a break Stew. Life is too short and theres always another day. We just lost an awesome guy, 54, my little sisters partner of 32 years. Just moved into new home 3 days before he had massive heart attack. Ate healthy, rode bike around Welly and fit and healthy. So sad. Kj

  7. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Get in that pool you 2 and chillax you’ve definitely earns it Blondie x

  8. Wow you guys are busy bees. House is looking good. Enjoy the concert.


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